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This is a closer view of the design meant to be a yoga mat i recently posted, specially designed for @sahajayogamats 🙏 i will make a detail video to let you see all the stuff on it! hope you like it thanks for looking!

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Shhhhh... i’m busy doing sunday😻

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Hello there people! so today i am sharing a different type of work. i discovered the #7mandalaschallenge and i felt motivated to participate on it! this prompt is about ying yang mandalas, so here it goes, my mandala for this challenge hosted by three amazing mandala artists: @ataraxiaowl @that.crazy.doodler and @wish_of_hope. will be participating as much as possible but i'm not sure i will reach every prompt. will see!
by the moment, hope you like this one! the ying yang is the same mandala done in different way, which expresses how a thing can be so different depending on the perspective.🙏

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🔸um pouco do processo da nossa mandala para quadro! essa mandala representa a cura, paz, positividade, energia, amor e paixão

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The earth without art is just eh..

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