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Dedicate the next year for your goals, your health, your happiness. find other b***s to hold you accountable + put in the d**n work! i promise you, the effort is worth it; the journey is worth it! 👯‍♀️👏🔥
wanna transform with me this year? drop a 👯‍♀️ emoji or send me a dm! let’s do this, i know we can do this together!

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Where is your mindset?

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Sometimes the only thing that feels good is a yoga seshhh in the kitchen....👌 #yoga #itsbeentoolong #moveyourbody #littlelady #kitchenmoves

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Didn't you know? pilates will always have your back.
did you also know that the current term class schedule is in the works of some exciting new revisions and updates!
looking for a specific class time? while i cannot guarantee accommodation of all requests, i will certainly welcome input! email georgia@infinitewellness.net 💖💖 #ygkpilates #ygklocal #pilatesreformer #moveyourbody #moveyourspine #fascia #inhaleexhale #pilates #ygk #queensuniversity

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Day 76 of mission workout everyday: so last i checked my fitbit before this evening was this morning as i left brooklyn and i had only done 1.75 miles. a little disappointed i said i would have to make sure i get a good walk in later. well boy did i do that! 🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏽 #keepmoving #keeppushing #keepmovingmichele #healthyliving #movemore #fitnessfun #improvedaily #exercisemotivation #getoffthosemeds #loseweightfeelgreat #fitnessroutine #moveyourbody #everystepcounts #workouteveryday #fitlife #fitmom #fitfamilies #healthyhabits #lifestylechange #livingmybestlife #ilovewalking #healthynurse

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Rainy day vibes. listening to the rain is one of the most peaceful things & it comes with a short relief from the relentless heat. 🌦💕
. . .
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Working and eating. i’m ready for bed.

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Some may experience days filled with insecurities and self doubt. and some of us are lucky enough to find a partner who reminds you your worth every single day. and even tells you this...
- “if i could give you one thing in life, i would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me. love ya to the moon!”
make no mistake about it, there is a reason for every path you take. love him! #blessed #luckyinlove #trustyourjourney

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A simple note from my wellness coach: it's about you. this is where i'm going to start my 39th year. 🌿
all to often i don't start with me. i start with everything else, everyone else, and lastly with excuses. november 12th is my official 39th birthday and i have some big goals for myself. like any good student of life i'm taking the next month to prep for my big 39th year mark. i'm so thankful to anyone who wants to join me here for the ride. i'll share more about my goals in later posts, along with things that are working for me. i'll also share recipes, workouts, inspirational quotes and images that are helping me, and explain the heart and core of why i'm dedicating a year to make health and wellness about me. my hope is that my family and friends like you will jump on board. ❤, katie

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This summer was just what i needed. a big, huge break!! this page was put on the back burner but now i’m back!! since about may my life has been crazy and full of change, i’ve grown more this summer than probably all my years of adulthood combined 😂🤓 but for real. as i reflect back on all i’ve been through, i’m just filled with gratitude. the trials and craziness have made me into the person i am now, and gosh i wouldn’t trade that for the world! my outlook on life is totally different, i see every day as a gift, i try to celebrate the small seemingly insignificant moments. i love my body and honor it so much more. i’ve learned that i’m stronger than i ever thought possible. my relationship with god is the thing i hold most sacred. i’ve taken a lot of time to reflect on where my life is going and where i want to be. but have also given god the reigns and am happy with whatever he has in store for me. i am healthier physically and mentally. my relationship with food has done a 180! i’ve been a million times more intentional with my time and my thoughts. i have so much i am dying to share on this page! so just hold on tight 😜 i honestly just feel like i’ve changed, like i get it now. i’m not fighting life anymore, instead i honor and accept it. i feel free and at peace. ✨✌🏼💛 #griffinfitlife #healthybody #healthymind #selflove #moveyourbody

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Sometimes it helps to see the world upside down 🌎| 📷 @hyperleticsusa

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Back to reality after a 11 days trip to punta cana filled with solid and liquid carbs!! #ketodiethereicome

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Bali is just so beautiful.

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Mobility challenge! @equinox #eqxpartner we’re taught that certain movements are “bad” for you, like your knees going past your toes or hip internal rotation. rather than thinking of them as “bad” movements, i’ve learned that the body simply can’t handle them because they’re not prepared for them. when you put in the work, though, you’ll find that your body is capable of incredible things

i’ve been taking a step back from classic lifting to focus more on my mobility and my movement patterns. still working on keeping my chest forward as i internally rotate here, but i’m getting there! i can feel a big difference in the rest of my training from this work

can you do this without pain? how many reps? try it in a vid and tag me! #getstrongwithgina
i had so much fun moving around at @equinox on market st today. so much open space. so many toys to play with. come workout with me!

#mobility #mobilitytraining #challengeyourself #mobilitychallenge #moveyourbody #equinoxmademedoit

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Our bodies are the texts that carry the memories and therefore remembering is no less than reincarnation.
-katie cannon
(p.s. i am not currently home... wish i was though! this picture is from my last trip to knoxville. missing home today 🙏)

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Hunny bunny, its time for you to show up for yourself!

we’ve all been stuck in a rut before. whether it’s because we’re lacking motivation, stressed out and tired, or bored of the same old routine day in and day out, getting stuck in an inevitable part of life.

maybe you’ve hit a wall on a project, or maybe you haven’t been eating well and now you feel sluggish all the time. or perhaps you’ve fallen into the comparison trap, and you’re wondering why your life isn’t as interesting as someone else’s. psa: it’s okay to feel discontent. truly it is. no one is ever going to feel content with their life 100% of the time.

i’m a big believer in taking care of your mind, body, and soul every single day, and my technique for getting out a slump is to focus on doing things that are going to improve those areas of your life. once you give your mind, body, and soul the attention they deserve, you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and more content with your life.

how does one do this? well, if you’re in a rut and feel like you just need to press the reset button, here’s how to get your mind, body, and soul back on track!

1. drink lemon water first thing
start your mornings off with a big dose of hydration by drinking a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon. lemon water helps rejuvenate dull skin and also helps you digest food better so you’ll be less bloated throughout the day.

2. do a self-care power hour
you want to spend 20 minutes doing something for your mind, then your body, and then your soul. it’s the number one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.

read the rest in my blog post, there are 8 more tips! link in bio

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