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Want to know what’s hard...? resting. sitting still. not feeling guilt for not doing the things i normally do. feeling dependent completely on others. i actually told my husband recently, that it gave me anxiety to just sit. (hmmm...maybe something god has in store for me to work on during this healing process?)
but today, in this moment it was beautiful. i wasn’t rushing around cleaning or cooking, or doing laundry. i was sitting in my chair, watching the sun beam through the windows and sparkle in the sweet blue eyes of my girls. i was watching them laugh and play barbies and be little. it was like time stopped in that very moment and i was able to take it all in. every sight, every giggle, every sound.
rest...it’s something we all wish for, and yet never seem to master. be still and know...

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#gotopless #mynipplestoo 11 days to gt day ‼️stand up for equal topless rights on gotopless day, aug 26, in honor of women's equality day😊💓🙌

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𝓺𝓾𝓲𝓮𝓽 𝓱𝓸𝓾𝓻

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I spent great part of my life, concerned about other people opinions, frequently allowing myself to self dough my very own capabilities. at least once a day, i find myself trying to convince someone that the only opinion that really counts... its our very own. however, humans have the ability to create in their minds, the need to be accepted, part of something, that sense of belonging... most of the times these are learned behaviors and frequently conditioned by our parents, siblings and closest people to our lives, during the early stage of our personality development. more often than desired, these conditioning is applied in a form of criticism. conditioning our brain to believe that we are not good enough, that we have to prove ourselves to others and that we would never accomplish anything. make a stop to rewired your brain. you and only you know your abilities, your strength and your limitless capacity to accomplish anything we put a minds to. block the negative and only listen to the positive. take a good look at yourself and make a list of all the positives qualities and the things you want to accomplish. detach yourself from all the toxic people in your life, even if its your very own family. surround yourself with people that believes in you and likes the real you, the person that has been hiding and its capable of greatness. #loveyourself #loveyourself #getawayfromtoxicpeople #beleiveinyourself #innerpeace #rewireyourbrain #onlyyouknowyou #dontletothersdefineyou

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#innerpeace #pazinterior 🙏❤️✨#gnite #buenasnoches 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️

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The people that we meet are not by accident, it is something higher than us. they are put in our path and we are put in theirs. 👁✨

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Love this quote! 💖 these little things undeniably shape us as individuals, enrich our lives and refine us to be the person we are now. 🙌🏽 blessed are we that these places, people & things have been put in our paths to be part of our lives. thank you, universe! 🙏🏼🌺🦋 and thanking goddess @suegoss 🦄 for sharing this and @barefootfive for pointing these things out so beautifully 💗 #goddessretreats #love #lovelife

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No matter the distance the connection will remain. just close your eyes and receive the love...it will all be ok...keep taking your salt 🛀’s and keep doing your work💟. stay elevated, hydrated and grounded! 🙌🏾💦☯️🕉🙏🏾
~elevated water grounding~

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Breathe and take it all in. nature is just one of those things that brings inner peace and relaxation to me. close your eyes and let the yourself absorb the natural world around you, take a break from everything else. #goodvibes #natraltherapy #nature #dirtpile #sundown #windblowing #meditation #empath #reconnect #moltke #innerpeace #livinglife #catchmeifyoucan

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