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Fun fact, it was so so so busy while shooting this picture 😩
and yes, it was raining like hell 10 minutes before this picture was taken #justkeepingitreal

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Straight up.

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#ad one of my favorite things about summer is that it’s cookout weather 🌞 we love to get together with our family, grill delicious food, and just enjoy one another’s company. with the 4th of july right around the corner (where has this year gone?!), i’m grateful that @walmart has a huge selection of organic produce (this corn on the cob hit. the. spot.) and they also offer organic grass-fed beef! we’re on a pretty tight budget (#gradschoolprobs #justkeepingitreal), so it’s nice to know that we can find high-quality meat and veggies and stay within our budget 🙌🏼 be sure to head to @walmart for all of your #4thofjulyentertaining needs! #walmart

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I’d rather be swimming in cancun...but instead i’m drowning in laundry! 🧺 😂
but on the positive side, i am getting ready for my new master #elfacloset by @thecontainerstore to be installed soon! 👗👠🕶👜 so ready!!

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It’s been a while since i posted on here... lol... with stories don’t feel the need to post...😂🤷🏼‍♀️
ppl ask me on a daily; “ how do u stay fit”?! u probably don’t eat or count calories or weigh my foods etc etc... they tell me; “ oh why do u need to workout everyday...?! your already skinny...” i could go on on what ppl ask me all the time!!!😂 so... my response is; i eat pretty healthy... %70 of the time and enjoy foods (as i am a foodie) and enjoy my 🍷... eating out... desserts etc... to me it’s a huge part of what i enjoy in life.... i do workout 7 days a week! 60-75 min long... i do classes @barrysbootcamp and i workout at the gym @anatomy ....#metime. i am a huge believer in balance.... we work hard so we could play right?🙏🏻😌🙌🏻
i am a clinical nutritionist and i do practice what i preach... (well most times....😂🤪) there is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition 😉....#onelife#nomagicpill#wayoflife#balanceiskey#justkeepingitreal#gratefulforwhatidohave#healthisnumber1#healthandfitness. wishing u all happy holidays! 💜🤗🙏🏻🙌🏻#miforlife🍩🥧

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Exagerar em seu treinamento é fundamental para se defender e combater um atacante. alguém tentando te matar não vai te atacar pela metade. #justkeepingitreal ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• se você ainda não percebeu, o tema em todas as defesas é obter distância (pelo menos na minha metodologia krav maga) ... você provavelmente será cortado de qualquer maneira, então por que tornar isso mais fácil para o atacante?
ron ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
concordo com o ron !!! faca trabalha com ângulos, quanto mais perto você estiver dela mais letal ela se torna. quando você fica numa distância certa (exige treino por que a distância ela é uma variável), você enxerga esses ângulos, isso aumenta seu tempo de resposta até mesmo no chão,assim você pode efetuar bons contra golpe com invasivas. a proximidade da faca obscurece seus movimentos e você não consegue exergar tudo, e como um zoom, como assim ? imagine você defendendo um ataque com faca, e você está à menos de 10 cm de distância do atacante, você só enxerga aonde seus olhos alcança,sendo assim você tem que baixa,levantar.. sua cabeça porque seu campo de visão está limitado, consequentemente prejudica sua óptica perceptiva que faz a leitura para você reagir porque ninguém luta de olhos vendados.😎 felipe rodrigues
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After tuesday even the calendar
goes wtf... 📆
haha, just a little hump-day humor to get you through the rest of the week.
couldn’t decide which pic to post (indecisive #libragang ♎️),so i’m sharing all 3... 🙈
which one is your favorite? 1, 2, or 3?
photo cred: @ljbnyc1
* the last one is a little bts video where i asked luc to make sure i didn’t get run over before doing one final shaky handstand & then calling it a day... 😂

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😂 ok i totally don’t do that but it was funny enough to keep the kids away from the brownies.
they are now watching me like hawks to make sure i don’t actually lick the spoon! 🙄
tell me: what is your favorite thing to bake? also, do you lick the spoon? 😬

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