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Sometimes you just have to throw on a crown, and remind them who they’re dealing with 👸🏿 photo and styling: @tayshotthat
crown: @alexandreamaranthe
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"excited to see this feature in 7hues magazine of our afroart series. we've enjoyed taking this show on the road and meeting all of the amazing kiddos." - @creativesoulphoto
▪ "we are proud to be a part of this amazing project! kahran and regis... saying "thank you" never seems like enough. we adore you!" - @theavaclarkedotcom

we couldn't show y'all the entire article but here are a few photos. ▪ 📷 ▪ @creativesoulphoto
hmua ▪ @imlachanda
publication ▪ @7hueshair

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Thank you @instagram & @world for highlighting my story for international women’s day! head over to instagram’s page to read the write up 👸🏿✨ #internationalwomensday #flexininmycomplexion #kheris #blackgirlmagic

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A little over a year ago, i just wanted my voice to be heard. being bullied in school for the way that i look really made me afraid to even look in the mirror and see what it is that they see. never did i think that i would be in a position of inspiring people around the world to love their skin. but now, i’ve made it my mission to be a voice for the voiceless and to empower others to flex in their complexion as well. 💪🏿 photo by @tayshotthat
dress by @junonafashionhouse
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Repost @kherispoppin it’s a good habit to speak your goals into existence. i will model for vogue. i will be a great representation for those that look like me. i will never let anyone convince me that something cannot be achieved.

dress by @junonafashionhouse
photo/hair/makeup @tayshotthat
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Thank you @google for highlighting myself and other queens for international women’s month! this video is so powerful ✨

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A year ago today, my sister had an art show at her school uc riverside where this was one of the photos she displayed. i remember her so upset because she overheard two boys infront of the photo asking if that was "kunta kente." yet, a year later we are running a success campaign to embrace the skin you are in. it is amazing how god works! #flexininmycomplexion #kherisrogers #kheris

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It’s not our differences that divide us, it’s our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.

photo and styling: @tayshotthat
crown: @alexandreamaranthe
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