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Icefields parkway, alberta, canada.
photo by @eyes.abroad.
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Who's feeling a hot springs trip this winter!? would you drive 12 hours for this? tag a friend that would wander here too!

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A wild caracal kitten!🐈
caracals are truly stunning animals with so much natural beauty and majestic eloquence!
fun fact: the caracal is native to many places around the world such as africa and asia, is primarily a nighttime predator, and is most recognizable through its incredibly unique ears which it uses for visual forms of communication.
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photo by @uli_wildlife

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Is summertime camping on your bucketlist?! it’s all we can think about with these colder temperatures! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ” πŸ• -
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Let kids play
photo credit: @serhat_demiroglu_photography
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Tebrikler πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ @malik_kaya


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Rabbit kitten - there are a great many contributory factors to successful wildlife photography and one of the key ones must surely be location. it’s rarely ever just a case of simply finding a species, the trick is to find one in a favourable location, one that makes photography relatively easy rather than a frustrating waste of time and energy. even with a mammal that’s as abundant as the rabbit i’d never really stumbled upon a decent location for them in derbyshire, though to be fair it hadn’t at the time been a priority species for me. nevertheless, of the few places that i had found, and subsequently made a few half-hearted attempts at, the sites were fundamentally flawed. one in particular was simply too large with too low a density of rabbits that, in addition, were skittish and aloof. in contrast however this location that i stumbled upon in norfolk was quite the opposite and i could see the potential immediately. it was an extremely active warren with a high number of rabbit kittens and both the topography of the ground, and the position of the setting sun all played to my favour. close proximity to a road and footpath also ensured that the rabbits were reasonably comfortable with the presence of people and dog walkers and so, with all of these beneficial contributory factors the actual photography could not have been easier. i’d simply wait for a lull in the action, or for something to startle the rabbits and send them running for cover. at this point i could simply stroll over, rest my camera on my camera bag and then cover them both with an old coat or scrim netting. i’d then simply lie behind it and wait for about 5 minutes before the first pair of ears would tentatively emerge and from then on it was plain sailing. please #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto to keep up-to-date with my images @natgeo @andyparkinsonphoto @thephotosociety

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Shirakawago, japan
photo by @takanii2015

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