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Pakistan air force | hercules ✈️

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More dc...we were pretty far away from the washington monument. there didn't seem to be anything that would provide enough contrast, as it was a very sunny, hot, hazy day. everything just kind of blended together when i looked into the sky. as we were passing these pink flowers this image caught my eye...yay for random (not so random) flowers!! #godsgifts #washingtonmonument #flowers #inbloom #sunnyday #summer #itwashot #daytrip #howtallareyou #remember #firstpresident #fatherofourcountry #nrsc #lookup #capital #usa #washingtondc #tourist #uscitizen

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Wholehearted wednesday
what makes your heart grow three sizes in one day? (like our friend the grinch)
is it laughter with friends?
it might be writing a letter to someone dear to you.
is it a loved one’s tender touch?
is it the companionship of a four-legged furry friend?
how about when you look into the eyes of a newborn child?
it may be the kindness of a stranger.
it can happen in nature, in meditation, and in just sitting still with deep breaths, taking life in.
how will you and i intentionally grow our heart in the days ahead?
two weeks from today, i will leave my fifties in the dust and i could not be more grateful for these many decades that i have had the benefit of living life. by now, through many personal life experiences, i have a keen understanding of the fragility of living. i count each day as a tremendous gift.
as i welcome this new decade, i will take a brief break from posting here.
it is my hope that you will plan to join me again on ig, monday, august 6, 2018 for more musings.
#beblessed #thislifeisnotadressrehearsal
#gratefulheart❤️ #writefromtheheart
#lookup #makememories

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O n e m o r e t i m e !

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