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Celebrity video recounts the ways black americans are killed by police
alicia keys has put together a video in which some of the world’s most famous artists remind viewers of the reasons african americans have lost their lives. @aliciakeys https://buff.ly/2l4wh69

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“and be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind" - romans 12:2

martin luther king quoted this bible passage in his sermon "the transformed non-conformist." a beautiful sermon about having the courage to stand alone .
"shortly after being installed as dexter's twentieth pastor, king preached a sermon he would deliver frequently later his ministry. he draws on james e. will's thematically similar “men who live differently." in his remarks, king observes, “i have seen many white people who sincerely oppose segregation and discrimination, but they never took a real stand against it because of fear of standing alone.”
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Martin luther king jr. was baptized in this church and preached his first sermon here on auburn st. in georgia. -
today, i spent time in prayer in that same church and got to reflect at his graveside on the radical love that he demonstrated.
he left a lasting impact not simply because fought for something important, but because the manner in which he did it. anyone can use a weapon to advance their cause, few can see far enough ahead to understand the importance of laying down the weapon... ending the monologue and beginning the dialogue.
“violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. it destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. it leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. violence ends up defeating itself. it creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers."
- martin luther king jr.
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#mlk official falcons drumline❤🖤❤🖤
komin in strong vc:@tofyemeekius._

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Rain in the city || what are your favorite things about rainy days?

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˚✧₊⁎ nrg ⁎⁺˳✧༚
(scroll to watch full video)
official website v1 drops tomorrow
video curated by
zang @godofvision
“hollow’s beginning” visuals by

song: “the beginning” produced by
nrg members:

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Martin luther king jr memorial!!
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Today i joined @andrewjwilkes for the #harlem launch of his book #freedomnotes:reflections on #faith, #justice, & the possibility of #democracy. the panel discussion w/@slynnyoung @candicebenbow & #pastormike (rev. michael a. walrond, jr.) was right in line w/what you would expect from black intellectuals at the historic @schomburgcenter.
freedom is our collective responsibility.
(the work of justice must go beyond simply critiquing injustice). (our bros & sis who are hungry) can’t eat critique.~@andrewjwilkes
we must shake & shed the missionary impulse + messianic complex. we find ourselves seduced by the missionary aspect of the work:we wait on whiteness to recognize our humanity. the messianic complex keeps us from sustained engagement. a lot of people are waiting on or are trying to be the next #mlk.
(instead of being driven by the celebrity culture of activism) find the issues that galvanize your spirit & stay connected to them until your last breath. don’t let the presence of cameras or social media followers be what your commitment is. stay committed until your soul is satisfied. .
these days we have rootless activism vs. sustained engagement. from ‘55-‘68, #mlkjr. was focused.
to say that i follow the carpenter (when referring to #jesus) is a social economic statement.
we must teach about how to honor the inherent dignity of all human beings.~#pastormike ————————————————
the church is a beacon for moving us forward. if you love the black church, you must ask yourself what are you doing to help it move us forward.
we must be responsible to ourselves & we must hold ourselves responsible for knowing what is happening in our state legislative houses. being (politically & democratically) uneducated, uninformed & uninterested is dangerous (to our freedom).
civics should be taught in our churches. .
we are what we’ve been waiting on. we have the tools to create our destiny.~@slynnyoung
freedom isn’t a journey. we are already free!
find ways that your work affirms you & speaks to your spirit.
work to create the world that you want a present & future family member to experience. ~@candicebenbow

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Commemorating world humanitarian day 19 august ( also my earthday 😊)
“life’s most persistent and urgent question is: what are you doing for others?” ~ martin luther king
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We canna get married tonight if you really wanna
me in a cheap suit like a s****y lawyer
and if you break my lil heart, it’d be an honour

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And i wanna get close to you
'cause your hands and lips still know their way around
and i know i like to draw that line, when it starts to get too real
but the less time that i spend with you, the less you need to heal

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