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Snapchat👻: mayckael1 😍 • ●@boysdegrife |❤| sigam 💭 ●@boysdegrife |💙| sigam 🙇🏻 ●@boysdegrife |💛| sigam 🔞 • #instagram #follow 👥 sigam 《 @mayckael1 》🗣

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🐰🐰 (via @sportscenter)

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Congrats to greg anderson on picking up win no. 1 of the season at the #arizonanats!

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Lovely printed scarves by @radicalchicfashion spotted at @cpmmoscow last week. from little red riding hood inspired images worked into paisley prints to neoclassical statues disguised into camo patterns, every scarf has a story. swipe to see more... 📸 @saramarievictoire #pattern #colour #patterninspiration #russia #moscow

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Macaron monday!💙💚💛💖so excited to use one of my favorite glam sets today!💛💙💚💖getting glam with pastel prettiness to start your week off is a must beauties!✨💖💙💛 🦄www.slmissglam.com #slfairytaleglam #slmissglambeauty

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Meet nutmeg! in honor of cows like him.... maybe try #meatlessmonday! #tryityoumightlikeit

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So happy to announce that we have some new products in stock!⭐ check out our beautiful okapi tapestry😻🐘 now with 50% discount and free shipping worldwide! check out the link below or visit the link in our bio💖🐘 . http://www.themoonlightsociety.com/?ref=hippiegypsystyle . . #jewels #jewelry #fashion #headpiece #headband #coachella #bohochic #boho #bohemian #bohemianchic #feathers #festival #freeshipping #discount #shopourfeed #online #shoponline #timepiece #tapestry #elephant

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This is a fairly accessible way to modify today’s pose. make sure you warm up your hips and hamstrings before trying it and sit facing the wall. connect the soles together and send the knees out, externally rotating the hips, then pass one arm at a time so the back of your shoulders, even the shoulder blades, find the contact with the back of the legs. pass the head and body through that space too and grab onto the floor in front or feel free to wrap the arms around the hips/upper thighs trying to bind the fingers or, like i’m doing in the pic there, helping me push and go further into the fold. i just realized my soles aren’t connected but facing the wall. i did that to deepen the fold (using it as a prop to help me sink further) and also because i have very bony feet so, on an ‘uneven’ brick wall like this one, they hurt. if that happens to you too you can use a towel or wear a pair of thick socks and it’ll alleviate it. see if this modification suits you and work at it to increase that hip #flexibility, one practice at a time!!! find more alternatives/options with @emma.rhiannon and @palomahuner. 📸 by @moises_chi. for translation in several languages, follow these accounts daily!: korean: @cyogalab.korean español:@cyogalabenespanol french: @cyogalab_defi italian: @cyl_challenge_ita hungarian: @joga.hu turkish: @cyogalab_tr brazilian portuguese: @cyogalab_portuguese farsi: @cyogalab_farsi russian: @cyogalab_ru german: @cyogalab_de new this month: vietnamese: @cyogalab.vn

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Uzivala jsem si 🌞 co jen to slo,taky jsem se podle toho oblekla,takze bolest v krku se dostavila velice rychle,nastesti tento vikend nemame zadny koncert takze si vlastne muzu dovolit byt nemocna😏😏

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End of day one of 2017 #f1testing: @lewishamilton goes quickest with a 1:21.765 💨 . #f1isback #f1 #formula1 #barcelona #mercedesamg #lewishamilton @mercedesamgf1 @lewishamilton

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"i wanna" by @rovackmusic & @killmod3 is one of the 14 exclusives on our miami '17 compilation mixed by @nickyromero! available march 10

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The @lamborghiniks veneno @bullfest .. the finest cars in the 🌎 and the finest people too! thanks to @brett_david @lamborghinimiami @eddiecue @drivingforceclub .. both @drivingforceclub and @lamborghini have changed my life and i have had the greatest times around the globe. @lamborghiniks is an awesome driver i drove with him in italy and now a second time with the veneno .. the veneno is not just a multi multi million dollar tech masterpiece it is a car that would never ever ever ever be driven by anyone ... except the most insane passionate baller .. and @lamborghiniks is that crazy passionate ❤ you know @brett_david doesn't have to host these events and events like this would never ever be hosted .. never ever ever except by dealers who truly love the @lamborghini lifestyle and love their customers and ... who love life. @brett_david is that crazy passionate about his people and loyal customers .. thank you to @lamborghinimiami family ❤️ @eddiecue "bologna lunch with us next year my friend 😉" @lamborghini_motorsport @madwhips_bull @carswithoutlimits @lamborghiniexclusive @lamborghinitoday @goldrushrally @madwhips @sparky18888 @vtm_theking_4 @carvideos247 @dailydrivenexotics @gumball3000 #teamsalamone #lamborghini #lamborghiniveneno #amigoveneno #bullfest #bullfestbaby #bullfestmiami #doorsuppantiesdown

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💥💥💥 @mystroofficial

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Chora não, coleguinha! ❤ as donas da vevo há 8 semanas consecutivas invadiram nosso snapchat! 😱 corre lá pra ver tudo que rolou ontem no @camarotesalvadoroficial! 👻 vevo_brasil

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🙌🏼shoutout @jayfades401 in rhode island stopped by @target to pick up some #pacinossignatureline products. 📲download "pacinos signature" app to find nearest target carrying the full line. #pacinos #pacinosattarget

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C63bs x 3 in dubai - shot by: @akashugly #mercedes #c63blackseries #dubai

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Nicole pinheiro @nicolepinheiro e suas escolhas le lis para curtir o feriado com a familia #lelisnocarnaval

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,,, ทำดีเพื่อพ่อ 🙏🏻 ขอบคุณสำหรับรางวัลนี้มากๆนะครับ ,, #คือการทำดีเพื่อส่วนรวม #ชีวิตที่มีค่าคือชีวิตที่ได้ทำประโยชน์เพื่อผู้อื่น #สนามหลวง

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