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It always means something. whether we admit it or not.
any close relationship will always leave a mark and shape you into the person you’re meant to be.
saying otherwise would just be a lie.
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The mind and body are connected.

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The power of no.

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This crowd is your crown 👑

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I’ll take all the cuddles in the world 🌎 right now. moms shouldn’t be allowed to get sick 😷... like ever! only perk is spending time with the kiddos. only made it to the gym for 15 minutes before feeling like i wanted to v***t 🤢. i’m the worst at reminding myself to take care of yourself first. i hate set backs but sometimes you really don’t have a choice. working out has become my life. i need it. i want it. so taking a day off for me messes with, not only my routine, but mental health. all the what if’s in the world haunt me. i keep it very real and true. not every day is easy and those are the facts of life. some days i wish i could go back in time, but then i’m reminded of these two girls and how i’m truly blessed to be their moms. 🖤 some things are meant to be will be. it’s hard not to live with regret 🤷🏼‍♀️, but it’s also makes you stronger.

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Went to windsor for the morning with my mum was nice to be in a place where no one knows my name and just let go and relax. that’s what i miss about living in a bigger city compared to where i live now. i made a huge step tonight and started my “big to do list” that i’m aiming to complete within the next year. all of this will be over in a year and releasing that makes it easier to deal with. a year from now i’ll be finished with uni. needed some talking to by a good friend and some time to mull this over to be able to face it and think about tackling it. i’m feeling a bit stronger tonight 💪🏻🙏🏻✨💖 #mentalhealthawareness #anxietyrecovery #depressionrecovery #mindfulness

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How did the car accident effect you?

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No matter how long ago you left
i still feel like you’re with me

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Since it is #mentalhealthmonth, we are going to post everyday how to remove stigma & stand up for your mental health!

some people don’t understand the amount of pain mental illness brings. surround yourself with those who “get it”. we do & we are so happy you are here. •

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Waiting for somebody to buy you flowers? what if that somebody is you? don't wait for somebody to love you. open your heart to yourself. love yourself today.
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Calling all dancers! all styles welcome!
i am so excited to be teaming up with @thestarryeyed this summer. .
we will be making a series of dance films to be presented in august. all proceeds from the showing will go towards the national alliance for mental illness. .
this is a great way to keep dancing this summer, with very little commitment(so it won't conflict with any studios or intensives). we will be accepting dance video submissions as well, if you already have some made. .
mark your calendars for our audition workshop, june 9th. more details available soon💚

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52/100 ::healing in symbolism//ritual:: last night i put some more items to the curb and still felt the sadness from my last post. in response i offered gratitude to the many things i am letting go of right now for how they served me: people, illusions, narratives, coping mechanisms--my hiding. i cried. i saw myself as a little girl, lost and in utter shock--failing to grasp the profound violence she was experiencing--both physically and emotionally. crying and desperate, she doesn't want to lose them. when i let myself feel it the words came. i imagined picking up her exhausted body: "it's ok to let go: of all of them, the past, ideas about what your life was and would be. it's ok to let go of the hope that they could change. it's ok to leave, you tried the hardest you could. don't feel shame that you hoped they would see the truth; you gave opportunity and it's just not so: you don't need them. it's a ok to walk away." it was placing a bag of old clothes on the sidewalk that allowed me to have this connection. there are parts of us in pain that can be reached by movement and gesture, we can communicate with our deeply hidden recesses by using symbols, simple rituals. there is no rule book--it only takes trust in ourself and what feels right; putting down judgement and simply listening and responding to what we need. symbol and ritual transform us, it's a magical language of recreating our vision of ourself, therefore our lives. these posts are ritual, a daily prayer of releasing truth--each one cast carries with it a piece of myself moved from darkness to light.
every morning i hold ritual by applying essential oil to my arms; a pause that says i am here, i take up space, i deserve this moment of attention and grounding found in a soothing scent. i shift my reality incrementally to self love. there is a lot of power in physical acts to move truth within us.
as is there power in shared ceremony: community holding space for grieving and witness. there are parts of us that can only come home after they are reflected by others, aired in our collective consciousness. we are so connected, there is deep healing found in no longer hiding from one another.

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If you ever feel too "blue" make sure you talk to someone about it. mental health should be our #1 priority, given the heavy stressors we face every day. before you make any rash decisions, please talk to someone about it first. if you ever think a friend of yours has any issues (even if it's a 1% chance) make sure you talk to them. you can help save a life - something those i know wished they could have done for their loved one.

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