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4 cm
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А теперь вопрос для вас!✨
У кого есть татуировки? А если ещё нет, то какую бы точно сделали?

А мы возьмём ваши идеи за основу и в следующий walk in day подготовим новые эскизы✨

Да, мы решили проводить такие мероприятия чаще, ведь атмосфера в такие дни, просто потрясающая🌱

Кстати, понравилось вам открытие?

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I want to know you. i don't mean your favourite colour , food, and your middle name. i want to know those, too, but i mean.. tell me about the time you broke your arm learning to ride a bike.

tell me the nightmares you have, the struggles you've dealt with, if you ever feel alone.

tell me if there's voice in your head that tells you "you're not enough". tell me your secrets, your thoughts, about your childhood, how you got that scar on your knee, if you s****d your thumb.

tell me about your first love and heartbreak. i want to know everything and i won't settle for less.

because if i date you, i want it to last.
if i date you, i'm dating you for a reason.

words implied from @poemspormx

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