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Been quiet lately. had a great and productive week and waiting forward for well deserved weekend. will have some friends and dogs over and surely gonna light upcycled beer bottle candles while having a bbq outside! 🙌

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Let's make this happen.

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It's been 3 days since planting time has begun. unlike most flower farmers, i plant all my flowers in garden settings, in the landscape and in a few raised beds. this is how i find most joy, less weeds since it's in my gardens and not in a field. i grow flowers for their beauty, for their benefit to nature, as a passion. i enjoy making arrangements for every room in our home, making them for gifts to brighten someone's day, and on occasion i will sell them throughout the summer/fall months. i enjoy inviting florists here to gather flora and fauna for their weddings, and sharing the joy of the beauty of all things alive and pretty. my goal for this farm is to open it up to host small weddings and events, continue to host garden tours, set up a flower hut at the end of the driveway, invite photographers to use this space for photoshoots and to show people the wonders and beauty of nature.

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New painting beginning: more purple statice.
we took the girls to see an absolutely darling interactive play @bricolagepgh called the forest of everywhere! go see it! it was so sweet and charming. also the most calming spa centering place that a parent could ever wish to be at while kids curiously lead them around.
in other news, i threw out the couch. i am happy. there are a few corners i need to work on in the living room to get the flow feeling good...and some wires to hide... but i like the change and i love this chair! so much better than couch. feet up. i'm feeling good. oh! iced tea will only make this better!

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Keep crossing your fingers 🤞 so close!! ... trying desperately today to not give into the anxiety that comes with being an artist and creator.

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Thanks for all of your comments regarding this painting earlier in the week. here it is in it’s finished state - “the healing shore”, 30cm x 30cm, oil on cradled panel #art #artist artwork #painting #oilpainting #paint #inspiredbynature #coastal #coast #seascape #seascapepainting #sea #artlover #abstractseascape #artcollector #explorerocreate #artists_community #artofvisuals #makingart

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Once we've decided on our theme, colours and papers we sketch quick studies of our 'hero elements'. as we wanted purple to be one of the composition's primary colours we decided to make loten's sunbird (also found across the indian subcontinent) the star of our design - pairing it with the rich, deep and complimentary chartreuse, green and burgundy of banana plants and flowers.
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I love summer bbq’s. i love them even more when they involve corn on the cob, baked in tin foil and covered in butter. one of life’s simple pleasures in my opinion ☺️🌽

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A lovely lady called jo posted this beautiful photo of tiny treasures today. she is a treasure collector too and the book has inspired her to make a little book of her special finds. she said ‘who’d have thought that the flight of a sycamore helicopter could connect creative minds’. this is what this little book is doing. i’m meeting like minded souls and it’s so lovely. thankyou so much @brampton_on_sea for making such a beautiful photo and for taking the time to share it. #tinytreasures #book #naturestreasures #naturetable #collecting #inspiredbynature #hannahnunn

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