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Consider this mountain conquered ⛰

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Big tujunga canyon’s hidden gem waterfall. and quite the sight it is after some great rains. embark on the 4 mile hike to trail canyon falls, where the recent rain has shown its effect. the falls, over 30 feet tall crashes down and flows into gold creek which requires 8 river log crossings that can swell after a good rain.

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Flying over los padres national forest. ✈️🏔 @lospadresnationalforest
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Endless green hills of upper las virgenes, west hills, ca. this area suffered greatly from the woolsey fire back in november. the dead brush burned in the fire left room for new growth to cover the hills. took this photo yesterday before the rains today, showing signs that almost all of the burn area in these hills is green again. so beautiful to see it now. #santamonicamountains

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Sometimes i think gravity may be death in disguise. other times i think gravity is love, which is why love's only demand is that we fall.
shaun david hutchinson

i’m attracted to snowboarders, but i want to marry a skier....
the things i think about when alone at the bottom of two or while trapped in bear canyon.
stay dry out there!
7,000’ high w @morganliselle

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The tranquil eaton canyon falls flows over the cliff of eaton canyon. quite popular on the weekends, and behind the scenes the talking of many tourists and hikers along the sounds of the babbling brook.
with at least 8 total river crossings and a distance of 2 miles total, a hike in the foothills surrounded by the towering canyon walls on each side.

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Throwback to the bridge to nowhere hike. an interesting history surrounds the bridge to nowhere as it was once supposed to be part of a mountain road. but in 1938, a massive flood, the great flood of 1938, wiped out most of the road as they were building it so they decided to abandon the road project, leaving the bridge to “nowhere”. ~
the hike follows the old mountain road. 10 miles is the round trip distance of the hike, requiring at least 8 hours at a normal pace. there are many other secrets located around this area we will be exploring in the future. as with all hikes on this page they require additional research before getting out there.

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