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Wily veteran jim jack had a successful 2004 season. in arguably one of the biggest nights of his career, jack dominated the racing bracket in the citrus bowl with consistent passes throughout the night, beating scott hartsock - and the elements - to earn his first stadium racing victory of the season. jack went on to debut this reptoid scheme in mobile 2004. credit to johnel everett for the shot! #monsterjam #seasontallytuesday #reptoid #jimjack #racingwin #orlando #mobile #custombody #backwards #tyres #wolfpack

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Brian and the boys had a great night at #monsterjam

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Just take a second this morning and think about all the people you have an opportunity to encourage or help in your life, and don't underestimate the providence of you being in their lives in this moment in time. ease the burden of others, and you'll find your purpose. .

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It definitely was a battle all through out q1 with these two, fs1 cleatus driver marc mcdonald (@mcdonald.marc ) and grave digger driver morgan kane (@korganmane ) ! /// #monsterjam #fs1cleatus #gravedigger

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Beautiful picture of stinger this season!
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Modelo: pie grande xl
lugar: campana, buenos aires

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Ik some people already posted this like @duncantave and @mackbulldogmack but i would like to say thank you pablo for everything you did from creating new moves to just being a badass person in general i hope you have a good rest of your life and you can think of all the awesome memories you did for monster jam and you kept switching out of all the trucks like wolverine and captins curse and whatever other truck you had and then steeping in dennisis shoes but yeah it sucks to see you reitire man #thankyoupablo #monsterjam #repost @mackbulldogmack (@get_repost )
today in florence is pablo huffaker's final show before retirement in monster jam. thanks so much pablo for everything you did in monster jam, you will be missed! #thankyoupablo ________________________________
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