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The love we’ve received in the last 24 hours over the @instagram feature of a lifetime makes me want to cry! i would have never dreamt our little matching photo would be seen by millions of people across the world. 😱 you guys really know how to lift a girl up! to me, it was just another fun mommy and me look that we pulled together (i was actually feeling super low all week from our negative preggo test and had to get dressed up to feel more peppy 🎈). to be featured amongst incredible photographers, artists and entrepreneurs felt (and still do feel) like i didn’t belong, like i didn’t deserve it. which begs the question, why is it when something incredible happens our minds go to down play it like we didn’t work hard for a seat at the table? after all, if it put a smile on your face, my job is done. 🥰 so here’s to you, thank you thank you thank you deeply for every comment, share and love sent our way. you keep this dream feeling and i hope to get to return the favor! ❤️ #mommyandme #motherdaughter #motherhood #motherdaughtertime #mommyandmefashion

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What would you do? you are in the mountains, 5 hours away from the airport. imagine your airline is advising you to change your flight because of a mega snow storm that later caused an avalanche. 😱would you rent a truck, same day, and drive 18 hours the opposite direction back home to texas or stay 1 more day and drive into the storm? 🤪 guess what we did..... loaded up on cheap gas station food and drove 3 states and 1000+ miles in snow, rain, sleet and fog. ❄️ finally got home at 3:30 am. exhausted to say the least but so excited to see kai! do you have any crazy travel:road trip stories?? i’d love to hear!

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Raise your hand if been officially designated the "trip planner" of the family. 🙋🏻‍♀️ on family vacations, it's hard to get some peace and quite! 🤪mamas i know y'all can relate. 😏
our week on @carnival vista completely exceeded our expectations. 🚢 i didn't have to cook a single meal, or worry about entertaining a toddler. i was finally able to just relax! 🙏🏼 kai will be talking about the waterpark, 4d thrill ride and the halloween dance party of the century for years to come! 💞kevin and i even snuck in some alone time while kai played at camp ocean.
the crew set the bar high for attentive service. now how will i ever measure up to the daily towel animals and 24hr pizza & soft serve? ha! 🍕🍦 .
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First time skiing and she killed it! watch the end for her little proud face! 👅i still haven’t learned how to stomp and change directions and she managed to pick it up in 1 day. 🎿 she was the youngest in her ski school and her instructor said she had the best form! it’s just so rewarding to see her enjoy something kevin and i are so passionate about! you have no idea how much we worried: what if she doesn’t like it, what if it’s too hard for her. her bravery, resilience, good spirits completely blew me away! i’m in complete awe of her! 😍 thank you @vailmtn ski school for easing all our first day jitters. looks like we’ve got ourselves a life long skier!
thank you @southwestair for making kai’s first snow and flight experience ace

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Does anyone else start day dreaming about the next place to visit as soon as a big life change happens? ✈️ i think i started planning our baby moon as soon as we found out we are gonna be family of 4. 😬i mean, kai is finally more self different to be entertained on flights, we are completely out of diapers and sleeping 12 hrs a night. the thought of starting alllll over again makes me want to take full advantage of life with toddler only. 😅 currently thinking september in canada or hawaii. thoughts? other suggestions? did you go in a baby moon? i’d love to know where! 🤗

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Pacifier weaned for 5 days! 🎉 well, almost! lol! guys this is such huge accomplishment for kai! before i had kids, i swore i would never be one of those parents who let their school age children have a pacifier. little did i know how naive i was 😂. we have not quit cold turkey but she’s cut down to just sleep and car time. she’s only had 2-3 tantrums about it the first few days. i’m so dang proud of her! so if you are a mama, as terrified of giving up paci as i was, i’m here to offer solidarity and positive affirmations!! 💪🏼 you can do this! tell me about your experience! .
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Do you have a secret road trip tip for the winter/spring? my greatest secret pleasure - winter/ early spring beach road trip! 🙌🏼 yup! when the temps are still low like the crowds, my soul calls for the ocean (who am i kidding? by my soul, i mean my 3-year-old who incessantly begs for the carnival on the pier – 🎪🎡🎢). as if i needed another excuse, with my @wellsfargo propel® amex card i earn 3x points at gas stations. what i’ve learned over the years is that it’s not about how far you travel, it’s just about getting out. ☀️ sometimes, the best experiences are just a car ride away. 🚙 i think kai would agree. if you want to see looks of pure joy, see her reactions in my stories!
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“you are the best mama ever”. today, she said this to me. 😭 my life is complete and i’ll be floating on these words for the rest of my life 💕
tell your mama you love her. right now. 😘

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Obligatory mama 🍑 while in paradise. i promise the cute kai posts will resume soon but meanwhile, a little fire and ice for y’all at @pagosahotsprings 😉

kevin, can you see us moving to @visitpagosa?
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