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My favorite little girls✨

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Sending out another pile of support letters today for this crazy wonderful adventure god’s got for me in january && also sending out the first pile of thank you cards to my supporters! you guys really are the real mvps!
yesterday i began to plan my road trip across the country, and it is super crazy to me that i leave the pnw in just 75 days & began discipleship school in 88 days in georgia!
also, if you haven’t received a letter and would like one, shoot me a message and i’ll make sure you get one!

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I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart
swipe swipe swipe for the most swoon-worthy moment of my day.
good grief he is pure joy! we could not stop giggling in that last video.
mamas, this is a reminder to all of us to get in photos with your kids. take tons of selfies. tickle them. let them tackle you onto the lawn. laugh with them. have fun! this day is the only today we get.

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Ad. we’re now a full month into autumn and there have been days where it full-on feels like exactly like winter. (autumn, you’re not fooling anyone.) i am seeing a few of you post your final dredges of summer harvests on instagram and visually saying goodbye to your crispy fresh vegetables. but just because delicious summertime tomatoes have gone bye-bye doesn’t mean we have to stop enjoying delicious salads. in fact, a crisp and crunchy zucchini noodle salad is every bit as satisfying! have you ever zoodled? recipe link in bio 👆and tell me about your fav ways to use spiralized zucchini noodles! #arsoystory

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Grand opening of @whimsyandrow had the cutest vendors 😍🙌🏼

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Decisions, decisions, decisions it’s time to get ready for halloween 🎃 need ideas on candy. what is your favorite @mmschocolate? .
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My princess choose your battles wisely...
everyday can be a fight for something or with someone if you so choose. i want you, my princess warrior, to choose your battles wisely, and fight for things worth fighting for. there are so many things that stand against you in the battlefield, and there are so many worthy causes.
but the enemy of your soul will entice you to fight the wrong battles in order to distract you from your main mission. remember, my beloved, your fight is not against flesh and blood, but against evil forces in the spiritual realm.
when you find yourself in the midst of war, do not be afraid. call on me in prayer and allow me to deliver you. in my timing, i will give you the victory and bring justice to the afflicted. so don’t wast your time fighting the wrong battles. and never forget the spiritual war is fought and won on your knees.
when you are in a fiery trial sing songs of victory! one of my favorites is “this is how i fight my battles” by upperroom! what’s your favorite song of victory, sis?

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Ladies night out! 🎃
halloween extravaganza @moxiefl

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Haiti update: step 3 completed!!! we are so tired of asking & honestly just embarrassed at this point... but are never tired of watching our god provide & write this story. we were told that it is best if we can pay our final fee (other than final travel expenses) by the end of this week. we are hoping to send $5,900 this week, so are asking our village... yes, once again, to give by clicking the link in my profile or purchase a bracelet made in haiti. 45 months of paperwork & process & our hearts are so heavy, but also full of hope as we continue to wait. we have learned that the remaining steps have the potential to take months before completed, so we are asking our village to continue to pray as we navigate the remainder of this process. he hears. he answers. he is able.
1. visa interview at the embassy - scheduled for wednesday! ✔️
2. article 5 from the embassy ✔️
3. authorization letter released from ibesr ✔️
4. the file is picked up from ibesr & taken to parquet (court)
5. adoption decree – when the adoption decree is issued, he is legally ours in haiti, & given his cooper name
6. the file is translated & legalized
7. moi (ministry of interior = immigration phase of the process for the child)
8. passport is applied for
9. passport is issued
10. the file (along with the child’s passport) is submitted to the embassy in port-au-prince for the final file review
11. visa medical appointment is scheduled
12. complete child’s visa medical appointment
13. visa issued
14. final travel for “gotcha trip” #joyinthejourney #coopercrew #babybro #bettertogether #adoption #eternallystrong #eternallysunny #ohappyday #travel #explore #adventure #ourtribetravels #ittakesavillage #chosen #boymom #raisingarrows #family #weightofthewait #exceedinglyabundantly #faithoverfear #lampandlight #letthembelittle #kidsplay #kidfun #cooperstocolombiaandhaiti2

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Brilliant idea of the day: i’ll get the kids coloring while i run and grab a quick shower. (side note: washable crayon is the only crayon allowed in my house for a reason) #washablecrayonisagodsend #momlife #joyinthejourney #messyhousehappykids #bloggermama #bloggermom #theincrementalmama #artistickids #momblogger

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Who doesn’t love brunch?🥂
good friends, delish eats & mimosas on a sunday. yes, please.
🗓as the kids calendars fill up, time is limited. but time well spent with family & close friends is my favorite way to spend my time. i was reminded how important connecting with others in real time, face-to-face is. not always stuck behind the screen just texting and commenting on posts.
🌻just sitting around the table, enjoying a meal and a cup of hot coffee together recharges the battery.

time is so precious. be intentional of who you spend it with. you choose who you surround yourself with.💫

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Wear the truth: cutting thru our lies, gives us a louder roar, not with intimidation, but with grace! we gain a strength that does not need to be defended. an internal divine confidence that resides beside contentment. a gentleness that brings comfort, confidence & welcomes others to be themselves. games of control & poor communication are no longer played. happiness is understood, experienced & is recognized as an inside job. this process will ruffle the feathers of those who do not want to deal with their own lies, but the results of your choices to deal are undeniable, where there's no temptation to turn back. - kim, fashionablereststop

what i am wearing:
tank @aritzia
duster @marshallscanada
jeans @hm
shades @zara .
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Day 22 of 31 is up in the link in profile. 🦋

this week i have assignments for you! the first time i was challenged to read the same chapter of scripture everyday i was confused. i did not see the point in reading the same thing everyday. but, the word of god is active and every time i approach it, even the same passage, i learn, discover, or realize something new. 🌻

i am challenging you in the first remaining assignment to read john 15 everyday this week. i am going to do it with you and share my daily insight in my ig stories. can't wait to see how this passage encourages us this week!

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“i’ll eat you up, i love you so” i’m gonna call it now + say i probably won’t get halloween pics on the day of because i’ll be too busy trying to wrangle up two very excited boys! so here’s a splash of some extra cuteness for your monday #happyhalloween🎃

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Oh yeah, that's my daughter just casually pulling herself up to stand 😱😱😱 what on earth! looks like we need to move the cot down a level because she's going to be climbing over and moving out at this rate! .
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Field trip!!! i love that we can take a break from our regular school day anytime we want. and what better time than when a friend invites us to the @perotmuseum?

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I’m not sure what it is about these markers but i just can’t get enough! .
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Man crush monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday 💗

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