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Be your own #womencrushwednesday and treat yourself with the love, kind was and respect you deserve. #boss

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Know your worth and don’t ever waste even a minute on anyone that doesn’t recognize your value.

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Ladies, godly men still exist. may you find the one 🙏 #kingdomhusband

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This made me belly laugh very loudly. c’mon ladies, we’ve all been there. planning a whole relationship before it even started, falling in love with potential time and time again and trying to convince yourself, “this is it- this person is the one.” we’ve all been there at one point or another. sometimes the heart deceives you and history tends to repeat itself until we get it right. our perception and judgement can be clouded when we are thirsty for love. we waste so much time energy, effort in pursuing and chasing others. and what do we get? a hole in our hearts from which the pain drips and leaves marks on our souls. and that’s the sign. you can’t force a puzzle piece that simply doesn’t belong. there is no need to search for answers, happiness, love, or certainty outside of you. when this happens, turn inwards and give that love to yourself. everything you'll ever need is already found within. all you need to do is simply exist. the person you are meant to be with will always find their way to you. 😘❤️💯

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