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Like if you said you too to someone saying enjoy your meal•

#likeamilliontimes #marys.poppin #yikes #treemee

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Funny stuff! #likeamilliontimes

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Practicing our countdown #likeamilliontimes #happynewyear #clock

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November 2012 comment 11 star 136

Huge shout out to @ladybrojen and @adrienneelayne for blessing me and taking some awesome graduation pictures yesterday !! can't wait to see them all. 1 month ! #superwindy #mydressalmostblewup #likeamilliontimes #alsometanewfootballplayer #gogators

March 2017 comment 0 star 39

Funny pic for a sappy post. i have to brag on @allenm0rgan for a second if for no other reason than to embarrass him 😉 we have cried on each other's shoulders more in the past year than any other, but we're even better for it. most of the time we are being our typical crazy selves and living out our adventure, but the past year hasn't been easy and i know without a doubt neither of us would have made it without the other. thanks for being the rock our family needs and for having the biggest heart on earth. now, wanna go jump in a second line? #thisadventurecalledlife #ididntasktogrowup #okidid #likeamilliontimes #🙄 #neworleans #secondline #iloveyou #gonnakillitin2017 #anniversaryphotos #eightyears @kellidanieltaylorphoto

February 2017 comment 1 star 44

'instagram vs reality (swipe left)
when you’re shooting on the streets of nyc there’s no telling what might happen...
some days you get that perfect shot in one take, and, well, sometimes you just don’t... not even close. 🤷🏻‍♀️
#photobombed #likeamilliontimes 🙈
two photobombers actually stopped mid-stride to ask me what on earth i was doing. they didn’t notice @ljbnyc1 (who was snapping these pics about 100 feet away).
and who says new yorkers aren’t friendly?! 😂
#keepingitreal ❤️
tell me - what’s the funniest things that happened to you while taking pics?'
📸: @riva_g_
🌴 submit your videos/pictures using the hashtag premasmita @prema_smita.

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