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she was featured in teen #vogue's 21 under 21! | received a full page spread in #essence magazine november issue for att #dreaminblack campaign! | and tomorrow she will be the key note speaker at the 5th annual kidprenuer expo in dallas, texas! •

the best way to predict your future is to create it and you have done nothing but that! your #agcfamily is so proud of you! @kherispoppin #flexininmycomplexion #amazing #blackgirlmagic

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Here is my video for lebron james’ #alwaysbelieve campaign. thank you again @kingjames for sharing your platform with me to inspire others. my video is also still on his instagram page✨

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I have a full page spread in @essence magazine’s november issue😱thank you so much @att for including me in the dream in black campaign and supporting my dream. when i #dreaminblack, i boss up!
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Embrace your magic 💚
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now released! issue 4 of @mochamag featuring cover models @kherispoppin + @celaiwest
photog: @alikayphotography
tops: @carbonsoldierchildrenswear

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Our survivor story pick of the day is #kristacampbell. the daughter of #ericacampbell and #warryncampbell made a heartbreaking confession on their reality show, #werethecampbells. “if you look at all my friends, i am the chubby friend. i noticed that when guys talk to them, i am left out, and i think that’s why. “is not that i’m ugly. am i ugly?,” she shared. as erica began to reassure krista that body image does not diminish self-worth, krista pointed out something else. “oh another thing, a lot of the guys like light-skinned girls. look at our family, even you and dad are a light-skin dark-skin couple,” krista explained. erica reminded her that she was made in god’s image, and is beautiful in her brown skin. “you are light-skinned so you do not know how it feels,” she responded. after their conversation, erica introduced krista to #kherisrogers. a young entrepreneur who launched a fashion line (#flexininmycomplexion), because she was bullied for her dark skin tone. “bullies sometimes produce the best in you, because you don’t know how strong you are, until you face something ugly,” erica reiterated. it was then, krista dropped a bomb shell. “in the fifth grade i asked some kids what they were doing, and they said we don’t want no darkies. i walked away and started crying,” krista revealed. taking by surprise, erica had no idea her child was ever bullied because of her dark skin. #colorism is a prevalent issue in the black community, that has caused young girls to struggle with self-esteem and even #mentalhealth issues. “don’t let things like that bother you. it’s about what you think, and to know who you are, and not to have someone else validate you,” krista expressed. we hope sharing this story will remind #browngirls that they are beautiful and more than capable of loving themselves and being amazing, just the way they are. #beatyourblues #blackgirls #silencetheshame #girlempowerment #womenofcolor #blackgirlpower #blackpsychology #blackmentalhealth #browngirlheal #blackgirlmagic #minoritymentalhealth #peopleofcolor #blackmentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthmatters #blackgirlsrock #blackwomenshealth #blackgirljoy #blackgirlhealing #minoritymentalhealthmonth

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Auntie @tyrabanks gave great advice for all the creatives on the @agt red carpet! who wants to see a vlog of my interviews with tyra, simon cowell, mel b, and heidi klum?
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I never thought i would see anyone be me for halloween 😱it means the world to me that i am able to help instill confidence in others. keep flexin’ queen! 👸🏿 @novah_brown
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Living my best life and it glows ✨

highlight and gloss by @fentybeauty
photo/hair/makeup: @tayshotthat
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