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One of the greatest moments on this trip so far was walking along and experiencing the great wall of china.🇨🇳 we rode the cable car up to the 14th tower. it was very quick but we got some nice views along the way. we then walked to the 6th tower. it was a bit bumpy and wobbly with lots of steps and steep stairways, but such a fun adventure. it took us about 2 hours with a few breaks in between. .

we then took the luge slide down to the bottom. it was great and we all screamed with the excitement of it. 😝 .

we visited the mutianyu section of the wall. it’s one of the best preserved parts and easiest to access from beijing. we visited on a saturday and it wasn’t nearly half as busy as we expected it to be. highly recommend it.

tips for doing it with kids 🌟take the cable car up and the slide down. there is a chair lift that is linked to the slide but that only takes you to section 6 by taking the cable car it brings you to section 14 and allows you to see and experience the wall a lot better. so buy one way tickets for each to do it this way. 🌟it is doable with kids it’s tough as we said lots of uneven and step pathways with steps so we we used our baby carrier a lot. it’s definitely not pram accessible and make sure you wear comfortable footwear and clothing. 🌟there is lots of restaurants and shops at the entrance area before you go to the wall and also at the cable car towers but only one in between tower 14 and 6 so make sure you bring plenty of water and snacks. 🌟make sure you go toilet before you head up as there is no toilets after tower 14. 🌟personally i wouldn’t take the chair lift with little ones as it’s open with just a bar across your lap, the cable car is fully enclosed and a much safer option.

have you been or ever considered visiting the great wall of china ?

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What a way to end easter 💕

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Easter might just be jax’ new fav holiday. #givehimallthetreats @replayrecycled

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Scooting our way out of the long weekend.!! lots of food, drinks & family time. now to find a really good detox to get back on track.... know of one.?? 🍫 🍟 🐟 🍬 🍰 @micro_scooters #lapofoz #kidswithpassports

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< #happyeaster >
hebben jullie goed pasen gevierd?
om eerlijk te zijn wij vierde vandaag meer de paashaas dan de verrijzenis van jezus. want wij zijn grieks/russisch orthodox dus wij vieren de verrijzenis volgende week pas. wel handig om die chocolode eitjes te scheiden van het religieuze. dus feitelijk vierde we vandaag gewoon de lente. ook leuk toch.
#vrolijkpasen iedereen!!! < #happyeaster>

have you celebrated good for easter?

to be honest, today we celebrated the easter bunny more than the rising of the dead of jesus. because we are greek / russian orthodox, we will not celebrate the rising of the dead until next week. handy to separate those chocolate eggs from the religious meaning. so in fact we just celebrated spring today. nice too, right?

#happy easter everyone!!!
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Today i am celebrating my talented friend @jensebringphotography on reaching 10,000 followers on instagram! she is a master storyteller, a lover of light, a teacher, and a friend who is always bringing others together. help us celebrate jen by spreading the love and showing how she has inspired you #congratsjen10k .
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Absolutely dreamy breakfast in this beautiful patisserie. highly recommend if you’re in cartagena. i think we lowered the tone with our motley crew! sorry little one... could help snapping this classic moment. #runtofthelitter #yousnoozeyoulose #onedrinkthreestraws #waaaa

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We are soaking up the sun and having some great family time this easter weekend! leena is seriously obsessed with everything easter like 10x more than christmas and i have no idea why! 😂 hope you guys have a great easter weekend as well!

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Helping ava (@aom_mee1 ) to put some powder😊❤️ follow, like❤️ and comment. 🙏😊❤️

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