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I wasn’t joking about our watermelon addiction 🍉🍉🍉

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Love her 💘 even if she doesn’t sleep more then 4 hours at a time at night and barely day naps 😌 #zayleeinthesink

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Snugglers 💕💕

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One whole month of you ✨

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We finally got this little chef a play kitchen. on the blog, i rounded up every thing you need to make your sous chef’s dreams come true! _____________________ happy cooking, everyone! http://liketk.it/2ugvr #liketkit @liketoknow.it

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Herschel got first breath of lanai morning sun with a sweet sister checking on him constantly 🌺 it’s sweet moments like these that make you say “what’s another”, am i right?! 😜 #3in3years

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Oh that big yawn! getting out with both kids takes us at least two hours of prep but it’s worth it... right?! 😅 car seat by @nuna_canada. #mynuna #nunacanada #nunapipa

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I used to be cool and do really cool things {let’s be honest i probably never was really that cool 🤓 }but now i just get super, super excited about my new washing machine which lg have generously given me to be one of the first to try and test. why am i so excited? because this baby does 2 loads at once and one of those loads is so big we can pretty much wash a whole week of laundry at once plus dry too saving us so much time around the house because no one’s got time for laundry when they’re non-stop with work and a toddler. plus, with the “mini load” drawer at the bottom i’m able to get my mini to help me too! my full review and time saving household tips for mums that really dislike house work coming soon. #winner #mumlife #lgtwinwash #lgspons @lgaustralia

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Because everyone loves five day old little baby toes 🙇🏼‍♀️ right? that’s not just me? 🤣

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I often choose not to focus too much on pregnancy (the belly itself), but rather making the model center of attention. i like to capture the beauty of pregnant women both in close portraiture and in atmospheric environment. natural, stylish and touching💎

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Someone asked me what i do with my time when sydnie is in school. this! this is what i do. we cuddle. we talk about how excited we are to meet baby brother...how he misses his sister. i sometimes let the messes pile up. and we just live in the moment. life is so good. . . . . . . . . . . . . #allthefeels #momlife #momblogger #mombloggers #momlife #kidlife #mamasboy #mamasboys #momming #toddlerboy #toddlers #letsstayhome #parenthood #parenthoodmoments #parenthoodshared #momofboy #momofboys #sahm #mommingit #momblog #bloggermom #motherhoodthroughig #motherhoodmoments #motherhoodisamazing #pursuehappy #motherhoodsimplified #myhonestmotherhood #bedeeplyrooted #mommylife #humansofjoy #momandson

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She has more sass in her little finger than i'll ever have in my life 😏💜 hands up if you have a daughter who's the same! happy friday everyone x

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Will most likely delete this cos i’m hating photos of myself lately 💁🏼‍♀️ but guys, i’m excited. i’m actually venturing outside the house tonight, without the kids. even if it is just a candle party at a friends house, i’m still desperately looking forward to a break with some drinks and friends 🍷 i’ll try to keep my anxiety under control about leaving thomas with his dad; he’s amazing with aubree but his not that confident handling newborns. and since developing pnd, i have severe anxiety about leaving him. but i can do this. his at home with his dad, uncle and big sister, and he’ll be fine. 💭 #afewhoursbreak #willdousbothgood #timeout . . . . #livethelittlethings #motherhoodrising #letthembelittle #pixelkids #magicofchildhood #darlingmovement #mamatribe #thatsdarling #littleandbrave #motherhoodunited #documentyourdays #candidchildhood #instachild #kindredmemories #nestingly #mom_hub #bestofmom #motherhoodsimplified #worldoflittles #momtogs #justbaby #writeyouonmyheart #dailyparenting #siblinghoodlove#pnd#pna

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The perfect little blend of you & me❤️

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Today like so many i'm rushing to catch up. i have the christmas decorations down so it's not that bad 🙌🏼 but i sure could use some extra mom power 🤣 i am thankful that i can call today successful as i bathed all five (fresh children are best!), did school and worked for a few hours getting another huge shipment out! yahoo! (now up nursing my littlest guy as i ran errands so he skipped a feed.) •••••• so many cuddly babies and all bundled in this chilly january! keep sharing as we love each one +🐅+ bedding in the shop . . . . . #latenightnursingfeed #babybedding #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodsimplified #motherhoodrising #realmomlife #honestmotherhood #shopsmall #livingsmall #minicrib

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Isla’s learning how to count. she can count to ten already, except her eight and nine are questionable haha. we try to really incorporate nature into learning how to count and recognise numbers and quantities. we have a little collection of stones that i’ve drawn her 1-10 on, and she loves and treasures these. i’ll ask her to find me a number, or i’ll ask her to put an item below a particular number, or i’ll point to one and get her to tell me which number it is using her own words. she gets so excited about learning numbers that she runs around giggling and gives me huge, tight cuddles. [check out my blog post on my new website on ‘nature schooling’ to read all about the direction i am taking isla’s education.] #natureschooling

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19 jan 2018 - last night was the most terrifying night terror i’ve ever witnessed. at around 10, zoe sat up all of a sudden and started screaming and sobbing inconsolably with her eyes open for about 5min. i cradled and reassured her i’m right by her. let’s face it, in the middle of the night when a child screams, it feels like an eternity and pray that they will quickly stop! anyways with each passing second i got more frightened and more disturbed. i’ve to admit my hairs were standing by then. what made it more frightening was that i was staring dead straight into her eyes but she didn’t seem to recognize me. she kept squeezing me really tightly and shouting for me. thank god jake didn’t get woken up by her. 🙏🏻 i took a deep breath, (while reminding myself tried not to lose my shit) and started reciting the lord’s prayer repeatedly together with a bunch of songs to calm my nerves. all of a sudden, she closed her eyes and drifted off to bed. phew! this morning i asked if she recalled crying, obviously she didn’t. p/s: she was having 40 degrees fever when it happened. boo 🤒 #nightterrorssuck

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.... but really? tho 🙄🙈

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Can you see my six-pack?

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С Праздником!!!! ⠀ К нам пришла наконец то самая настоящая зима со снегом и морозом☃️☃️☃️

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Always exploring new parks 🍃

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This comment is totally irrelevant to the above photo. 🤷🏼‍♀️🦊 - just saying it like it is. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• can’t wait for tonight!!! getting together with some follow bloggers #mombloggers. hopefully i can snap some photos of us all together 💗💗💗💗

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