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The beach 🌊 (the motion) #plotagraphpro

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Blndr w/ @nativemello

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@carringtondurham looking 🔥in our #mermaidvibes chunky glitter! available via link in bio!✨🌈

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Sculpture by @clarinabezzola ・・・ transformation (i am so crazy excited how this turned out!!!) #snake #girl #sculpture #ceramic #teansformation #openmouth #redcheeks #lovewatts

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#whpmini 🗝 size does matter after all… especially when you leave your keys inside the house and your partner is the only person that could possible slip through the keyhole to retrieve them. i owe you one, @anniset… i guess what they say it’s true, the best things do come in small packages! — el tamaño sí importa… sobre todo cuando te dejas las llaves dentro de casa y es tu pareja la única persona que podría colarse por la cerradura para recuperarlas. te debo una, @anniset… ¡al final va a ser verdad eso de que las mejores cosas vienen en envases pequeños!

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Video performance. i wish, i had videotaped myself when i first did this art piece in 2015 but at least i have a bunch of photo from that performance. i have a bunch of raw footage that i haven't posted yet. sometimes i like video footage of my performances to be shown unedited and just straight up raw. versus something that is edited. it's really weird actually, that my highest viewed videos are the ones that are just taking from my phone and uploaded without any edit. i feel that the reason for it is because it's less intimidating for the viewer. you are allowed more room to form your own opinion on the video. versus if you watch a video that is edited, it's more enforcing on the idea of what the editor wants you to think and feel.

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Square leggings •••

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Summer design in link up top•••

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Repost : my digital painting of james franco .. 🎨 ©jessicaguetta __________ ▫jessicaguetta.fr ▫jessicaguetta.tumblr.com ▫facebook.com/jessicaguetta ▫twitter : @jessicaguetta ▫shop : society6.com/jessicaguetta ________ #juxtapoz #beautifulbizarre #arts_talents #artistuniversity #aureta #thefadmia #oldmagnet #tacart #iartpost #instaartexplorer #beyondrealistic #arts_secret #artistuniversity #_art_help #artistic_support #artfeaturehelp #arts_funds #art_yay #arts_help #artscloud #sketch_daily #artistic_unity #wattson #love_arts_help #artscrowds #lovewatts #jamesfranco #davefranco

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The modern thinker 💭

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Francois frames logo design & identity for @pxrisomo by @xxistforever

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Quickie sketchie

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Ooo wee you know i can only post to ig in batches of 3

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Rocko skull pin from @thedeathofmychildhood 💀 "heh heh, oh my..." - rocko buy it through their link in bio!

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Vibe out in the square dress••

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🐀🐀🐀 --- music: @the_mura_masa

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Grab the summer dress up top••

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Render of the weeeeeek 1/3 --- big things coming up stay tuned! music: @jamie___xx

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Dope graphics by @hbme | be sure to check them out for more like this! . . • seeking and sharing digital art • tag #chromaesthetics or dm for submissions •

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