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• on day 3 of a cold for this guy • been a lot of not sleeping well at night and neediness in the day. spending most daylight hours holding him and helping him rest •
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Disney days with my boys ✨

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I think my favorite things i gave up since i started #thriving is not having to remember to defrost, handle raw and brown meat! seriously it's so easy to use #freezedried meat, just open the lid on your can and scoop out what you need! 😍 people tend to be the most skeptical about the meat but it's fantastic and they have a guarantee so you've got nothing to lose! click the link in the bio to learn more @rachelsthriving

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Bump update 💕
and yes i wasn’t too sure about this pic and yes i also first got hubbies approval before posting it 🙈 but at the end i felt like every mama deserves a beautiful bump pic in her undies, so here is mine! any who... i can’t believe how quickly time has gone, in 4 sweet months i get to meet this little guy who’s been having dance parties in my belly.
i am loving every moment of this journey and knowing how fast it goes i’ve made extra time to just sit back and enjoy this little dude. he wakes me up every morning and i feel him kick and wiggle every night before we go to bed, it’s been such a different experience from luna but in a way i love it more, she never use to move and this guy doesn’t ever sit still!
at almost 6 months, we know the gender, we have a name (hamilton, or like his big sis calls him, baby hami) we’ve booked the hospital and his closet is stocked up pretty well...the only thing left is starting with his nursery & creating a happy space for him to feel at home in! this momma is totally ready to start nesting ☺️😍

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Missing you so much my son son ❤️
currently sitting at my desk looking at photos of this lil guy when he was a baby and crying because he's almost one! 😭
here's a lil throwback of lil bebe when he'd let me snap pics of him in one spot 😩🙈📷

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Happy thursday! 💕

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We are all loving this process of building our backyard. the kids love to wait for daddy to get home each day so we can go outside and see what has changed. i can’t wait for the many many evenings that will be spent out here together. 💗

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I may be posting at midnight, i may be wearing an oversized long sleeve shirt when it’s 95 degrees out, we may have a dead orchid in our kitchen that we keep thinking will grow back or are just too lazy to throw away, but i miss my girl when she sleeps, so here i am. #bridgetbutler

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Here’s what i have right now:
- a busted, very sore ankle
- a 3 year old who claps back all the time and would much rather spend time with her nanna than me right now
- a 5-week old who is cranky as hell but is refusing to sleep
- a husband who is currently being treated to a fabulous, all expenses paid fancy work lunch - zero time to myself
- the gnawing feeling that every time i log into @instagram, it appears that everyone is doing life better than me even though i know that it’s not true and we put out only what we want people to see to think we have it all.
this is just a post to let people know that today i do not have my s**t together. i don’t want sympathy, it’s just one of those days. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Between a puppy and a few super hot days, our garden barely survived this year. but despite these things, we still, surprisingly had fresh veggies.
i didn’t have too many expectations with this being my first attempt and have learned quite a few lessons this year; but i’d have to say my greatest joy was watching jax play in the garden.
there were many afternoons spent playing hide and seek in the backyard all of which ended up in the garden picking tomatoes. these are the memories i’ll cherish forever.

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What i’ve learned when it comes to checking your progress is always acknowledge and celebrate each win! ✌🏼✨
whether you lost 2lbs or put on muscle.. progress made is better than no progress.. each step is closer to your goal no matter how big or small. 🔥

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“she feels it all so deeply. and while i can see it’s all for the best, i hurt for this girl with a a split-open heart because she’s mine - my girl who couldn’t sleep so she slipped into my bed to be near the rhythmic heartbeat she’s known since she was conceived.
and in the quiet middle of the night, i hold her. i brush her long brown hair off her tear-streaked face. i kiss the wet salt on her cheeks. and i whisper “i love you.” .
and she knows i’m safe. her safe place to run and find when the world gets wild and cruel and heartbreakingly mean.” ✨

there will be tears. there will be heartbreak, much disappointment, days you question your very self, the self that has survived and however thrived. a heart that gets all the more tender with hatred rather than hard and cold. and you my dear can do this. all of it. and until you can, i will do it for you.
my mommy heart is full ❤️
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You have to bring snacks and water if you plan on stomping all the puddles

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Is there anything better? 😍🍂 ps who knows what booms looking at 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

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Making it feel like fall around here by baking apple pie with our haul from apple picking this weekend, with lots of help from this cute little apple thief 🍏✨🍎

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The winter bugs finally got me, & got me good!😪 movies and grapes for these two, while i attempt to sit and rest myself!🙄 i wish they had longer attention spans, this only lasted 20mins😑

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