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Hello mes poupées,
je prends un post du jour pour vous parler de qq chose qui me tient à cœur.
comme vous avez pu le remarquer je ne fais pas énormément de placement de produit.
non pas que l’on ne m’en propose pas, mais plutôt que je ne veux pas !
j’aime partager avec vous des produits que j’aurais achetée sans même faire une collaboration ou encore mettre en lumière des designers peu connu comme dernièrement avec mon sac de plage.
des produits de qualité et surtout avec lequel je prends plaisir de vous partager.
l’accumulation de produit gratuit ne m’intéresse absolument pas.
j’ai assez de bordel dans mes affaires comme ça 😭.
aujourd’hui je tiens à mettre en lumière une personne que je suis sur instagram depuis très longtemps, qui aujourd’hui à lancer son entreprise une femme de talent et d’ambition, que je soutiens à 10000%.
elle a créé cette superbe pochette que vous voyez sur la photo, une création dessinée et imaginée par elle @zatodrawing .
je suis très heureuse d’arborer ses créations avec un outfit.
elle décline ses dessins sous plusieurs aspects et divers accessoires, moi j’ai choisi la pochette car je suis une grande fan de sac 🙋🏽‍♀️.
je n’ai pas de code promo ou autre chose à vous proposer car ceci n’est pas une collaboration ceci est un partage, une découverte et même peut-être une inspiration pour certaine qui rêve de se lancer et lancer leur entreprise.
je n’ai qu’une seule chose à dire:
rêver, crée, imaginer & surtout lancez-vous 🖤.
« lien direct et détail de ma tenue directement sur @21buttons_fr ,
lien en bio ❤️ »
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I wasn’t always someone who was extremely positive about everything. in fact, i was the complete opposite..🥴 always negative. ❌ even if it was a “joke”, even if i didn’t notice i was being negative. 👎🏼 i needed to do some real evaluating about the kind of person i was. ⁣

and i think the real evaluating came from me deciding the type of person i wanted to be.💡i wanted to be someone who was confident, loving, positive, happy..but, at the time my confidence was also at its lowest point. i didn’t know how to take a compliment without going against it, but i loved complimenting others. i always admired people who were calm and collected, but i didn’t know how to control my own temper. i always had a voice, and i’ve always used it, but maybe not in the right way. i went from being a confident teenager, to being a negative 20 year old. 🥴 there was a point where i could barely take a picture without makeup on, but hey look at me now! 😊 taking pics(like this one😅) without makeup and being on camera without makeup 50% of the time! 😅 (y’all know i like my glam or whatever 💁🏻‍♀️💄) ⁣ self-love and awareness changed the game for me. now, happiness could never be taken away from me. 🙏🏼♥️

the important message i’m trying to relay to you guys is becoming the person you want requires change. 🗣 if i didn’t change who i was, i wouldn’t have come this far. and to be honest, i’m still changing and growing daily. i’ve fallen in love with the process of becoming the woman i’m meant to be. 🙏🏼 so step out of your comfort zone and become better, or stay stuck being “comfortable”, which in reality is probably the most uncomfortable thing ever! 😕 ⁣

let’s start here! name one of your strengths, and one thing you want to work on down below 👇🏼✍🏼 and we can work on it together! 😌💪🏼🙌🏼⁣


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Have you ever walked into an event or a party, scanned the room and found someone else wearing your outfit? well that happened to me again recently with gorgeous emily @wowyouhaveyourhandsfull paulson and a lot of people asked me if i was upset. read my latest blog (link in bio) to find out why i was the opposite of upset, and why if it happens to you, you should welcome finding your fashion twin too.

oh, and remember to tell yourself today—no matter what you’re wearing or what anyone else is—that you look fabulous. #twinning #wednesdaywisdom #haveitall #haveitallsisterhood

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Estou nos últimos preparativos para que as próximas fotografias que virem por estes lados já não tenham roupas formais. o dress code é, de agora em diante, sandálias nos pés, biquíni, cabelo molhado e pele salgada. o computador é substituído por equipamento de snorkeling, uma máquina fotográfica, um livro e protector solar. em breve revelo os destinos por onde vou andar até agosto mas atrevem-se a adivinhar o meu paradeiro dos próximos 15 dias?
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Just minding the business that pays me 💕

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I am sure we have all heard this line before, truth be told it doesn’t get any clearer than that, struggling is part of the process. drop a 💪🏼 if you will not quit!!! ⁣

there has to be struggle in order of anything great.⁣

some struggle longer than others some don’t struggle for long some struggle and give up, some make it seem effortless but the struggle has to play a part.⁣

being successful is all about overcoming obstacles and learning from them and continuous execution. how strong you can struggle for really means how long you can hold on for no matter what till it turns your way.⁣

everything works, it’s all about how you're going to make it work and how far you're willing to go to make it work.⁣

𝐵𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓉𝒽𝑒. 𝐵𝑒𝓁𝒾𝑒𝓋𝑒. 𝒜𝒸𝒽𝒾𝑒𝓋𝑒 🦋⁣



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