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New blog: the ultimate 4-day road trip through arizona’s gems!🌵✨. people always ask me for southwest recommendations. after living here for 13 years, i’d like to think i know a thing or two about what to see😂😉. i finally put together a blog post that highlights my favorite spots across arizona. click the link in my bio to give it a read! is arizona on your “must see” list?

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A gigantic dragon sculpture curls around this 17-story tall buddhist temple outside of bangkok in thailand.
use #livetheadventure for a feature!

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Currently adding “hiking through the clouds” to our bucket list😱😍
photo by @hayoui and @taylormichaelburk

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The response from yesterday’s caption was overwhelmingly positive, to the point where i teared up reading some of them. so many comments and messages, i don’t even know where to start... the truth is social media can have a negative impact on us, both in the places we go and in our own personal lives. but it can also be immensely positive! if this taught me anything, which it indeed taught me many things, it’s that i’m going to do my best to continue being a positive voice for the mountains and this beautiful world and continue encouraging everyone to do the same. if these places mean anything to you, which i’m sure they do, i implore you on your next adventure to leave the place better than you found it. pick up trash, speak up when you see people being disrespectful, and volunteer for your local trails crew because they sure have their hands full during the busy months and need all the help they can get. last summer, the @eddiebauer team and i did trail maintenance in the tetons and i plan on helping maintain trails as much as i can over the summers. thanks for all the support lately and i hope to see some of y’all in the alpine 🌲✨

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My favorite places usually make me feel so small🤔😂😍🌵✨.
i get so many questions on which sedona spots are my favorite, so i’ve included a link to my blog “the best sedona hikes” in my bio! i hope it helps some of you plan your next desert trip!

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Sitting at home right now eating my chocolate bar from @republicadelcacao 🍫did you know that #ecuador is a major exporter of cocoa ? •
visited their location in plaza foch for some souvenirs 🥰 while there, you can also stop for some dessert & a delicious cup of hot chocolate at their cafe! ☕️ ps- it’s quite the instagrammable location. •
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The realities of social media... lately i’ve been feeling a bit of a conundrum, torn between what could be perceived as right or wrong. as time goes on, i find myself in more beautiful places, seemingly untouched by anyone and for the first time, i’ve been hesitant on sharing these photos. i’ve seen first hand the impact social media can have on beautiful places, like the one in this photo. over the last couple summers, it’s been basically overrun... a permit system is soon to come, thankfully. but therein lies the issue with sharing photos of these places. with so many eyes on it, no matter how hard it is to reach people will find it. i’ve never shared locations and that will stay the same but i’ll also continue sharing these beautiful mountain landscapes because i’m deeply passionate about the outdoors. so i guess what i ask of y’all is this; if you do find out a location of one of my photos, or any place in the mountains, to treat it with the utmost respect. these places deserve to be seen by everyone, but they also need to be treated kindly as these environments are so fragile. be kind, be gentle, and get after it as much as you can 🤟🏼 #leavenotrace

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