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Fully engulfed in new baby bliss over here, but i feel compelled to share that the verdict is out: changing boy diapers is definitely a pain in the a*s (pun fully intended) 🤪 lots-o-laundry happening here at the johnson residence as i try to master what i’m working with, including but not limited to wes peeing on his face (it’s true what they say...point that sucker down), missile-launching style poops before i have the new diaper ready, and the list goes on. i’ve been getting better, but not sure if it’s because i’m going faster or just getting lucky. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #boymomproblems 😂😂 either way, seeing those tiny newborn clothes hanging in our room melts my p*e and poop covered heart 💩😂 wishing he’d stay this tiny forever! 😍
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So going to be vulnerable for a sec:

i’ve decided to close my llc. it’s kind of embarrassing and a little awkward to talk about but i want to be real with you and explain why!
about a month after i opened my business and got going, i was robbed. and no, not physically robbed. someone was able to hack into my bank account and legit cleaned out my entire checking and savings (and then some..). it was honestly one of the most shocking and disheartening moments i have ever had. we all know that money isn’t everything but being financially secure and comfortable is really nice. so here i was, literally completely broke. i was upset about it for awhile but honestly not even upset about the money but shocked that someone could do something like that, and probably without any remorse. crazy. at the end of the day, my family is healthy and no one was injured. it was just money.
with all this being said, it has turned out that right now is not the best timing to have a business. not because i don’t believe that something great can come from it but because i find it important to live in the moment, be present and do what i need to do right now.

i’ve loved every minute of having my online boutique and hopefully, the time to open it again will come soon! i really thank you guys for the support and encouragement throughout the whole journey and couldn’t be more grateful! 💓

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Another incredible shot from the phenomenal @dknoske! 📸 proctor productions is so fortunate to be able to work with deb. her work never ceases to amaze me! fun fact: deb also doesn’t own photoshop 🤩 thank you deb for everything you do for us, and for #keepingitreal. we love you! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• {photoshop and filter free} #roadtomissusa #confidentlybeautiful #welooklikerealsisters

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The 🐠 are more interesting! happy st. patrick’s day! ☘️

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