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Karijini national park, australia. photo by @trex.photography

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Tag who you'd go with pc @bartlomiejjurecki

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Sparks lake, oregon. photo by @rootswalker

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Chesky krumlow with @astenhotels and @visitcz

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Tag an animal lover. photo by unknown

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Video by @yazminluv

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Follow @landscape.photos for more awesome natura posts photo by @rootswalker

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Glass home in the middle of a forest 😱 would you live here? follow @earthvisionary for more 👈😵

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Tag someone you'd walk through this beach of singapore 🇸🇬 photo by @dotzsoh

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Tag someone you would have dinner with here!!

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I don't often do yoga (read: never) but when i do, it's on bell rock in sedona, butchering poses. stay marching to the beat of your own drum ✌🏻✨

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Traveling across the globe and make new friends is the best thing you can do in life!!❤ we're exploring the jungle with @pavoandleon ✌ go check them out !😋

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Light me up to get up . . . .

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"the true character of a man is not defined by what he does in front of a crowd but instead by what he does when no one else is around." the same thing goes for success! the true profundity of your success relies on how hard you are willing to work when no one else is around (to judge that work, or see you working), how persistent and determined you are to keep at it when you encounter a few "no's", how willing you are to learn and grow in areas where you are weak, and how much faith and confidence you pour into yourself knowing that one day your dreams will come true, and they will be so phenomenal you will be in slightly disbelief! 💫✨✨✨

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Buongiorno, che sole ☀️

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❌ mau senyumm 😹🐔💨

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