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“what do i know??????????” . ‼️❎ follow @musicposer for more yeezy/dope rap content ❎‼️.

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“king kunta” era kendrick. (my favorite kendrick era). what is your favorite kendrick “era”?🤔. . ‼️❎ follow @musicposer for more kendrick/ dope rap content‼️❎.

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(‼️follow @musicposer for more yeezy/rap content) . 🚀 yes, but have you ever seen a “34 year old kanye” run? 😭🤔. edit: theres other “running” ye videos out there lol 🐐. (circa 2012 - watch the throne tour).

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Elimination game pick one rapper, the others have to go a) #jadensmith b) #isaiahrashad c) #asaprocky d) #tylerthecreator

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Just so you know my brudda @jayygrams went on @realsway and bodied everything, infinitely proud of the young bull go check him out now.

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🚀 a random hiphop song breakdown by @musicposer. episode 1. - “real friends”. - “when was the last time you remember the birthday? when was the last time you wasn’t in a hurry?” kanye asks his “real friends”. one of the early singles to kanye’s last album, “the life of pablo”, this track shows that kanye still got it. a song where he opens up about the dilemmas he has not with the paparazzi, the media, or the music industry, but rather with family and so called “friends”. - ❎ and why wouldn’t he be in this predicament? he’s one of the richest, most influential and powerful man alive. so when other people have you in their phone’s contact list, get ready for a full voicemail inbox. kanye battles relatives who don’t really have solid relationships with him, but ask him for favors (game tickets, pics with ye, $$$). because of all this, kanye is completely numb to the “love” he receives by others. “what if he/she is just faking that they care about me so they can later on ask for somethin?”. “what if he/she just asked how my son is doing just so he/she can get on my good side and ask for some money?”. - ❎ of course, this reasoning is understandable, but this leaves kanye not trusting even the genuine real people who do just want to be in his life not for his status, but for genuine love. but what can kanye do if he can’t see the real intentions of people from the outside, which person is a “real friend” and which one just wants to steal his “laptop where he was f bi*ches on”? all he can do is just hear what “they” are saying about him. “ ‘word on the street, i ain’t heard from him’ (kanye)... i guess i get what i deserve don’t i?talk down on my name (kanye’s name), ‘throw dirt on him’ ” 😞. - ❎ thoughts on this song? more posts like these? 🤔

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(🚀follow @musicposer for more yeezy/ dope rap content) . circa 2006 🐻👀. - yes, posted this nostalgia trip at 3k followers. we’ve more than doubled that, so here it is again in case you missed it 😎👀.

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Isaiah rashad is an artist from chattanooga, tn. he's currently signed under the recordlabel “tde” together with artists such as schoolboy q and kendrick lamar. the tracks are "4r da squaw" and "i shot you down". what’s your opinion on him? comment!👇@isaiahrashad #realcultured

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Music news 🚨 🔻 🔻 🔻 wiz khalifa, school boy q, kid cudi, 2 chainz, lil pump, mac miller, isaiah rashad, flatbush zombies, ty dollas sign, sob x rbe and more will perform at will perform at the smokers club fest – april 28-29, 2018 #popculture #music #hiphop #hiphopmusic #wizkhalifa #schoolboyq #kidcudi #2chainz #lilpump #macmiller #isaiahrashad #sobxrbe #flatbushzombies #tydollassign #thesmokersclub

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How long do you guys see #lilpump staying relevant for??

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"oh, believe i feel great today i might just pour my drank 'cause sometimes it be talkin' to a nigga yeah sometimes i be talkin' back sometimes i be, uh, uh, yeah.." shooter: @k_apollo #isaiahrashad #circa #1992 #bday #dogtown #deaconblues #stormiwebster #midtown #travisscott #90sstyle #boots

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Ay siya rashad ang naa?..... 😅

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"free lunch" by isaiah rashad " #day15 #daily #poster #challenge #isaiahrashad #money

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@isaiahrashad . . . #isaiahrashad,#rap,#song

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Demo i've been working on. set to appear on the next sugar coated mix. if you missed the sugar coated vol. 1 hit the link in my bio.

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@sza is one of my faves tbh 💘 l i n k i n m y b i o #sza #tde #isaiahrashad

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Yes, isaiah rashad is from the south. he’s from chattanooga, tn. lol via: @pettywap33 artist: isaiah rashad song: r.i.p. kevin miller producer: black metaphor extended play: cilvia demo year: 2014 #isaiahrashad #cilviademo #ripkevinmiller #tde #southernmusicsaturday posted based on the "fair use" stature/act. strictly for non-profit and entertainment purposes only. subject to copyrights (writing and teaching purposes).

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Suns tirade by zacarias rodriguez ——————————————————————— #scratchboard #scratchboardartist #watercolor #artist #artistoninstagram #dog #charcoaldrawing #charcoal #artcommision #city #isaiahrashad #sunstirade

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