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My heart 💙 one week to go 💫 #39weekspregnant #39weeks

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Adam’s parents 💚 أم و أبو آدم

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My greatest accomplishment will never be the money i make, the car i drive, or the house i live in. my greatest accomplishment will be the kind of people i raised.
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🌈meet my rainbow baby isla🌈⁣

first off, i cannot thank every single one of you enough for celebrating my isla with me in person and online. your love and support means everything to me🥰⁣

i’ve been dreaming and waiting for the day to hold her in my arms. i’m still trying to process everything and wonder if it’s all still a dream. ⁣

creating another life to take care of changes your life completely and i’m so happy and grateful for it! ⁣

i cannot wait for years of sleepless nights 😂 and i cannot get enough of her. ⁣

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Potty training 😆🚽
it is alllll going on for us right now! not only is maddie now in her big girl bed, but we have been p***y training for just over the last week also. maddie’s been ready to start for a while now i think as she’s been well aware of when she’s going/announces it to the world “mummy i do poopoo” 💩😂🙈 we’ve not been as fully on it/committed to the p***y as i’d like to be, some days we’re just out and about and very busy!! but we have made a successful start at least, would you believe we’ve already had two wee wees in the potty!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 {along with many accidents as to be expected haha 🙃}
but any tips on how you went about p***y training please share below👇🏼! also how long it took your little ones to c***k it?! also will be great being able to save some £££ from not needing to buy nappies haha 🙈 #pottytraining #toddlerlife

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B a b e 🖤

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God blessed 🐣

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I never got around to posting this because selah came the next morning. walking on the beach at sunset with my boys. now we are a fam of 4 😭🥰

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حالا هی نق بزن زندگیم اینجوریه اونجوریه!
اصن زندگی بالا پایین نداشته باشه و روزای بد نباشه که نمی‌تونی بگی وای امروز چه قدر خوش گذشت!
اصن آدمای بد نیان تو زندگیت که نمی‌تونی بگی دمش گرم فلانی چه قدر خوب بود... هوا آلوده نباشه صد سال، نمی‌تونی بگی چه قدر هوا امروز خوب و عالیه! می‌دونی چی می‌خوام بگم؟
سیاهیا نباشن سفیدیا معلوم نمی‌شن رفیق... از روزگار و خدا بابتِ سیاهیا گله نکن!
همونان که باعث میشن قشنگیایِ زندگی به چِشمت بیان، فکرتو مشغولِ اونا نکن...! چشاتو ببند و فقط و فقط به سفیدیا و قشنگیایِ زندگی فکر کن و خدا رو شکر کن... انصافا چشامونو خیلی وقتا جوری می‌بندیم رو زندگی و قشنگیاش و غرقِ سیاهیا میشیم، یه حالی واسه خودمون درست می‌کنیم که کاری از دستِ هیشکی برنمیاد و خودِ خدا هم نمی‌تونه اون لحظه به دادمون برسه..
. .
پ ن؛ ایدن تو عکس نیومد ولی حداقل از توی آینه داره میخنده 😁
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