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Long run saturday 🏃🏻‍♀️ with my @charmcityrun training group this morning! we were supposed to do 18 miles but missed a turn and added a bit on.🤷🏻‍♀️ then i went to my first spin class @revcyclestudio with some friends and had a blast! i think that’s enough exercise for one day 😂 time to chill! #longrunsaturday #marathontraining #goals

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8 easy miles for sunday runday along the promenade!🏃🏻‍♀️i slept in until 9 today and it felt amazing! 🙌🏻 go steelers! 💛🖤 i get way too stressed for these games 🙈 and i’m not even playing! #runlikeagirl #marathontraining #goals

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Tough workout on the track tonight! 🏃🏻‍♀️ we did w/u, 800 x 8 with 400 recovery, then cool down. i didn’t quite hit all of my targeted paces but i gave it all i had! didn’t help that i took the first one way too fast. 🙈 my watch shows total including warm up and cool down. #tracktuesday #marathontraining #goals

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This morning i had the intention to do a workout. then i didn't sleep well and my legs felt fatigued. plus we got a fresh coating of ice and snow. . . all were just a collection of signs to move my workout to another day. could i have run outside or on the treadmill? sure, but would it have been productive...probably not. . . so i took a short peaceful walk, enjoyed the day, and moved on.

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Day 38/89 - i had a double day planned today but that all got messed up because... winter🙄 5am hiit was cancelled so i got on the treadmill for my recovery miles that i was supposed to do later. (@stevg13’s got a game faaaaar away tonight so i couldn’t swap strength to after work) on the plus side, i got to sleep another hour and got some hip mobility work in after my 4 miles — aren’t you proud @sullpt? it’s all about rolling with the punches when it comes to training so you don’t drive yourself crazy about it right? another one of my mental battles that i need to work on. that’s why this headband seemed perfect to wear today 👌🏻 #getoutofyourownway . . #bondiband #marathoner #halfmarathontraining #relentlessrunners #thesemotherscanrun #igrunner #irunthisbody #motherrunner #womensrunning

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10 easy miles on the treadmill tonight 🏃🏻‍♀️didn’t feel like freezing outside! ❄️ time went by quick enough, i just listened to podcasts and chugged along! #nevermissamonday #marathontraining #goals

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"dreams don't work - unless you do." 8 miles and the first track workout i've done since the fall! can't pin down my splits but wo looked like this... 2mi up, 400m×1 +400m recovery, 200mx4 w/400m recovery between each, 400mx1 +400m recovery abt 3.5mi down it felt sooo good to get those lungs burning! it's been forever since i got some good sprints in and i loooved it!! ooh, and i got to break in my new brooks tonight!! ordered some @caterpylaces to go along with then and can't wait to get my favorite laces on them!! have a great nights peeps!!💚

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“i’m going to get so effing strong & take down my 2018 goals like the undertaker.” - jamie komadina. . 3 months out. it’s go time, fam ✌🏻💙💛

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11.11 miles. didn’t want to run but i did want to run. if there was an award for procrastination i’d win it 🏆 i get these s****d *mental blocks* {what i call them} and if you know what i’m talking about then you know what i’m talking about and if you don’t well....what i just said won’t make any sense to you. i’ve had a bunch of them this month and i’m struggling to push through them. #reallife today’s run was a workout + long run {long for me is anything double digit}. i hate speed on long runs. @paceofme knows this but that’s what a coach does - pushes you outside your comfort zone. warm up - 8:52, 8:39, 8:50, 8:54 2 miles {goal 7:40} - 7:23, 7:33 1 mile recovery - 9:04 1 mile {goal 7:12} - 7:04 cool down - 9:36, 9:18, 8:59 11.11 cause i like 11’s - especially repeating ones. one thing i’m not struggling with - #dryjanuary 💪🏻 my calendar says today is day #42 - doesn’t seem like it’s been that long which made me count again...i guess when you stop thinking about it - it’s not all that hard....my vest actually reminded me that i wasn’t drinking 🤣 got this vest on one the most amazing/life altering trips i’ve ever been on {climbed the mountain on the @coorslight bottle 💪🏻⛰} and yes i’m kinda basic and enjoy coors light 😊 shoutout to my sister @kimvanarun who literally texted me every hour or so this morning to ask me if i was on my treadmill or had gone outside...my favorite text was *get yo b**t up and go run* ☺️👯‍♀️ last year i asked her if she would be my sister {long story that makes me cry when i think about it} but anyways she is my sister and i looooooove her ❤️ #sundayrambling #irunthisbody #babyitscoldoutside #ihavearunnersbody #dreambigrunlong #anybodycanrun #gettinginshapeishard #teamnowasteddays

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Fredag 😃 ønsker alle en god helg 🔥 ukas siste trening i dag 💪🏽 go get it 🔥 foto📷: @freddymatata

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2 miles plus back biceps and shoulders.

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'it's a runderful life!' feeling very lucky that i can travel the world and run! 😀🏃🌏 it was a beautiful morning along the mekong river in vientiane. #marathontraining #morningrun #run #runner #running #happyrunner #lovetorun #findyouractive #melbourneinstarunners #holidayrunning

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Repost @the_lucky_woman_ ・・・ everyone wants happiness. no one wants pain. but you can’t have a rainbow 🌈 without a little rain ☔️ . i found this quote and it is sooo true for life in general but for sports too. you cannot achieve great results if your don’t work hard . but when you achieve your goal the feeling of happiness is even bigger. don’t you think? 😁✌🏼🧡 . . . . . 📸@jpeg_foto . . . . #niketraining #runnershigh #runtheworld #mujeresquecorren #furtherfasterstronger #irunthisbody #iloverunning #womenrunning #loverun #inspiringwomenrunners #runnersofig #courseapied #beyondexpectations #asicsrunning #runningmotivation #runningday #correre #megustacorrer #laufliebe #run4fun #girlslove2run #runhard #runningterritory #runbabyrun #runaddict #wantitmore #girlsruntheworld #stretchitout #imoveme #irunforfun

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Tonight i wanted a relatively mindless run with loud music... so, i ran inside on the track. the views weren’t that exciting, so here’s a nice pic from yesterday’s run. 😊 felt nice to run in shorts with no ice or snow around. {5km}

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#pancakes love ❤️ als topping himbeeren ❤️ rezept 👩🏻‍🍳 einfach haferflocken, eiweißpulver, ein ei, mandelmilch und ein wenig wasser vermischen und ab in die pfanne ❤️ hoch die hände wochenende ✋🏻🤚🏻

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This has been a stressful and emotional week so it felt good to just get on my bike and clear my mind. so glad tomorrow’s friday! #athlete #triathlon #triathlontraining #trilife #trichick #trigirl #tri365 #swimbikerun #cycling #biking #cyclinglife #k2bikes #trainerride #ridelikeagirl #iracelikeagirl #strengthtraining #lifting #girlswholift #nopainnogain #womenshealth #womensfitness #irunthisbody #poweryourpassion #chaseyourgoals ❤🚴🏻‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

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This is the shirt that i got at #southernutahhalfmarathon and it is honestly one of the best i have ever gotten from a race minus the @clearcreekhalf race shirt! 😉😳. . i seriously think i am going to lose my big toenail again😤😢and it seriously just grew back from last time i lost it (it was non running related) i have learned the importance of making sure your shoes are the right size!!!! my shoes have never been an issue but i think i ate too much salt the night before and my feet were a little swollen! so here is to another summer of having a funky toe. (don't mind the blister on the side of my toe) #ithappens #runnersproblems #motherrunner #momof4 #twinmom #ouch #toenails #whoneedsthem #runlikeagirl #runutah #irunthisbody #irun

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I was for sure on the struggle bus today. it’s so e•a•s•y to be a quitter. to not be intentional about your exercise and eating. to not really aim for anything and just live life. you know? but somehow, someway, we find the drive to keep going. cause ain’t nobody else gonna do it for ya😉 and girl, it feels really good to say “i did something to better myself today.” but man, was i hangry today! i know my girls in my body camp can relate to me. that’s why i love having them! because they don’t tell me to go eat a dang cheeseburger. no, they get it. they know what to say to encourage me, not make me feel bad for wanting to be healthy. we struggle together and we keep going through thick and thin. shout out to all my #llbodycamp b***s for being in this with me💕 do you want that support you? i got you! i can help you. let’s struggle together😂 but also win together. message me and let’s chat😊

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A flashy #throwbackthursday with my little banana @anna_m_b at the night race. headlamps and glow in the dark face paint. yaaaasssss please.

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From to day shoot with ken lawson

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Shoot with ken lawson

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"every moment you have a choice, regardless of what has happened before. choose right now to move forward, positively and confidently into your incredible future." ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ i almost didn't do anything today but then i remembered why i'm working so hard in the first place. i want some amazing results this year and i'm going to fight to get them. i chose an at-home high intensity glute workout tonight with bands and also some other extra add-ons. i know my 🍑 was on 🔥doing this! i hope that in a month i can look at this picture and see a transformation. only time and hard work will tell. ☆☆☆☆ sidenote: i'm doing a 7-day sugar cleanse with the slim drink from plexus and i am proud to say that i have made it to the fourth day! this is huge because i was so addicted to sugar!!! only 3 more days left and im going for the gold here!🏆🥇

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There are two running journals from @fleshmanflyer: believe and compete. it’s possible i bought the wrong one. this year has been about believing. believing in myself, this journey, this sport, and healing. i’ve done some great things despite injuries and setbacks in the last 9 months (bangtail divide 38k!!!!!). but these pages are filled with a lot of frustration, struggle and self doubt. i try to stay positive, to persevere, to learn and i’m 100% certain that i am a stronger athlete and person as a result of all of it—the highs, lows, and mundane in between—but some days i lose sight of the big picture. as @trailsandtech so beautifully wrote recently, i get to do this. and i choose to do this, because the good stuff feels infinitely worth it. • • • • • #runhappy #runtoinspire #injuries #faith #instarunners #womensrunningcommunity #runnerscommunity #trailrunning #runlikeagirl #trailrunner #trailrun #happyrunner #runnersofinstagram #instarun #seenonmyrun #instarunner #time2run #furtherfasterstronger #runnerslife #runners #runnergirl #runnerspace #marathontraining #runnersworld #marathon #runner #irunthisbody #boston2018 #ultrarunner #girlswhorun

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Interval training today. it is the first time i'm following a plan that doesn't give a distance but gives a time and a heart rate zone. do you do intervals that way? i couldn't get into the lower heart rate zone i was suppose to be in......

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