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Did you know that a simple 20 minute walk is the perfect way to get some fat-burning cardio in to your day? i try to walk every day, not only for the exercise but to clear my head and get some much needed fresh air and sunshine xx i find that it takes minimum effort and it really does get results!! join me on the lorna jane #activelivingprogram and feel the difference it can make to your life l❤️ #lornajane #activeliving #movenourishbelieve

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I did my final double digit run this weekend. 12 miles, 8 degrees. i think it's harder running in the cold, but i'm not sure. good run, but i froze my tail off. 2 weeks from now ... i'll be running @themiamimarathon. i'm nervous, but looking forward to it. who's been to miami ... what should i check out while i'm there? #firsttimer ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ #runnersofinstagram #wearetherunners #lovetorun #nevernotrunning #runningismylife #runmehappy #mileschangeyou #fitfam #infinitejoggers #earthrunners #movenourishbelieve #activeliving #endurestrong #staystrong #radgirlslife #runselfie #werunsocial #fitfluential #justkeeprunning #runningadventure #iamwellandgood #thebean #chicagolove #chicagoviews #nikewomen #nikerunning #aloyoga

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Beets don’t k**l my vibe 😜 — spicy beet hummus & purple potato chips. perfect snack today or any day. — spicy hummus deats: 1 can chickpeas (shells removed, it’s a b**ch but necessary) 3-4 beets (i used @traderjoes ) 1-2 heaping spoonfuls of tahini 1-2 cloves of garlic salt, pepper and red pepper flake. combine ingredients in high speed blender or food processor. pulse away, stopping to scrape down sides. serve with your fave hummus scooping food! — purple potato chip deats: preheat oven to 400° 1 purple potato sliced thin toss with olive oil, salt, pepper & other seasonings bake for 25-35 minutes. make sure to check the chips half way throw. flip if necessary

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So grateful for where i am and what i have been able to experience here in hong kong 🏙️ but as i board my flight back to sa i have to say - i am excited about where i am going!💙 bring on 2018, i'm ready 🤸 . . sports bra & cap: @lornajanesa 🌸

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It‘s nice to get back on the pitch after the winterbeak 😊 best day to do some cardio 😊 what do you think ? have a nice day 😊 #fitspo #fitfam#beastmode #gymlife #legday #nopainnogain #fitlife #getstrong #workout #mondaymiles #chestday #seenonmyrun #trainhard #gains #strengthtraining #physiquefreak #fitness #bodybuilding #yoga #crossfit #fitfluential #fitnessfriday #flexfriday  #sundayrunday  #instarunners #gym #movenourishbelieve #squats

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I think things happen in life to give us gentle reminders. i truly believe everything happens for a reason, even if it’s a hardship that we just can’t make sense of. yesterday, i received this gentle reminder. a reminder that life is not guaranteed. a reminder that we never know what is around that next corner. a reminder to love deeper. live more passionately. celebrate every single day god gives you 🙏🏻 . how are you going to celebrate today? . i am celebrating today by waking up before the sun, exercising, watching the sun rise and eating a nourishing breakfast💙 . . #breakfasthash #mondaymotivation

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💜 one week to go.... until back to school! savouring and soaking up our last week! there's only one way to celebrate = cartwheels on the beach 🏝 mason said today... when i go back to school, i'm going to miss you. and i love all that i've learnt from my clients and online friends who are in tune with babies and children @_marion_rose_ + @francescaredden + @mama_manon_ that when i asked him how we was feeling about school... he said... "i'm a little bit scared" i said "i hear you" "i really hear you buddy" and it felt so good to know how to respond without making him feel wrong for having those feelings.... have an online posse and people who you not only teach but learn from too! i only ever work with clients who i want the world (+ me) to learn from! #beachlife #beachlover #awareparenting #cartwheels #personaldevelopment

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Shameless mirror flexin' selfie post @boxunionstudio because i'm pretty d**n proud of myself for showing up and pushing hard with the #6amcrew 🥊✨👊💥💪!! @dejariley was incredible per the usual, she knows exactly what to say to reach me - it's not just about the punches. now, i'm about to heat up my eggs and spinach cooked with ghee and potatoes for breakfast for day 17 of #januarywhole30 . still going strong, though not gonna lie, yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster (and i didn't turn to food which is a nsv). happy wednesday!! #tiuloveyourbody #lgsisters #boxunion #togetherwebox #consistency #activeliving #yearoflivingfearlessly

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Someone is watching you. 👀 be present for the ones that matter to you most by taking care of your mental + physical health; give us a try! it all starts from within. link in bio to learn more.

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You are a shining star ⭐️ #happyfridaypeeps

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Leaving fingerprints everywhere 🙃 #fitness #backbend #stretch

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áo charm sports bra!!! mã sp : w081705 giá : 1.920.000 đ xem thêm nhiều sản phẩm tại : http://bit.ly/2ys1in2 liên hệ đặt hàng và tư vấn sản phẩm 247 khánh hội, p5, q4, tphcm giờ làm việc : 14h - 22h từ thứ 2 đến thứ 7 phone: 0906 33 77 36 fax: 08 625 84 347 #thisisactiveliving #activeliving #movenourishbelieve #lornajanevietnam #activewomenvietnam

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Game. set. match. 🎾 get the advantage in the match point skort, with an internal short, and hidden pocket. tag an ace who needs this for their next rally! 👊 find it instore or via our instashop now! #womenstechnicalfashion #thisisactiveliving #lornajane #movenourishbelieve #activeliving

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Little quiches all wrapped up in a wrap. perfect for breakfast, lunch or a snack! made up with just egg, cottage cheese, tomato, capsicum + ham then added to wraps cut in half and pressed into a muffin tray. sprinkle a little grated cheese on the top of each one + a little paprika then into the oven for 15-20 mins on 180 degrees. the best is they freeze so easily + taste amazing once re warmed. meal prep at it's best 🙌🏼

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Nós pagamos um médico para nos tornar saudáveis, quando devemos estar contratando um agricultor, um caçador e um treinador, ou nos tornarmos eles. deixe o movimento e a alimentação ser seu remédio e os remédios sejam movimentos e alimentos ". - scott b. sonnon #repost @tacfit_academy (@get_repost ) ・・・ "we pay a doctor to make us healthy, when we should be hiring a farmer, hunter and a coach, or becoming our own. let movement and food be your medicine and medicine be movement and food." - scott b. sonnon the worlds smartest workout: www.tacfitacademy.com #tacfit #tactical #fitness #functionalfitness #primalmovement #workout #fitnessgoals  #hardworkdedication #fitlife #clubbell #inshape #scottsonnon #cardio #clubbells #calisthenics #beastmode #athlete #strengthtraining #physiquefreak #kettlebells #fighter #yoga #fitfluential #movenourishbelieve #gymlife #nopainnogain #511tactical #fitnessaddict #squats

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Avalie sua técnica, tenha controle da carga de treinamento, volume, intensidade, não só de quilagem, mas também de padrões de movimento. com controle, ondulação das cargas, fazendo sempre a preparação para a alta intensidade, você irá mais longe, mais forte, mais resiliente e mais duro. #repost @tacfit_academy (@get_repost ) ・・・ the 4 day wave is the workout intensity scheduling design found in all tacfit programs. however the application of the 4 day wave is not limited exclusively to tacfit. for the average person it takes 48 hours to recover from a high intensity workout (includes heavy lifting, running, combat fighting, etc). this does not include lifestyle factors. that is why the no and low days will follow all high intensity workouts. you must recover in order to grow stronger. the moderate workout repeated again at high intensity the next day is the piece that ties it all together, and creates the no, low, moderate, high design of the 4 day wave. the moderate days are programmed to prepare you for training at high intensity with best possible technique the next day. you cannot perform a movement fast, until you can first do it slow. this is the time to evaluate technique, select which progressions or which regressions are applicable to that particular workout and prepare accordingly. again, the moderate day is to prepare for the high intensity day. unfortunately sometimes people miss the importance of this and never take a chance to check technique before training at high intensity. train smarter, not harder the worlds smartest workout: www.tacfitacademy.com @tacfitbrasil @tacfitbahia @tacfit_pe @tacfitrs @tacfit_sp #tacfit #tactical #fitness #functionalfitness #primalmovement #workout #fitnessgoals  #hardworkdedication #fitlife #clubbell #inshape #scottsonnon #cardio #clubbells #calisthenics #beastmode #athlete #strengthtraining #physiquefreak #kettlebells #fighter #yoga #fitfluential #movenourishbelieve #gymlife #nopainnogain #511tactical #fitnessaddict #squats

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Saga continued with this tomato, mango, plum, and basil beast. i was told i cheated a little with this one as it is mostly fruit, but it was darn delicious

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A few weeks ago i decided my word for 2018 was going to be commitment. . making decisions. committing to my decisions. not always feeling guilty that those decisions may upset someone else. not always feeling scared of the unknown that those decisions may.. work out. regardless of what that means, commitment is the only way to see if something really works. being uncommitted to the gym, a relationship, or a career choice will never get you the true result it could have if you would have committed full heartedly. . but in the midst of that commitment, in the balance between being and doing the best you feel you can, and pleasing others along the way, we must ask ourself where we draw the line. where we stand up for ourselves and stop compromising our commitment to ourselves for others. in my 20's it's been a constant theme.... for others. but the more we do, they more they expect, especially as we have yet to fully conceptualize our 20 something year old value. we feel the need to measure our value in the acceptance of others. perhaps this comes at every life stage. where is that line of meeting someone half way, where we can make room, time and space for others needs in our (yes stubborn in my case) life, but yet stay committed and ultimately respecting of ourselves. where do we commit and where do we bow out elegantly? . @sandronoelphotography @elizabethdamicomakeup

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Truth - i didn’t want to cook at all tonight 😫. i actually didn’t even really want to eat. i just wanted to put my pjs on and crawl in bed. but my alarm went off ( i have like 10 🚨 alarms set on my phone with affirmations and the times i need to eat my meals) it said - yes you can - embrace the suck! immediately i was reminded how determined i am to stick to my plan. i didn’t cook what was on the menu and that’s okay i went with it. instead of stuffed chicken peppers i sautéed chicken b****t with the peppers, had sweet potatoes on hand and added some sunflower seeds. 💥 bam felt like a rockstar when i was done . day 4 and i am feeling sore and tired 💤 but not hungry at all and am pleasantly surprised that i don’t hate working out for a little longer. our private accountability group is blowing up with recipes, new meal ideas and support! and i just added some prizes into the mix - every 10 days my clients stay on track they are eligible for a prize. sounds pretty fun right? i decided to open it back up for 3 more people. message me if you want a spot.

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Day 18, #2018pullupchallange no excuses! use whatever! get creative and tag me! never too late to join in on the challenge. 1 set every day no matter what! btw it's not about the pullups 📽️@christina_karayannis

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Today we were on and above cloud nine 🏂⛷ day two of legs and i’m definitely feeling it!

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Pine needle, “forest floor tea”. it’s so great to collect helpful plants right out your front door, in the woods. simply, collect some pine needles, chop them up a bit and add them to your green tea. ⠀ great to strengthen your lungs and combat colds and flus. (note : best collected in winter)⠀ #yourinnerdragon

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Fit tips for today! ⠀ .⠀ #ctto #lowanna #australia #health #lifestyle #fitspo #fitfam

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Made the hubby some superrrrrr delicious date cinnamon rolls for his birthday! 🎉 . i lovveeee swapping dates for sugar whenever i can! and the texture in cinnamon rolls is just dreamy... . check these ones out on the blog! they’re loaded with creamy dates and toasted hazelnuts. perfection 😍 . . . . .#beautifulhealth #justeatrealfood #eatrealfoods #healthyalternatives #foodforthesoul #kitchenstories #healthyish #dinnerideas #ahealthynut #nourishyourself #foragebyfork #goopmake #cookandtell #treatyoself #foodasmedicine #eatpretty #nutritiousanddelicious #foodiesofinstagram #frommykitchen #whatieat #eatyourveggies #healthyeatinghabits #eatmoreplants #intuitiveeating #balanceddiet #adrenalfatigue #functionalmedicine #healthyandhappy #healthyish #cinnamonrolls

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To gain weight 👉🏼 lift + caloric surplus . to lose weight 👉🏼 lift + caloric deficit . both will help to tone your body. but to be toned and healthy, your calories intake should be nutrient-dense. it’s not easy to do all of these, but once you get your mindset right, things will get easier. there’ll be trials and errors along the way, but it’s okay. everybody goes through it. it’s all about finding balance that works for you, whatever your goal is. be patient.. great things take time ✨

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🍍🍍so grateful for places like this, so that we can indulge and still get lots of nutritious goodies into our tums! 🍍🍍 thank you @rawsqueeze for helping us when not too much of the good stuff is going on at home 😬😜💚👊🏻#greensmoothies #drinkyourgreens #healthyfats #sshealth

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