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Why does this sound familiar ? 🤔🤣🤣🤣 #ikillmyself #mystorysbetter #justsayin

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There’s a time to stand still and a time to journey. @gotojourneychurch

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(repost bc of some troubles srry) i love these bums 💛💛 gonna miss u when ur all off doing great things in uni 😓🤧 #ihobgang #justsayin

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Before the fraudulent anonymity and privacy of the internet: the pay phone.

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Remember me in your prayers like you do in your gossip. 😉⚡ #justsayin

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I'm going to get a little vulnerable here...for months i watched my sister & mom start climbing the "ladder" with this crazy business. i watched her & become a full time family. but i ignored the urge to join them & was like umm why do these wrap people seem to be everywhere?! and then i felt the lord pushing me to ask them some questions.. (seriously lord?! i am not crazy. and i won't do this, don't even force me) 🙄 well, you can guess how that stubborn reaction went over with him... so i said yes. yes being able to stay home with my babies and to paying off debt & saving for a house & taking family vacations & someday bringing aaron home!
when i joined, i genuinely thought im scared cause i live in a small town and i didn't have a very big social media network of people. in fact i didn't even have an instagram account & because i'm not chatty & outgoing😆... but this isn't a get rich overnight scam. this is an actual business dealing with actual people with actual emotions. it's a way for us to get out of debt & live the life of freedom, regardless of the time frame it takes to get us there. my husband & my kids are worth more than my feelings of discouragement or my nerves, so if that makes me a crazy wrap girl well then get me a name tag.💁🏻 friends, thank you for supporting me, for supporting a better life for my kids, for encouraging me, & affirming that when god directs you to something don't run the other direction. embrace it & trust him, even if it's scary & out of your comfort zone #helloselfies 🙈 because, his plans for our life will always, always be better.

if you're reading this & feel like maybe the lord is working on your heart to try something new, something different...i would love to chat & share more about this business with you! it's life changing, will you let it change yours? 📲541.991.2968 or message me!! •

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Day two of #ruffyrummage
tomorrow, sunday 11 til 4, is the last day you can get your hands on all this glorious vintage fabric from the 1920s to 1970s. average prices between $15 to $20 per mt. after tomorrow it’s being stored away indefinitely as i’m on hiatus.
so if you miss it you will miss it for good.
24 nolan’s road ruffy victoria.
booking for lunch recommended. yummy food @ruffystore
#justsayin #getitwhileyoucan #snoozeyouloose #ruffyrummage #thegreatfabricdestash #thegreatvintagedestash

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{that awesome feeling when you have a #nobudge #nosmudge bold red!} this color ain't gettin' on nothing!! bye bye lipstick transfer kisses, on teeth, clothes, color bleeding... truly the only way to wear lipcolor! #justsayin #notyourgrandmaslipstick #lipsensebaby [lips #getthelook | #blured & #pearlgloss]

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Avocado, sugar-free turkey-jerky, smoked-goat cheese, cacao dusted pumpkin seeds, enjoyed topless on a mountain picnic table, because it felt good. // i've never been one who likes to be told what to do. big believer in shaping your reality, creating your concepts, and living your truth over here. #hayyy🙋🏼‍♀️ so, yes, i can thrive in a sf/gf/gf/df/mf/low-fodmap world. but i also thrive when i get my mind right and choose the fuel of most abundance and nourishment in that moment. i also thrive when i intentionally direct the electrons in my body (ok guys, today let's build my biceps, tomorrow let's boost my breasts!). i also thrive when i assure my body i have its back, i'm listening, and then praise it for always knowing exactly what to do for me. this mountain picnic, complete with things i don't commonly eat (but i always honor a cellular craving), was just what i needed after 4-hours in a clothing-optional 104-degree hot-springs. a very good #keto ratio meal, yes. i also thrive there, ketones and i are good friends. but i have lots of friends with whom i thrive, so long as i tune-into feeling good. and ... if you haven't eaten a meal without clothing, alone or with dear company, alfresco or plopped on your bed, please consider the primal experience. #justsayin #mountainpicnic #clothingoptional

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Where ever you go becomes a part of you somehow.

ladies and.... well, ladies.
joshua c. stemle.

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Esto es el cuento de nunca acabar.“...||...
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The inside is way better than the outside #justsayin

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