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I’m still working to get to mine, but it getting closer.

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Today was a push day for me (chest/shoulders/triceps). decided to get back to the push pull legs split. today was a hypertension day meaning more reps for that pump. rep range stayed between 8-15 reps for each movement. lately, i have been really into recording that much like i use to, so i only recorded this set right here (285lbs x 8 reps). got back to using the @repcount app in order to track my progress again. i use to use this app a lot, now i’m back on it. i also decided to track the rpe for each set, so when it's time to do this workout again, i will know how easy or how hard each set was. but today was a pretty good workout and i can't complain. staying consistent is something that i need to work on, i can't preach it if i’m not acting on it.

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Meditation hack ||

many experts teach that to build a consistent meditation practice the best time to meditate is in the morning and that the 'same place, same time' each day helps.

while i agree it can be super helpful to build structure and a routine for many people, i also know it can hinder others from even getting started (me included in the past). having too many rules around our practice can give us too many excuses not to meditate. when we miss our morning session ('set time and place') we may not practice later in the day or build excuses around there not being enough time, too busy with the kids, too busy with work.

in my latest blog post i offer some alternatives to consider if the 'same time, same place' hasn't worked for you in the past. i also suggest if you have time to scroll social media, you have time to meditate! #truthbomb right?! get out of the insta app and open @insight @1giantmind or another meditation app, or simply connect with your breath and the sensations in your body for a few minutes. you will not be sorry. ;-)

i would love to know your thoughts. are you a 'same time, same place' meditator or do you prefer more flexibility? you can read the full blog post via the link in my profile.

simone x

ps. if you'd like to chat about developing an individualised meditation or mindfulness practice you can book a call with me here: http://bit.ly/discoverysession30

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We don't just massage.. we educate! here is a tutorial on the right way to do a pin loaded preacher curl @totalmusclecare

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I loathe abdominal workouts... nevertheless it has to be done... #absareoverrated

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Getting your clients a healthy lunch... we’re nice like that 😝 👉🏼🥗 @villabowls

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Pluto one of my favourites right now ✨🌸

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The road is long, keep on walking.

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abstract map #1 inspired by my recent trip to colorado...i loved seeing the beauty of the mountains as well as the open plains:)!! #wholesomesoulart
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