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Next stop: mykonos 💕
the 4th stop on our #romancejourneygr was to the lovely @santamarinamykonos!! this resort is full of so much beauty and is the perfect place for a romantic escape! it’s quiet + peaceful but still just a quick ride over to mykonos town. if you’re anything like us, you enjoy relaxation but still love to get out and explore a new destination— and that’s exactly how we spent our time on the island!! 🥰🙌🏼
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Santa barbara strolls 👡
woven belt from @lulus #lovelulus #lulusambassador

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Can confirm: pizza tastes better at the beach & it’s officially too hot for pants 🍕🌴

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Listen. can i be straight with you?
i’m mad at the month of may.
i have been for years - ever since i’ve been mom to multiple school-aged children really, but even more so as i’ve begun pursuing art as a purposeful path outside my role of motherhood.
may is a thief of time and personal space. it’s pushy and demanding and doesn’t take no for an answer. may sucks every last ounce of every kind of reserve i possess and makes no apologies. if may was an actual person, i’d nix the friendship because i’m losing myself in this one.
it’s bulldozing parts of my life that make me an actual happy person, and maybe the worst part is that may isn’t even a lone wolf. it’s just paving the way for june, july, and august, the disruptors of daily routine.
summer, that gang of months, doesn’t end what may started. it just tempers it a bit and sprinkles in periods of pure, unadulterated fun, so i’m much less likely to fuss about it.
but may..... if i could break up with you, i would.

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Austin || oh @summermooncoffee where have you bean all my life ☕️♥️ also guesssss who is going to chicago this weekend!!! ✈️✈️ please oh please comment your recs because ya girl has done zero planning for this one 🙈 🏙

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➵ this pale gal proposes that we all lay in the grass + sunshine just a little bit more. how good it is for the soul. that is all.🌷🌤🍃 #seekingbeautyamidstthemundane

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Enjoying my last day off before i start my nanny job tomorrow! so excited to spend time this summer with some sweet kiddos!
i am loving this outfit from @frankieandjules, it is so so cute! use kailey10 for $10 off your purchase!💛 http://liketk.it/2byhi #liketkit @liketoknow.it

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