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Piper odette aino˚✧₊⁎⁺˳✧༚
99 liner • 5'5 • plum munchr • ballet dancr • karo luvr • pouty babi • tattoo artist • piercings • bruises n bows • milk drinkr • bunni ownr • switch • whines lots • video games • cam boy • blankie hugr♡♡
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Hiii i’m xerxes z masuka yeah haha 🤢 wasaapppplllksjds! single & dyslexic lad 💜❤️. i am aquagirl! <3. slight god complex here ...guilty! tokyo’s finest 最近どうですか?!?! listening to kr&b all the time.🎶🎶🎵. rich😴 chicago resident who is obsessed wit my humidifier. artist & photographer! 📸 can someone say #talent..! am probably drinking red wine, cheers fellas☺️🥂 always giving tmi & i use too many emojis if i am honest. 🖖🖖 be my friend rn even though sometimes i get busy and can’t reply fast but i still try.. ♥️♥️ tag limit guys plss im so sorry!!!! others.. cmnt ur fave color 4 a rate!!$!!!! gn streaks

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Am i seeing right

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I just don't get it

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12/11/18 • ima impregnate and trap you soon 💕

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He's so beautiful :(

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Lets agree that ur lying to yourself if you call yourself a soft stan 😔

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Jennie- ‘solo’
so it’s finals week and i chose to film instead of studying but don’t worry i’m about to start studying. i will post a different version on my igtv 😊 this is a really good song but not a lot of people appreciate this song. i will be posting more soon since it’s almost winter break!!
the striped pants are from @romwe_fashion and black ankle boots from @lulus .
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