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3 of my favorite albert einstein quotes put together: "the world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge it’s imagination." stay tuned for my new song, "fly away" coming soon

May 2018 comment 13 star 301

Fly away is out now!!! 🎶 link in my bio. another dope cover by @andrewniemiec 🔥🎨
without a doubt my favorite track so far. if you’re someone who supports me, or even someone who’s never listened to my music before, this is the song you don’t want to miss out on! i worked so h*****n this for myself and you guys to enjoy, and i’m only going to keep getting better 💪🏼
on spotify and apple music tomorrow!

June 2018 comment 8 star 152

This music is my medicine use it to fly away, i must do this for the movement incase i die today. "fly away" is out now on all streaming services! hope you guys enjoy this very real and special track.

June 2018 comment 12 star 259

I created timeless about half a year ago and the song always somehow finds its way back to me. it’s a completely different, good vibe track that’ll make you think.. almost 10,000 streams on soundcloud and a couple thousand more on spotify/applemusic 😎🎶 i truly appreciate anyone who takes the time out of their day to listen to my music. it means the world to me because without you guys i would be nothing. thank you. let’s continue to keep pushing towards our goals and growing together!!
full video on my youtube, link in bio

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Cheers to another week for real! i’m beyond grateful to be in the position i am and use my voice to influence others.

sometimes people get so caught up in how others think and view them, they forget how important it is to be themselves. you are in control of your future, you are the captain of the ship who decides exactly which direction you want to go. as long as you believe in yourself and know what’s real in your heart, no one can tell you shit!! make it a great week by starting with a great monday! don’t forget to check out my new single close my eyes 🌊🙏🏼 feedback is very appreciated!

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Brother 🔝❤ #makeitbig #moskau

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I’ve been about my business and now it’s time to shine
i’m doing this for me so imma go and make it mine...
nothings but bars in this track. available on my soundcloud @bphilz and search "brandon phillips" on youtube to find the full music video 👀🔥

March 2018 comment 7 star 118

What type of legacy do you want to leave when you’re no longer here on earth? i want to be remembered as someone different who brought positive and influential music to our world to benefit us! this is just a lil sneak peak of something i’m working on, but i challenge you guys to ask this question: if you were told today is your last day to live would you still spend it the same way you normally would? do what you know is right and make today count!!

June 2018 comment 8 star 144

We got some s**t to prove, but no nothing to lose. i guess i’m on the move with so much that’s left to do.. music video this week?! 👀
link in bio

song is available on spotify, apple music, itunes and more! this is only the beginning of my incredible music journey 🎶🚀

August 2018 comment 18 star 219

Close my eyes sneak peak‼️really took me a lot of courage and had to challenge myself creating this one..
dropping tomorrow 🙏🏼🎶 i wonder what your guys favorite verse will be 🤔

April 2018 comment 16 star 317

Business music video that i made earlier today 🔥 here’s a couple clips for you guys 👀
full video on my twitter @brandonphilz1

March 2018 comment 24 star 452

Sometimes words are hard to find to form that perfect line to let you know you are always on my mind
happy birthday dear!

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This #feelgoodfriday we present little sister kyiah and big sister yvette, our newest match this week! these two hit it off instantly and plan on volunteering and practicing sports together. we wouldn’t be surprised if you saw them on your television screen during the 2020 #olympics, so keep an eye out for these two!
#mentoring #volunteering #payitforward #giveback #makeitbig #community #bbbs #philly #bigbrothersbigsisters #sports #olympics #lilsis #bigsis #sisters

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Double glass with wine hey this could be your life if you take the time and visit exhibition opening. #dreambig #achieveyourgoals #dontgiveup #alltheyway #segway #successquotes #richlifestyle #millionarofinstagram #makeitbig

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The color combo is just too nice to not share with y’all
dope edit by @andrewniemiec
new music this weekend? 🤔

May 2018 comment 8 star 247

Artist is out now!!! 😈🎶 wanted to make a fun video with my brother for this track because he helped me produce it. for whatever reason the quality was acting up on me so here’s the raw footage 🎬 🎥
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -full video on youtube link in my bio 👀🔥

June 2018 comment 13 star 315

Want to make your friday even better? listen to the series pitching to contact’s third podcast about the recruiting trail and the showcase process. link in bio!

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