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What better way to help you power, then a series of hanukkah babies and #jewishdogs ? these lil b***s and pups, partied their tushies off this weekend. today they get to nap and play with their new toys from hanukkah.

for the rest of us, today is a struggle. scroll through the pics, to hopefully make your day a little less “ruff”

click the pics to see where the outfits and toys are from.

products can be accessed by clicking the link in my profile.

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comment below with your fave baby and dog pic!

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From::: @mr_david_bond - #thereligionofpeace #trumptrain #realtommyrobinson nson #islam #usa @vp
paste this link, read about the 600-900 #jews beheaded at first village. 600 years of quite prosperous advanced #christian #civilisation wipe out by illiterate #muhammad and his band if thieving #pedofiles . https://www.islam-watch.org/larry/muhammad-massacres-and-sex-slaves.htm

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What the hell are my cousins talking about? 🤔
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What would the #themaccabees think if they knew that thousands of years later and thousands of miles away there would still be strong proud #jews exchanging vows under the #menorah #shesaidyes #happyhanukkah

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It is my pleasure and privilege to stand firmly as an ally to those who are marginalized and discriminated against. there were plenty of opportunities for me to wash my hands of having any association with this event, but what kind of hypocrite would i be if i caved to the pressure of being in the negative limelight?
do you think i enjoy going to the supermarket and getting stared at? do you think i bask in the negative dms that finger point at me like i embody the ugliest parts of yiddishkeit? i stay firm in my commitment to supporting my brothers and sisters who are unlawfully penalized for being different than the rigid cookie cutter that the community “approves” of.
we can not yet disclose the location of the event, but it will be in brooklyn and it will be hilarious & unforgettable. we will not be streaming this event so there is no other way to partake other than by being physically present. your attendance is your indication that you stand in solidarity with all members of our tribe. that you want to have a good time and you don’t care about the narishkeit and mishagasim.
can’t wait to see you there! link in bio #comedy #humor #standtogether #united #amyisraelchai #together #unity #jewish #jews #comedian #brooklyn

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I mean no offense to the christian, but to the system that have blinded them by the reality that prophet ezekiel is telling us. this really illustrates many teachings found in mainstream christianity today.

ask yourself these questions and decide for yourself:
(1) is your church violating yahuah (god) torah( law)?

(2) is your church teaching the differences between the clean and unclean? pork, bacon 🥓, shrimp 🍤, catfish? all unclean! ⏺
(3) is your church sabbath observant? are they hiding it by using paul’s teachings? if so run 🏃 away from her!! ⏺
i believe this prophecy fits really well with this generation, stay vigilant, stay focus on yahusha(jesus) ! ⏺
read your bible!

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