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A man at our dinner table last night told me i didn’t look like a runner. another man chimed in to say that i didn’t “look anorexic enough.” we changed the conversation topic and thankfully the meal was almost over; i left as soon as i could with greg followed.

greg said i should have told him i was offended by his comment, but i didn’t want to start arguing with a 70+ year old man. nothing i say was going to change his outlook.

i rarely talk about body image or food on my instagram because it’s not something i think about that often. i’m past the phase in my life when i obsessed over calories and weight. i eat whatever i want and i don’t worry about it; one of the many fringe benefits of running. i keep my meals healthy (for the most part) and in addition, i always indulge my sweet tooth.

i’d be lying if i said i didn’t care about my physical appearance though. to some extent, we all care about how we look. but it’s not my main focus— it’s only when i get ignorant comments like this that i become riled up on the topic. to quote @mileposts, if you run, you have a runner’s body. period!

if i could say one comment back to that man, it would be this: anorexia is an illness; it’s not a “look.”

when i was 10 pounds lighter, i was not running sub-4:00 marathons. oh, the irony!!! i’m still irate at this ridiculous comment and the fact that a stranger who doesn’t even know me felt compelled to comment on my weight. i’m not going to let it affect me though. i’m going to continue to indulge in all the tropical drinks, sweets, and all-inclusive food that’s part of this vacation experience. without feeling guilty! #ihavearunnersbody

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#throwbackthursday to my first half marathon in september last year, ahead of my next half on sunday 🤤 it was brutal, one of the hardest things i have ever done. the mental game with running is unreal, it really does test you into forcing yourself to keep going when everything is telling you to stop. i hit the wall at mile 10 and it took every ounce of strenght to put 1 foot in front of the other to get to the finish line. for some reason that didn't put me off though 😂
this time round i have trained smarter (i hope!) and i will be running with my wonderful hubby! our finish time doesn't matter, as long as we cross the line together 💏
3 days to go! #stirlinghalfmarathon .
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Don’t be afraid to fail. be afraid not to try.
i was trying to get used to running in the heat, but today it was colder. i would have loved today’s weather for this weekends races but nope, it will be hot for those lol. this evening i did 3 miles with fleet feet’s wednesday run group. also want to let everyone know that if you register for the @route66marathon at the okc expo, you will get this new route 66 marathon buff that i am wearing 👍🏻 have a great night everyone!!

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Repost @runningforcarbs
by the grace of god, and a whole lot of heart, i managed to finish the boston marathon with a new marathon pr! 🎉

🦄⚡️3:19:45 💙💛
it was hard af, it was glorious, and it was everything i could have ever imagined it would be. and let me tell you, there are so many stories to tell. especially about what happened to me at the end. 🤒
but for now, i’m enjoying lots of pizza, cake, and rest!🍕
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#vlm2018 part two
about mile 6 i reached down for another of my clif chews to see that my packet was no longer there! it must have slipped out of my belt loop which meant i had lost 4 chews which to me was 2 nutrition stops. i use a mix of chews, gels and real food in the form of a chia flapjack. i panicked, thought of a new plan in my head and remembered there would be some gels handed out at some point on the course so if i needed to, i could grab one. before i knew it i was at mile 8, which is where i knew to look out for my boyfriend dom and his family. i kept to the left knowing that’s where they were hoping to be and all of a sudden saw a sign and karen (dom’s mum) screaming my name with the rest of the family and dom taking photos. i quickly high fived dom but kept going, this gave me a real boost and my pace picked up again for about half a mile, then i remembered to reign it in. the crowds were so loud, i was lapping it up, strangers shouting out my name and singing along to the music that was being played at various points. all of a sudden i was approaching tower bridge and i thought omg i’m almost half way! just before the bridge, i took on a gel and took my first walking break. i decided after this that each time i took on any nutrition i would walk. it made it easier to breathe. the heat just made all these usual easy things a lot harder! it was really busy here and because i was walking everyone was screaming at me to run, i got onto the bridge and got quite emotional, gel finished and sprinted over that bridge feeling like mo 🏃‍♀️ i already knew my weaving had caused me to run extra, because my watched beeped at 13.1 but the half way sign was still in the distance. just pass the half way point, the charity i ran for variety had a cheer point, they were amazing, screamed my named took some photos and again i had such a buzz. temperatures were now getting really hot, i could feel the salt on my head and even my thighs so took some more water with electrolytes and ran under the showers when i could to keep cool. i remember thinking, get to 16 miles and then it’s just 10 more, time was going so fast though that mile 16 came sooner than expected! tbc

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Yes, you are seeing this correctly. this is me trying to do yoga in my living room for the first time in over six months! i found some great videos online from ig recommendations, but man i felt really uncoordinated. my legs were shaking, and i was having to hold onto the wall when trying to do some of the most basic moves!
i have to admit, though, i really did enjoy the hour. even though i’m typically one who craves a sweaty workout session, this hour filled what i needed this morning. the stretching felt good, i enjoyed challenging myself to try new moves to improve my flexibility and balance, and it did have me sweating! i will be trying to get a weekly session in because it was a really humbling experience 😊
kudos to all you yogis out there. looking at ig accounts for those who regularly do yoga is really intimidating. i have no clue how you get into some of this poses and then hold it for a photo?!
do you incorporate yoga in your training? if something challenges you, how do you get yourself to try it again?
edited to add: i looked up five parks yoga on youtube and found some i really liked and were easy to follow for a beginner! thanks for the recommendation @motherrunner30
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#vlm2018 part three
here i started to see more people struggling, people collapsed at the sides of the roads, people being taken away on stretchers. i had to stop myself from looking because it made me feel so scared. it reminded me to keep running safe, listen to my body. i knew again at mile 19 i would see dom so started breaking the race down, just 5km to go to see dom. i was getting through my nutrition faster than usual because of the conditions, and because i had lost a whole pack of chews i was wondering what to do. i grabbed a lucozade gel from the volunteers and shoved it in my pocket for when i fully ran out in case i needed extra, but the life saver for me was the orange slices people were handing out! jelly babies are not for me when i run, especially in the heat! they make my mouth so dry with the powder but almost every spectator hands these out, which is so kind but just not what i was after. whenever i saw someone with orange slices, i would dart over and grab one. i think i had about 10…they were so refreshing and provided that little bit of sugar for a burst! just as i grabbed one i saw dom and family again but very briefly as i was in a stride and focused on my orange 🍊 i felt a little sad that i didn’t stop to speak to them so i got my phone out and called dom. he didn’t answer but i left a long voicemail explaining my race plan, pretty much justifying my pace which i know i didn’t need to do but it made me feel better. mile 20 and i still was enjoying the race, hadn’t yet thought “why” or “never again” and had some energy in the tank to pick the pace up a bit for the last 10km. my quads were starting to hurt though, and i hadn’t yet seen my mum or dad or bumped into any other runners i knew. the noise was starting to get a bit too much and i honestly felt a little lonely and then started to get upset. some boys started shouting “livvy livvy livvy, oi oi oi” which made me laugh and got me going again. that was just a minor blip, i was so close to becoming a marathoner i just had to push on. my walk breaks for nutrition were nice but they started to make it more difficult to get going again so i made them shorter and just kept running. tbc

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4 easy with strides! i was dreading the run.... took it easy and actually ended up really enjoying it!😃 our driveway is a lake at the moment, went it dries up treadmill runs will be around the driveway! can’t wait! kids play outside and i run around and around and around. fresh air for everyone, win win! #runningismytherapy #runningforhappiness #runner #motherrunner #womenrunning #womensrunningcommunity #runninggirl #runningmom #iloverunning #runnerschat #igrunners #run #irunthisbody #fitmom #runningmotivation #runningcommunity #runningjourney #instarun #instarunner #irun #healthy #healthylife #runlikeagirl #halfmarathon #halfmarathontraining #runnersworld #run4prs #run4prsathlete

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Good gear & habits are essential to a successful run. today’s run felt especially good out in the ☀️ and thanks to my magical @tp_therapy trigger point foot roller i feel 💥 good gear + recovery = success

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3 miles done ✅ didn’t take my phone with me on my run because my boyfriend joined me, and i’d rather talk with him than listen to music. plus if i don’t have to hold my phone while running, i’m not going to 😊 so here’s a picture of my cat instead 😂

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If you didn’t stop mid run to hopscotch, did you even #runhappy? 🏃🏼‍♀️

5 perfect miles to end the day - even though my @fitbit decided to reset itself *during* my run 😑

spring is officially here in minnesota + nothing can bring me down! 🌷

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Coconut lime chicken! i began the #keto #woe about four weeks ago now, but have really stuck to the #basics mostly because i didn’t want to s***w up. lol. tonight i turned to pinterest to get a little #adventurous with #dinner and it was definitely #worththeeffort this recipe is a keeper for us. you can find the link in my bio and fyi it is even #dairyfree! .
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Tonight i checked out a new running path thanks to @run_oregon! i am under strict instructions from my pt not to run until saturday which is race day! this way my knee has some rest time. i walked this path to check it out and can't wait to go back and run it! it's beautiful and such a nice change of scenery from my neighborhood routes i run so much! i am excited for the @eugenemarathon 5k on saturday....i just wish my body would cooperate! #kneepainsucks #pnwrunner #pnwrunning #surgeryrecovery #ihavearunnersbody #irunthisbody #2018runninggoals #sherunsbecauseshecan #badassladygang #srbscmedalamonth @runkeeper

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One of the best aspects of traveling and representing @bondi_band at these race expos.... meeting some of the sweetest people!! @rceaton55 and i met a few weeks ago at the @runthebluegrass expo and quickly became #instafriends !! she has such a giving heart and absolutely loves running. go follow her for running #mojo 🏃🏼‍♀️👟
[on a side note] i ate a huge salad minutes before the expo started today and obviously had that piece of lettuce stuck in my teeth the entire evening! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ somebody help a sista out!! ....
#anyonegotatoothpick #kentuckyderbyminimarathon #fitfriends🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️ #matchymatchy #kdfmarathon

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I’m going to be honest. i did not want to run to tonight. at all. i was tired from a long day and i’ve not been sleeping well so all i wanted to do was crawl in bed early. but i’ve heard a few times that the days you don’t wanna run are the most important ones to do. so that’s what i tell myself on a night like tonight. it was rough but i’m 6.2 miles stronger for it. hope everyone has a great friday!! keep running everybody!! #grateful #onedayatatime #keepgoing #youcandothis #running #runner #nightrun #marathontraining #instarunners #run #gains #keeprunning #garmin #garmin230 #consistency #irunthisbody

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It was 4 years ago yesterday that my sister and i ran our first 5k together! i was horribly unprepared. it was hot and hilly. i hated most of it. but somehow it lit a spark in each of us. so glad we suffered through that race together! shaved another 12 seconds off my 5k time at a race last night. sub 30 is coming! #iloverunning #bestrunningfriend #irunthisbody

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So, i’ve ended my 10 day no exercise streak. 🙈 i picked up 6.26 miles this evening. i was able to run parts of the atlantic & yadkin greenway! 😊 incase you were wondering about my tee... recently, certain areas of my hometown was devastated by a tornado on 4.15.18! big thanks to the interactive resource center for donating 💯 of the profits from the sale of these t-shirts to aid in the relief fund. 🤗 i’m at 23/30 miles for the month. #weightlossjourney #thismomruns #irunthisbody #fitmom #progressnotperfection #atlanticandyadkingreenway #greensborostrong #spotlukeinthetriad

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Hello spring!! thanks for finally arriving (just in time for a hot london marathon!) took the dogs for a 3 mile jog through hyde park this morning (the family i nanny for have 2 🐶) it was essentially intervals that involved stopping for bathroom breaks (them, not me 🙈), lots of abrupt changes of direction when they smelt something interesting and a well earned coffee for me at the end! have a lovely day friends xx
credit: @therunnerbeans
follow me @run_motivations if you run everyday.
thank you very much.
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Went for a late evening run. i can't believe i'm saying this..but it was 8 easy k's. my heart rate averaged at 132bpm and it felt good.
side note..i'm thinking of signing up for the scotiabank full marathon. anyone else doing it? what are your training plans looking like? details.. i need details. .
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“we all have dreams. but in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”
— jesse owens
👆🏻truth! 🙌🏻
3.01 miles @ 9:15 pace today after a busy day of training at work 😅👩🏼‍💻🧠
i 💙 my new job, my new role & everything i am doing during the day, but that doesn’t mean i am not completely exhausted by the time i get home 😯 but finding the will to get out the door is what makes all the difference! chase those dreams! the excuses not to will always be there - so find your why & put in the work 🙌🏻😉 happy friday eve! 🌺💐🌹 #beatyesterday #myrnarunschicago #teampawschicago #runnersworld #runninglife #runchat #runningcommunity #run #runnergirl #running #runner #likeagirl #instarunners #justdoit #runhappy #womensrunningcommunity #brooksrunning #adrenalinegts17 #optoutside #wearetherunners #runshots #womensrunning #irunthisbody #runnerscommunity #werunsocial #runalways #garminfenix5s #mileschangeyou #milesthatmatter #yougivetheylive

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#tbt to my baby bellies (ari on top, lina on bottom) to today with both my grown babies! it's been quite the fitness journey with these munchkins. finding time is always the hardest part especially working full time but where there's a will there's a way!💪

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In honor of @runningonhops bday we did a special track workout. 🎉🙌 .
(4) 400 on, 200 off, 600 on •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
2 mile warm up
ons- 1:50, 2:48
1:53, 2:47
1:53, 2:50
1:52, 2:49
1/2 mile cool down

kinda of hated it after the 4th one. 😥😥 fun bday shenanigans after track night!! pineapple cider might just be my new favorite! 🍍🍻😍
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Am i ready to run a half marathon this saturday, hmmm, i may be. we shall see how i do. #illinoishalfmarathon #training #running #correr #run #chicagorunning #chicagorunner #sunset #nikerunning #motherrunner #irunthisbody #runnersofinstagram #igrunners

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