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More of germanys unique homes, as you guys seem to enjoy them👌🏽 🏠

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Photo by: @mariciu
just imagine
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We didn‘t show you much of the trip to scotland last september, so here we go with that old man. did you know the rock formation on the right is called old lady of storr? #bealpine

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This weekend i’ll take some inspiration from this rock and fully immerse myself in the season. i’ve got an 8 hour drive after work today to hiidenportti national park where i’ll spend the weekend on skis, exploring the winter landscape with the @360ncollective crew. such is life when you work 5 days a week, gotta squeeze in those outdoor adventures when you can! part of me wants to stay on the sofa and relax but another part is full of that nervous energy i get before doing something different and exciting. its a good sign, means i’m challenging my comfort zone. as my friend oscar says, “being uncomfortable is one way to break ordinary and become extraordinary”. gotta stay adventurous!

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