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I’m playing a house concert with my friend jinson tomorrow night! we’re playing kicho by piazzolla (who i’ve decided is the antibach), and i’ll play a few movements of the 6th suite (*screams internally* πŸ˜…)
here’s a little clip from our rehearsal today 😊

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#bachin30days || almost done with the written arrangement of bach 6! i can’t wait to share it with you all 😊 what other pieces would you guys like to see an edition/arrangement of by yours truly? 😘
photo by @wesleykirk at @visionandverve

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Bach 6, allemande πŸŒ™πŸ–€

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Photographer: can you hold the bass in the most awkward way possible?
me: why...?
photographer: d r a m a
me: say no more

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17 | practicing for and recording auditions is pretty much all i’ve been doing for the past three weeks, celebrating this weekend by going on a little day trip and voting weeeeew πŸ₯³

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#bachin30days week 4, day 5: gavottes || the transition from the first gavotte to the second might be my most favorite moment of the whole suite. it just feels so tender and warm πŸ₯°
happy friday! what are you all doing this weekend? πŸ’•

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#bachin30days week 4, day 6: gigue || 🀯

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Happy sunday! 😍 i plan on spending the whole day out on the porch, alternating between reading my new book, deutsch üben (practicing german πŸ˜€), and listening to some chamber music i’ll be playing this summer. what are you doing for yourself today? πŸ’•

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What an amazing duo ❀️ @contrustmusic and @hannahsolveij giving us some inspiration for this week with this beautiful piece by gershwin "it ain't necessarily so".

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