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Sometimes you just got to love yourself! spend some time in a warm bath with your favorite bath bomb, music, & drink. just don’t forget your skin polish and bamboo renew for the ultimate body indulgence 👑🥂😘 #bathtime #humpday #midweek #skinpolish #bamboorenew #relaxunwind #muchneed #selflove #staysimplyfabulous #loveyourskin #followme #favoritebathproducts

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Here it is as promised🤗
my 800 follower ⚠️giveaway ⚠️ to show my appreciation for everyone's constant love and support, which has ultimately given me the confidence to persue my love for makeup, skincare and all things pretty😜 i may or may not continue to add products until giveaway closes*
💥entry guidelines💥
➡️must be following me!
➡️tag 2 friends who you think would enjoy my content.
➡️state what product(s) you would enjoy winning most!
➡️repost the first picture on your page tagging me and using the hashtag #dayaaagiveaway 🤗❤️
➡️each repost on page after initial repost will count as an extra entry.
➡️each tag of 2 (real, not celebrity, giveaway,dead accnt, ect) friends will count as an extra entry. ➡️unlimited entries.
⚠️no giveaway/dead accounts ⚠️if you follow to unfollow after the giveaway i will know, notify my friends and promptly block/disqualify you from future giveaways 🤷
⚠️begging to win or telling me why you should win above others will call for immediate disqualification. ⚠️anyone under 16 will need parental consent to attain products and i am not responsible for anyones (of any age) allergies/reactions ect to any specific product. ❤️i really appreciate the idea of an engagement- based giveaway in true @evestyle82 and @glambyjojosparkles fashion. it inspires more interaction between people as well as builds new friendships. this giveaway will be engagement based. however, those who i feel engage the most will then be randomly selected as i feel at this point i would have trouble favoring just one. to keep it fair but to keep everyone involved as well❤️
this giveaway is not sponsored by or in collaboration with instagram nor any of the products shown and everything was purchased or aquired by myself alone. unfortunately, this will be u.s. only, however my 1k will be international!
i know that was a lot to read! ty all for everything and good luck!
➡️giveaway closes may 16th⬅️
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another #wetsoapwednesday 🌞🌿

rosemary mint crafted with my very own garden rosemary, peppermint and spearmint infusions. topped with #amazonite and #mossagate tumble stones. oh my word~ this scent is scrumptious. a few bars are left and waiting for you in the shop ~

🌿just hit the link in bio🌿
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Sebagai perempuan, kita harus banget menjaga kulit baik kulit wajah ataupun kulit tubuh. apalagi waktu usia remaja, pasti banyak benget masalah kulit wajah yang dialami. mulai dari kulit kering, kusam, dan yang paling banyak adalah jerawat.
nah, sekarang aku mau share contoh ritual skincare yang simple buat kakak yang punya masalah dengan jerawat, komedo dan kusam dengan paket reguler pratista😊
1. kakak bisa mencuci wajah dengan acne facial wash yang mengandung tea tree oil yang membantu mengangkat debu dan kotoran dari wajah yang menyebabkan jerawat.
2. gunakan acne serum yang membantu mengatasi jerawat. serum ini karena teksturnya yang cair sehingga cepat meresap ke kulit dan bisa membantu menjaga kelembaban pada kulit wajah lho kak. oleskan secara merata ke seluruh wajah ya.
3. untuk pagi hari, oleskan acne day cream yang mengandung spf 30 yang mampu melindungi kulit dari paparan sinar matahari dan melindungi dari faktor luar yang membahayakan kulit. reaplikasi ulang setiap 2-3jam sekali. nah, untuk malam hari oleskan acne night cream secara tipis dan merata pada wajah untuk membantu menutrisi kulit dimalam hari dan mengatasi masalah jerawat kakak.
4. khusus untuk malam harinya setelah pakai krim malam oleskan obat totol jerawat (acnespot/acnegel) ke bagian wajah yang berjerawat yaa.
paket ini produknya saling bersinergi untuk mengatasi masalah jerawat. jika dilakukan secara rutin dan telaten, insyaallah hasil yang didapat bakal memuaskan dan jerawat diwajah cepet kabuuurrr😄
setiap konsumen belum tentu dapet paket perawatan yang sama ya kak, jadi lakukan konsultasi terlebih dahulu sebelum beli produk pratista😘
contact us:

wa/sms : 0858 9254 9550
bbm : z2560vn

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3 best products for your skincare routine !! 🙌
facial resurfacer
climate control
seneserum c
lets talk about the 💪power house couple💪 climate control and seneserum c!
i suggest this duo all the time because it truly changes your skin visibly! not only does my skin appear better but the texture and true hydration is incredible.
climate control is moisture💦 to the max! it protects from smog, smoke💨, and all the free radicals in the air waging war in your skin. it creates a veil over your skin and infuses the stuff that our skin is missing(like hylaronic acid)! it protects from damage and repairs what has already been damaged!

seneserum c gives you the perfect glow☀️why? ☀️brightens- overall appearance
🔥lightens- discoloration and sun spots
😍tightens- building cell elasticity
as we age our skin turns dull and loses its elasticity 😥. both products contain 💜seneplex complex. seneplex complex turns over your cell rate 20% faster than just a regular cell.
faster cell regeneration=younger looking skin!
younger looking skin=happy ladies!#senegence #senegenceskincare #seneplexcomplex #lipsense #hometownkisses #skincare #climatecontrol #ageless #loveyourskin #antiagingskincare

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When this client came to me for her first peel, her skin was definitely very dry & dull and not absorbing her products used at home very well. as you can see, we’ve fixed that!! professional treatments are a game changer. professional products used at home are so important, but to really kick it up to the next level and see even better results from your products, treatments are so crucial! ♥️♥️
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💙real people real results!! 💙

here is what natasha has to say about rodan + fields. “after baby #2, my skin was left in rough shape. at 41, i was feeling drained and it showed. i knew i needed something serious to help me get my glow back.

i was first introduced to the rodan+fields products by a friend and after my first use, i already felt a difference. i was hooked!
after 4 months of consistent use and seeing and feeling some amazing results, i finally feel confident to go without makeup! smoother, more radiant, healthy skin.” if you want great skin with proven products, let's chat😊
#timetocontactme #treatyourself #loveyourskin #lifechangingskincare #60daymoneybackguarantee

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🌸🌱🌸🌱🌸🌱🌸happy wednesday!
follow us for awesome mother’s day giveaways worth $200 starting yesterday🍏🍏🍏🍏 .
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The body glow special! ✨

today until april 30th, every preferred customer order of any regimen or amp it up special will receive a complimentary essentials foaming sunless tan and daily body moisturizer, free! 🎉

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Get your glow ☀️ on ... for free!!! 😎

starting today through april 30th, you can get a free sunless tanner + daily body moisturizer when you purchase a regimen or amp it up special!! {that’s a $52 value!!!} 😮 ♥️ *free* essentials foaming sunless tan (for a natural-looking sun kissed glow). this sunless tanner has been rated #1 by total beauty several years in a row! ♥️ *free* daily body moisturizer (non-greasy, clean scented body moisturizer). i use it year-round!

this is limited availability, so message me if you are interested!
#getyourglowon #summerisaroundthecorner #rflife #lifechangingskincare #loveyourskin #corporatefreebie

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I had to do a double take on this one!! beautiful skin...and...☀sunkissed☀ glow!?!? 💞yes please!💞 are you starting to run low on your regimen? might as well buy it a week or so early to advatage of this deal!! only good to the 30th😉

#sunkissed #getthatglow #loveyourskin #multimedtherapy #rfskincare

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My skincare journey... i have to say i never thought i would be taking a picture without makeup let alone post it in social media😮! with that being said... here it is!! my before and after! i have been using senegence normal to oily skincare line and anti-aging line for the past 5 months and my skin has never been better!! full disclosure i have always been blessed with nice skin however once i turned 30 i saw a drastic change in my skin for the worse!! 🤦🏻‍♀️just look at my before pict. my skin looked dull, i had aging spots and started to see some wrinkles.
now my skin looks healthy, firmer, and my spots are almost all gone! i can’t say how happy i feel!! 🤗 i want all of you to feel the same way and that’s why i decided to let you try our skincare for 5 days absolutely free!! no strings attached! no purchase necessary!!! just give it a try and tell me your thoughts... if you’re interested just fill out the google form in the comments and i will either deliver or mail you my “try me bag” so you can see the difference for your self! 💖🧖🏼‍♀️

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Want beautiful, radiant and glowing skin? nature's secret is avocado oil! #derma #selfcarematters

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Bagi perempuan, hair removal adalah salah satu rutinitas yang perlu dilakukan untuk menjaga agar penampilan tetap sempurna.

yuk mulai pengalaman kulit sempurna kamu bersama dura skin. beragam perawatan dengan teknologi terkini yang aman dan nyaman, akan membantu kamu mendapatkan kondisi kulit sehat sempurna yang kamu inginkan
#skintreatment #duraskinindonesia #perfectskinexperience #loveyourskin

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Lhe menggunakan fluence yang rendah, tidak diperlukan teknik atau perangkat pendingin kulit, sehingga membuat proses tindakan menjadi lebih cepat. sebelum proses dimulai, rambut dipangkas sepanjang 1 - 3 mm jika diperlukan. energi cahaya dan panas kemudian disesuaikan dengan jenis dan kondisi kulit kamu.

yuk mulai pengalaman kulit sempurna kamu bersama dura skin. beragam perawatan dengan teknologi terkini yang aman dan nyaman, akan membantu kamu mendapatkan kondisi kulit sehat sempurna yang kamu inginkan.

#skintreatment #duraskinindonesia #perfectskinexperience #loveyourskin #hairremoval

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Free sunless tanner and daily body moisturizer with the purchase of a regimen or amp it up special!! contact me for more info! promo ends april 30th #getyourtanon #getyourglowback #loveyourskin

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