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1st may, international day of the podenco - what better day to formally introduce our newest addition, atlas as photographed by @thedogsbyalex
atlas, is approx 6 years old and like many podencos spent the first few years of his life as a hunting dog in spain. likely underfed (they hunt better when they are hungry according to the hunters) and probably kept in squalid conditions (his teeth are worn flat where he was probably chewing either a chain or bars) with hundreds of other dogs, he was then cruelly cast aside when he was considered no longer useful in favour of younger dogs who were better hunters.
as awful as his early life sounds, atlas is one of the incredibly lucky ones. he survived with minimal physical injuries (a few scars here and there) and little mental trauma as far as we can tell. most podencos are killed by their hunters in brutal ways - hung low from trees to ensure a slow and painful death, legs broken or mouths fixed shut so they can’t run or eat, thrown into deep wells where if the fall doesn’t k**l them starvation eventually does. these dogs are not protected under spanish law as they are treated as working dogs and not pets. the authorities turn a blind eye and its estimated that along with other spanish hunting breeds up to 150,000 each year are killed. the podencos who are often called ‘the great forgotten’ are often even more overlooked than the other breeds.

but the future isn’t so bleak for podencos, more and more are finding new homes and the world is becoming aware of their plight and many people like us are realising what incredible companions they make. there are many amazing charities who work tirelessly to support these amazing creatures @hopeforpodencos @podenco_friends @sospodencorescue @ibizanhoundrescue to name but a few. the more awareness raised, the more likely these barbaric practices will cease.

so on this day, let’s all spare a thought for those who are suffering right now and long for their forever homes and also those who will only ever know the hunting life which will be cut short needlessly.

please share their plight with friends and family and join us as we promise never to forget ‘the great forgotten’

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