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🔥¡volvemos con todo!🔥
📅ya sabés cuándo.
📍ya sabés dónde.

fiesta del estudiante.
ya nos conocemos😉

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Amazing morning yoga sesh with @islandcorps founder @mayorgalu and volunteers! island corps mission is to “transform hearts, expand minds and empower a friendlier world through volunteerism and education. we believe peace, unity and opportunity can be achieved by every person on earth when volunteers inspire, uplift and share sustainable knowledge with island communities across the world” want to volunteer? are you from abroad? are you a local? no problem! give them a follow and be part of their amazing life changing work ! #withalilhelpfrommymat #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #yogawithpurpose #karmayoga #islandcorps #mokusurf #isabelapr

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Amazing volunteers! ✨👏🙏 if you want to help or donate visit www.islandcorps.org
donations are accepted via paypal.me/islandcorps
zelle @islandcorps or
our website

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🌎✨a special shoutout goes to the @uprmayaguez #aeisec group who worked h*****n purpose with dedication and pride for over ten hours in the @georgetownuniversity #alumni #hoyasgivebaxa volunteer event at our adopted school.

#thankyou for being amazing💫

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Who’s ready to volunteer? you can sign up your team for an educational and meaningful volunteering experience at http://www.islandcorps.org

meet jack! he is a #hurricanemaria #rescuedog who was shot, run over and abandoned in the mangroves of a beach in #isabela. our founder @mayorgalu rescued him. he is photographed, hard at work! 😁 🐶❤️ #middles #jobos #isabela #puertorico

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“alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” #hellenkeller
a special #thankyou to: @homedepot @georgetownalumni for driving far to make things happen with us and to @royalisabela for allowing us space to store our water and other fun event items
if you want to help or donate visit www.islandcorps.org
we accept loving donations via paypal.me/islandcorps
zelle @islandcorps or
our website http://www.islandcorps.org 🙏

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Our k-5 service learning program is focused around understanding importance of wellness and positive nutrition to empower puerto rico’s children to begin great leaps into education for the future.

we had the honor and privilege to sit with a wonderful teacher who invited us to enjoy the same meal, public school educators and 200 children under the age of ten eat every day at this particular elementary school. this plate reflects the current nutritional choices #publicschool students are given by the island’s #departmentofeducation.

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This summer || come rock with us!! 🙏🏽❤️ ~ dm me for more details. @puertorocksteady #weallwegot #puertorico #hurricanemaria #islandcorps

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Its 630am and we are lit today!! we will be providing as volunteers yoga and health and wellness education for the kids of this public school in beautiful isabela, puerto rico!! we will be playing simon says and animal games to guide them through their first #yoga class. #escuelamateohernandez #isabela #health #wellness #volunteers this is an #islandcorps initiative.

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The new comic series cover! #islandcorps

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