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Lovely day on scafell pike with amanda today. we were meant to be out yesterday but fortunately we both had the availability to swap to a much brighter day. we made great progress up from wasdale, but by jove it was chilly on top (or maybe i'm just soft!). a reminder to keep those layers in the pack even if it is warm and toasty in the valley! #liveforthenow

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Live for the "second". for my epilepsy family this rings so true for us. every second that we are having a episode it is taking hours, days even months from our lives. live for the now my friends. #lifeistoshort #live #love #motivate #liveforthesecond #liveforthenow #seizures #seizurefree #epilepsy #epilepsybravery #epilepsyptsd #epilepsycure #epilepsyhealth #healthyliving #takingdaybyday #ptsd #cbdhealth #epilepsyptsd

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"once you realize you pay for everything with your time and not with you money...thats when your whole world will change and you will comprehend what actually holds value versus what you are told is valuable." -chloenunn_
#truewordsofwisdom #wordsofinspiration #wordstoliveby #livelifetothefullest #liveforthenow #evianzincognito words of wisdom and pb: @chloenunn__

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And just like that... it’s our favourite day of the week πŸ‘‰πŸ» friyay πŸ™ŒπŸ» a chance to try new things, learn some skills and have some fun! small group pt is where it’s at πŸ€œπŸ»πŸ€›πŸ» life is made for living - are you living yours??? #viveutvivas

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Being present doe not require meditation, deep breathes or anything like that. it's just a quick decision and if you wander away from the present moment, it takes another quick second to get back to the present. how often are you on your phone when your child or a friend is talking to you? we should all put our phones away when we are with the important people in our lives and give them the gift of our presence.
#liveinthepresent #liveforthenow #listen #putawayyourphones #lookintoeyeswhenyoutalk

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Bubbles with my bestie who is over from brissie! love you girl! 😘#auckland #bubbles #ownboss #besties #bestie #lovelife #lovemyjob #livefortoday #liveforthenow #stheliers #nz #newzealand

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Third times the charm! finally found it.

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Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things.

#seizetheday #liveforthenow #liveforthemoment #childhoodmemories #growuptoofast

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Awesome day working on lingmoor fell. such a great value walk for such a modest hill. check it out! #liveforthenow

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"i now know that every single bit of pain i have experienced in my life was a result of me worrying about what another person was going to think of me." -oprah winfrey
free yourself from the burden of giving a *____* of what others think of you! the only opinion that matters about who you are and what you should do with your life is yours!😏 believe that.πŸ‘ photo credit: stefanie caley

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Be every color of you! 🌈

you are multi-faceted. you have so many talents, passions, and much knowledge from your life experiences.

don't live in shades of gray when you are meant to live in bold color!!!πŸŽ‰ photo credit: stefanie caley

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Breathing fresh air with beautiful view @life_with_may

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Not a great deal of views but plenty of smiles from tim as he enjoyed a trip around the snowdon horseshoe today.

on saturday tim will be enjoying the delights of the cmd arete onto ben nevis with us and hopefully he gets a better backdrop!


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There is nothing special about this photo. i’m not in some crazy twist, bind , forearm stand or inversion. i’m not forcing my body into asanas that don’t suit my practice for this day. our bodies change day to day just as our practice does. what i am doing, is being at peace, being here in the now, being in the asana. feeling my body, feeling my breath slowing down allowing myself to dissolve into my practice. this picture captures the peace i am feeling as i begin my practice. i come back to this asana daily as it is grounding for me. #yoga #practiceyoga #peace #grounding #liveforthenow #dessolve πŸ“· credit @local.yogi

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This is song two of the two songs of demi’s which mean the world to me. this one is an interesting one, when it was first released like skyscraper i had it on constant repeat, i found so much comfort from it and it helped me work through some stuff i previously hadn’t, nowadays i rarely listen to it as just thinking about it makes me instantly cry. we all have those moments in life where we experience difficulties, face heartbreak, where people do bad things which affect us. those intense, damaging, life changing moments where we don’t know where to turn or what to do next. those moments require strength and fight, we have to stand up on shaking knees and step by step move forward, rebuild, learn and grow. this isn’t easy especially as often the things which hurt us the most have an annoying habit of creeping back into our minds time and time again, and what could have happened a decade ago can suddenly consume our present thoughts and take us straight back to that dark time. but we must remember that the present is too important and valuable. whatever happens will stay in the past but it’s the here and now which we must treasure and work to protect. so i encourage you to be a warrior and fight for your present. πŸ’• ps if you were wondering yes i also have this song tattooed 😊

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Find your passions and nuture it ❀️#dream #liveforthenow live in the #present and #cherish those moments πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ#photographer #photographerlife

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There are a million and one father and son moments i cherish... this is one of them ... #happyfathersday #fathersday #fatherandson #fatherandsontime #momentsmoneycantbuy #liveforthenow

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