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only recently has she started to come to me for cuddles while she watches @cbeebieshq in a morning. her favourites are #mrtumble #bing and #twirlywoos. just love these morning snuggles!

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Miss bon had a quick visit to the hospital this afternoon, she’s feeling a little under the weather. just a viral infection. so not much we can do other then lots of cuddles and kisses. but nothing stops us to see mr logan for his birthday this afternoon. .
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Buenos días a todos!! ya estamos en españa!! el viaje por las highlands escocesas ha sido maravilloso y tengo muchas ganas de enseñaros alguna foto, pero de momento no he podido ponerme con ellas. hoy os traigo una foto de la sesión de halloween, entre calabazas y gatos. 🐈🎃✨🎩
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Danas bi trebala biti slika s kravatom, ali mama mi još nije kupila 😉 pa evo slika s novom trakicom 💗 a jučer sam napunila 7 tjedana pa di ćeš bolji razlog da ju isprobam!
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I am his biggest fan. seriously, i am probably a little too obsessed 🙈⠀
but despite his cuteness, at times, he can be quite a challenging little human. understatement. he can be a total shit. ⠀

like yesterday when he wanted an oat bar but then screamed because it wasn't a banana 😳 ⠀

toddler tantrums. this is not a drill. ⠀

one of the resources that i have turned to in my quest to deal with the tantrums (other than wine), is triple p parenting, which stands for:⠀

the power of positive parenting 💥 ⠀

it is about promoting the wellbeing of your little one by building a strong relationship and having good communication. this will help them develop skills to succeed in life. and hopefully keep you sane too, as it speaks to the wellbeing of the mumma. at the end of the day, i really just want to keep my s**t together and not be a screaming lunatic #lifegoals. ⠀

i have shared a whole heap of tips, experiences and more about positive parenting and how i am dealing with toddler tantrums on the blog. if you are struggling with tantrums, i hope it helps!!⠀

link in bio xx 👆⠀

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Today is "get to know your customers day"!! so 3 important questions for all .....are you a coffee or a tea person? a cat or a dog person? and most importantly are you a beer or a wine person? tell me in the comments below x

me? tea belly (drinking one now), dog lover (although i do have a cat called pudding) and i love red wine (especially with cheese) ;)

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13 days to 31. trippy.
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Iv seriously given you my heart 💕 all of the love that i have for others has gone into our beautiful daughter and to you! i’ll do anything for you i’ll go anywhere for you! i’m here for you 24/7 always and forever alittle throw back 😇 .

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Where’s my little snuggly bear gone? 🐻👶🏼 .

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I can not get enough of the smell of spring. every now and than i will smell something that takes me back to when i was a child, such familiar, friendly smells.
one of my favourites has to be the smell right before it rains on a warm day 😍.

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Whether i am indoors or outside, i still love backlit images.
and the thing i love most about this stolen moment is not just that mum was enthusiastically accepting a broccoli icecream from her cute-as-buttons daughter, but that she was getting to spend some time with her toddler while dad held their newborn. ****
i'm super excited to be taking over the @_heartofhome_ instagram account on sunday. some of the other alumni from the #heartofhomeworkshop will be there over the next few days, @bex.photo is is guest-editing today, she is the queen of colour and detail so i'll definitely be following along, so why don't you head on over and follow them to join in the fun.

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I could stay here and sleep all day 😴 the change in seasons always saps my energy... does this happen to anyone else? but alas we’re up and out early this morning - we’ve got a shop to paint 💪🏻

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Because some days are meant for ditching school to hang with mickey mouse #disneyhalloween

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Born with amazing hair!

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So this is what a mini session looks like. i capture your magic, your love, our existence together. letting you be. ♥️ because rest assured, i always get the shot. ———————————————————- email me if you want a session, only a few slots left in la for november.

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