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Bet you didn’t expect the second one! rhino calves are quite extraordinary, usually being able to walk within an hour of their birth. depending on the species, they can weigh between 30 and 60kgs! the rhinos stay with their mothers for 2-4 years before being forced away so she can breed again.
this is why organizations like @therhinoorphanage are so important for orphaned calves. without the help of the carers, they would not survive long. but these lucky two have, and they certainly look like they’re having fun! 🦏
video by @j.traynor
#wildlifeplanet via @ourplanetdaily

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Hall of mirror, palace of versailles, france 🇫🇷

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Don’t hide me anything...🙅🏽‍♂️
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Blue is my absolute favorite color! in every shade, light, brite, deepest of dark. it's the most soothing. 🇬🇷💙🧞
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