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Repost by muslim.activists: sorry guys i haven’t been able to post as much, i’m currently being drowned by the amount of assignments that i have due on after the other, and my birthday is in a week and a half, so i’m trying to organise that. - deeqa

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Repost by theculturespeaks: this young warrior is definitely one to watch. her star will shine brightly. she is our future. ✊🏾#theculturespeaks via @winter.breeanne - follow youth. text p2p to rtvote. we’re taking our #powertothepolls

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Repost by buzzfeednews: two producers of netflix’s “the crown” have admitted that lead actor claire foy was paid less than matt smith the two seasons they played queen elizabeth ii and prince philip on the golden globe-winning drama. while smith was an established lead, having been the 11th doctor on bbc’s “doctor who,” the show is centered on foy’s character, queen elizabeth ii, who is still the highest-ranking sovereign in the uk. follow @world for more stories from around the 🌍(📷: netflix)

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Repost by asianactiviistsouth: the rabari are an indigenous tribal caste that live throughout northwest india, predominantly in the states of gujarat, punjab and rajasthan. presently, there are approximately 270,000 rabari living in india. the word "rabari" translates to "outsiders", which fairly describes of their status within indian society. the exact origin of the rabari people is unknown. it is strongly assumed that they migrated to india from iran via afghanistan through baluchistan around a thousand year ago, however this has been debated by experts, who suggest a stronger relationship with the rajputs of rajasthan. a majority of rabari follow the hindu faith. they believe they were created by devi parvati (wife of lord shiva, the god of destruction). it is said that one day lord shiva moulded a camel from dirt to amuse parvati. the camel kept running away so devi parvati created the rabari to take care of it. keeping animals is considered a sacred occupation. the rabari also believe they are the beloved children of parvati and always seek her advice for important things. rabari social structure is matriarchal, meaning women are the head. women conduct the majority of their business affairs and managing their villages, while men are in charge of the animal herds that form the only true rabari assets. traditionally, the rabari lived a nomadic lifestyle but as india changed only a very small percentage of rabari are truly nomadic. the rabari are a really unique and beautiful group. it's honestly incredible. - krissy 🇮🇳 - article - { https://kashgar.com.au/blogs/tribal-culture/rabari-people-of-northwest-india }

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Repost by telesurenglish: in latin america, 80% of the lands are held by the 1% of the population, is the region with the greatest inequality in the distribution of land. #latinamerica #earth #landscape

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Repost by aljazeeraenglish: #women dressed in traditional costumes ride #motorbikes as they attend celebrations to mark the gudi padwa festival, the beginning of the new year for maharashtrians, in #mumbai, #india. photo by @danishpix / @reuters

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Repost by fiercelysasha: #repost from @nowthisnews. this holocaust survivor explains why being armed wouldn’t have stopped the nazis, because apparently this needs to be explained.

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