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Chest & core work

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Soaking it in

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Who wants to take a dip in the pool?

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In the memory of squatdeepbreh , dm me bro if you're seeing this from your personal profile✌🏻

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¡familia! ¿qué deporte practicáis? ¿os gustaría ser más ágiles? comentadme abajo.

ejercicios adicionales de agilidad y coordinación para el planlsf.
⏳la súper promoción acaba en 48h. dale un vistazo al enlace de la bio y aprovéchala.

ejercicio 🔝 en el que se trabaja...
🙃 pasarlo bien
👁👋🏽coordinación viso-motriz
👣”footwork” 🔥acondicionamiento cardiovascular
⚡️tiempo de reacción
📌opción 1: 1 mano con pié de contralateral a ipsilateral
📌option 2: 2 manos con pié contralateral
📌option 3: 2 manos con pié ipsilateral

🇺🇸so many things going on in these drills.
👁👋🏽hand-eye coordination
⚡️reaction time
📌option 1: 1 hand contralateral to ipsilateral footwork
📌option 2: 2 hand contralateral footwork
📌option 3: 2 hand ipsilateral footwork

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Majestic in monaco.”the playground”

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Books have fundamentally changed the way in which i view the world. so often with books, ideas and concepts are expressed and articulated in a way that speaks to me, almost as if intuitively i've always known these truths, but could never truly express them.

there are many books that have changed my mind for the better, and it translates into what i do with my body. the mind and body are linked, and in order to change or improve your body composition, you must do some work changing/improving the mind.

the four hour work week by tim ferris changed me in many ways. it gave me a new way in which to think about focusing on the goal first and then breaking down that goal into smaller more manageable steps. it also taught me to batch my "busy work" tasks, so that i'm completing them strategically and with purpose.

mindset by carol dweck is a profound book. it taught me that we are malleable creatures. we can grow and adapt. our abilities are not fixed traits, they can be altered and improved upon. having a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset will allow you to see that you can change your mind and body--if you want to.

the compound effect by darren hardy explores the idea that small seemingly inconsequential actions add up over time. for better or worse.

man's search for meaning really has nothing to do with fitness, but it's one of my favorite books, and it really puts everything into perspective. to read about what mr. frankl and his family went through, and still choose to act with grace, honor, and dignity is nothing short of a testament to the miracle that is free will and choice. we all have the ability to choose how we react at any time to any given situation.

the obstacle is the way by ryan holiday expands on the idea that we always have the ability to perceive things in a positive way. sometimes the hardest thing we have to do is indeed the thing we most need to do. it also expresses the idea that in order to live a fruitful and invigorating life, you must learn to delay gratification.

discipline equals freedom by jocko willink tells the story of a navy seal who discovered that motivation is fleeting and discipline wins.

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Comecei a treinar puxando sacos de arroz, feijão e livros dentro de duas mochilas e um cabo de vassoura de madeira 🤣🤣🤣🤣 na época que eu queria começar a puxar ferro, eu tinha 13/14 anos, meus pais não deixaram porque diziam que o crescimento ficava comprometido e blá blá blá e tá tudo certo, fizeram bem em não deixar. com certeza eu ia fazer merda 🤷🏻‍♂️ mas eis que eu ia à noite, quando eles já se recolhiam e ficavam vendo televisão, para os fundos juntava todos os sacos de comida pesados que tinha e mais alguns livros e colocavam dentro das mochilas 🎒 fazia tudo que eu faço hoje com pesos na academia.
eu já praticava esportes nessa época então determinação nunca foi meu problema. eu só tinha uma problema na época que era não ter pesos pra isso, arrumei um jeito e por alguns bons meses eu fiquei treinando com duas mochilas, livros e uma cabo de vassoura. infelizmente não tinha essa facilidade que temos hoje de registrar tudo mas com certeza o que aconteceu comigo me ensinou que desculpas e arrumar um jeito para trabalham em vertentes totalmente diferentes 👊🏽 ⚡️ faça do seu jeito, faça o que te faz feliz! bom sábado pessú 🤟🏾
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Pre soft sand workout nap w my little buddy #menshealth #mensfitness #mensfashion #unconditionallove #rescuedog

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Been doing abs everyday for a whole week and progress is surprising #mensfitness #yellowstonenutra #krusadersfitness #abs

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