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One of the most instructive statement you might ever hear is the fact that you have been given to give to others.
saved to save others, helped to help others, healed to heal others, taught to teach others, loved to love others, and you can just keep filing it up.
anytime you use what you have in your possession to lift others up, you become stronger and open your opportunity to acquire more. all you contain should not be what will keep those around you small for as long as they are within your space.
instead, let others find meaningful expression of all they contain by being around you, using your strength as a balance to comfort their weakness and lift them up from the smallness they experience.
you are strong not only to express strength to those that are weak, but to use your strength for their advantage and advancement.

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Missing summer😋

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- black, white and red -
my favourite colours for design black, white and a meaty red 🥩
• 10/12/2018 •

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This isn’t the most exciting photo, but i’ve run out of photos for now! going into town on wednesday so i’ll get some good ones!🥰

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- christmas time in hythe town -
still failing to feel that christmassy, must be because i’m working now? and don’t have as much time to prepare 🤔

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- rainy days n rainbow days -
sorry for spam, i’m always taking pictures and forgetting to upload them 😪
• 10/12/2018 •

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James’ 21st 🎉

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- zap biscuit -
what have you done at work lately 💁🏻‍♂️
• 10/12/2018 •

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