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I don’t miss anyone who’s no longer a part of my circle. i got love for everybody but i don’t need everybody tbh.. #wednesdaywisdom #hangtime #portraitphotography #justkeepingitreal

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Take me back to eating tacos in the most incredible place with my all time favourite people!
the post holiday depression has definitely kicked in but beyond grateful for the amazing time we had away! one of the best fam holidays and we will cherish it forever! 💓
nice to be back in routine though and back to it! if you remember a while back i asked you to respond to some questions around body confidence! just wanted to check in with you, because the blog has not been forgotten and i still have all your beautiful answers! i’m just working on something a bit bigger to go along with it 🙊
remember you are beautiful, and you can do whatever you set your mind to today!
p.s claw hands in this pic because trying to hide the chipped nail polish #justkeepingitreal
c xo

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As much as i would have loved an epic matching family costume (no one wanted to play along, and let’s be real -between a move and a birthday and halloween in a span of three days, i’m 100% out of steam) this is the best we got 😅
the balloon popped, the lion had a most ferocious of meltdowns, the witch refused to wear her hat because it was ‘too witchy’ and my husband always just throws on this football jersey every.year! 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #justkeepingitreal

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Mad ones😮😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

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‘you live off a family trust fund’ ‘spoilt’ ‘you’ve just got good genes’ ‘your bf funds your lifestyle’
one word... assumptions
assumptions like everything in life come in good & bad forms... but isn’t it funny how by default, most of us resort to making negative assumptions more often than positive.
why is that? is it our insecurities... or simply a pessimistic outlook? i always remember one of my best friends @ciaralondon years ago saying to me ‘people often ask me - is lilly really that happy in real life’?
hard to believe right? 😏
above i have listed just a few of the assumptions that were made about me.
am i offended? not really- it just got me thinking... how much happier would we all be if we could change our mindset to make positive assumptions about one another, or in fact, none at all. food for thought hey?
anyway- in my latest youtube video i have answered the above assumptions and many many more (hit the link in my bio to go check it out 😘)
oh yes- and please be kind in the comments under the video. i am human after all ❤️
disclaimer - i am not in dubai right now. i’m currently lying in bed with @brucey i#feeling sick because i didn’t sleep last night #justkeepingitreal #onecandream

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Hey- just a reminder that instagram is a highlight reel and posed vs. flexed is a thing😄 the wonders arm placement does for a bloated belly, right? i just want you to remember that there is no reason to compare yourself to others you see on here. what you see when you scroll is someone else’s best. and, what we always seem to do, is compare our worst to someone else’s best (which includes angles, posing, lighting etc.) just a reminder :) #justkeepingitreal
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When people ask me how much i love my children i remind them of this fact 👆🏻

nearing the end of this pregnancy and also a number on the scale that i’d rather not acknowledge 🙈 every time my midwife asks to weigh me i ask if i can close my eyes; because you know if i never see the number then it didn’t really happen -right!? how much weight did i gain during each pregnancy? well...that’s classified. no really. i’m not 100% sure as i refuse to look once the scale tips too close to a nice round three digit number that begins with a 2 and ends with a couple of zeros. “oh it’s all baby!” they say. no trust me honey, it ain’t all baby, because if it were my little b***s would come out a whopping 30 pounds or more (got to leave a little wiggle room for the extra fluids and placenta...) but for real... wait, did i just broadcast how much i currently weigh on social media? 😅🙈😅 yes, yes i did. but i know my other preggo mamas out there can relate; right!? don’t leave me hanging here girls!

i feel a little bit like this is an aa meeting; hi, i’m stephanie, and the scale may tip over 200 today. *sits back down to nods of approval and “i hear you girl”* thank you for your support, it feels good to get it off my chest.
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