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The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear. thankful for your wisdom & asana (pun intended) @shuliyoga 🙏🏽✨ ✨

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Happy monday everyone! 🌞
have a gorgeous week and remember regardless of what happens, always follow the footsteps of your 💗
so where is your heart leading you to this week?? so much love 💕

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Tomorrow is the last quarter moon in pisces, which will help guide us through dissolving any obstacles that are holding us back ~ hallelujah, right!?⠀

here's what forces are in play this next week that you will want to know about: ⠀
- the sun + mercury are in gemini. they want logic + reason.⠀
- the moon + neptune are in pisces. in contrast to the above forces, they want to daydream the day away.⠀

feel your way into the *darkness* of this last week of the lunar cycle and release self-deceptions as you go. embody the water sign and move through this week with effortless fluidity + intuitive strength.⠀

for lunar-inspired at-home rituals + more astrological forecasting from @kristinawingeier via the #flowerloungepodcast, follow our link in bio.

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Who loves dreaming??👽🤩 i personally find it to be one of the most fascinating and interesting things in day to day life!

anyone can experience premonitions and most likely have but just didn’t realize it at the time.

everything in life is symbolic and can be used as a signal or sign to you.

this one may take time, but lucid dreaming and dream recall will be one of the most rewarding and profound skills you will develop on this path to enlightenment!

isn’t it interesting that our bodies need to rest but our spirit never does? where does our spirit and mind go when our body is at rest? it explores the depths of the subconscious mind and infinite realm of possibilities in higher dimensions. this is a power we can have in everyday life. we’re not just there when we sleep, we are there right now, always have been, and always will be. this is why meditation and psychedelics have been so pivotal for so many people waking up. it pulls the majority of you out of 3rd dimension and into the 4th and higher. conquer lucid dreaming (& your subconscious programs) and you can conquer 3d reality.
👽💓⚠️🧠✨🌈 ✨
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⚠️personal examples below⤵️⚠️
explore and feel this for yourself!
do you feel the energy of your hands as being slightly different?
after acknowledging the different uses of our hands in energy work - suddenly new doors of perception are open to us in healing and everyday life.
personal examples:
i use my left hand when massaging people most often or when i’m carrying something.
(my taking hand)
i use my right hand when drawing reiki symbols and charging energy into other people or when i shake someone’s hand.
(my giving hand)
if i grab something i will use my left hand and then give it to a person with my right hand.
these are just minor examples of how i align myself to my natural flow of #energy.
explore this new idea for yourselves and find out what your natural flow is❗️
with #love: (t) 👁🙏🏻💚🙌🏻✨
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The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear. thankful for your wisdom & asana (pun intended) @shuliyoga 🙏🏽✨ ✨

#yogi #rumi #gratitude #fulfilled #grateful #happiness #peaceful #love #joy #bliss #practice #asana #moksha #present #mindful #meditation #innerknowing #clear #clarity #asana #wisdom #perspective

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I have had a similar conversations both in my personal life and my work with clients in these recent weeks around letting go! letting go of expectations of what we should do, what we think is expected of us, and what others will think if we god forbid change our minds.
all these limiting “shoulds” are not making us happy!
we are never happy when we abandon our personal truth, our inner sense that is screaming at us that something is off but we shut it up because to rock the boat, change directions in our life, or just change our d**n mind would make us look foolish or possibly disrupt the status quo.
here is what i know for sure, whenever i trust myself first and foremost i never look foolish to those who really know me. when i change my mind or flounder in the process of discovering what i really want i find deep peace that external approval can never, never, never-ever give me.
i was talking last night with a friend and we laughed so hard about how my younger self (my 38 year old newly widow self) would have thought of my dating adventure these past 4 years. we agreed i would have publicly s**t myself twice over knowing at 42 after a rollercoaster of dating i would still be single!!
but you know what, this is me following my inner knowing, no matter how foolish others might think i look or when i land in a moment where i say to myself, “i hope never repeat that goof again!” i can’t live my life for others hoping for approval or avoiding making waves.
to live fully is to f-up, fall down, and feel foolish.
if i could give a permission slip to everyone out there it would be to trust your gut first before any expectation or shoulds/shouldn’ts. what i have learned these past 4 years is falling down and messing up
is totally worth it!! #letitgo #foolishworks#falldown #innerknowing #chooseyou #fuckit #f****p #freeyourself #intuitivecoach #erinprewitt #therealerinprewitt #freedom!

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Today is the last day to sign up for the ☀️ summer soul food challenge i'm leading at @bohemianstudios! bohemian is a lovely studio with locations in phinney ridge and west seattle. if you haven't already taken classes here, now is the time to check it out!! the challenge is 4 classes / week for 8 weeks + 2 workshops, plus you'll receive special newsletters from me with reflections on how to approach wellness from a soul care perspective. i'm super excited about these newsletters because it is giving me a platform to really articulate what i believe about full self care. plus, my dear friend @cheesypaperco will be creating gorgeous illustrations to accompany my reflections. if you stick with it, you'll get to participate in an exclusive class led by me and bohemian teachers in september. there are also prizes to be won ($$ off of teacher trainings and yoga classes). .
i'm so excited to be able to bring my voice to encourage a different kind of wellness journey that doesn't have anything to do with calories or numbers or doing it 'right'. we are only truly well when we are nourishing body, mind, and heart. follow the link in my bio to learn more and sign up!

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Long before i committed to my art, i was aware of an emotional intelligence that i had that i was sure one day i would find an outlet for. beyond this emotional intelligence i felt i wasn't very good at much. school was always difficult for me and i often felt out of place because i was so shy and reluctant to join in. i remember having a solitary stroll in rome, as i often did during my years there, and tuning in to this internal knowing that there would be a path where i could put my strengths to use instead of fighting against my weaknesses as i had done up to this point. i knew i just had to wait until it became clear what that was. i'm so grateful to be on that path now. continuing to connect to that sense of knowing is the way i go forth with a clear head when things aren't going as i'd like them to go.
this mini print is called 'connect', and can be received when you join my monthly print club. i'll be launching the next print this week. 😊

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Woke up today feeling an overwhelming amount of positive energy and just wanted to share anything is possible. we are the authors of our stories. find your frequency.. tune in and then live what resonates with you. i love the animal niche comparison, you’re a wolf do wolf things, if you’re a bear do bear things. if people say you’re a bear but you feel like an eagle be an eagle. we are only helpful if we are true to ourselves. trust the inner voice. let god teach you who you are and then watch as everything transforms to a higher states of being. listen, act, recognize the change and how it feels, and focus on gratitude. repeat! as always let er buck 🤘#channeling #energy #universe #god #findyourfrequency #tunein #evolve #resonate #findyourniche #liveyourpurpose #loveyourself #followyourdreams #trust #innerknowing #listen #act #recognize #change #feelings #gratitude #repeat #leterbuck🤘

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We can learn to appreciate all that we are. then come to realise that we have, within us, all that it takes to change our relationship with ourselves and others for the better, forever. our wellbeing is our responsibility. take charge and take action.
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love more xxx

healing sessions available. . .

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When we open up to the truth of our being, what is revealed and our steps towards true happiness might seem rather burdensome. it might mean big moves. it might mean big transition. it might mean big turnover. it might also mean big unknowns.

stepping into the unknown can be terrifying. our foundation crumbles, and the next step may not be what we anticipated. we’ve taken the leap off the cliff, but we haven’t seen where we’re going to land, and it sure as heck doesn’t feel like we’re flying. we push outward and inward, manic, grasping for any and all sources of solidity that might be found near by. the free fall toward new life might seem to go on forever and we might cry out desperately for the life we once had. layers of our self begin to peel away from the force of it all, and we might think this is death.

and it is. a death of self. a death of what you once knew. a death of who you thought you were.
taken from my blog post last week, "the voice of inner knowing." image repost from @sharonjeanland #evolve #innerknowing #followyourtruth #healer #consciousevolution #soulspeaks #youaredivine #starseed #lightworker #worldbridger #gatekeeper

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How do we live an awakened life? how can we find that spark? how can we live the life of our dreams?🤔 begin by following that small inner voice of guidance, that always leads us in the right direction. life is always trying to get you into alignment with your divine purpose.
existence loves you unconditionally and will always offer you that which you are expecting... if you are looking to truly start delving within your being and are looking for help with that process, follow your heart❤. it will always guide you in the right direction. there are many healing modalities and you will know when you have found the one of most benefit to you in the moment. stay there for a while and allow yourself to deepen.🙏
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I had a traumatic life. i used to be ungrateful and didn’t really trust anyone. then i connected with my inner essence of love and am now overflowing with gratitude and trust in the divine. where are you in your journey? #innertruth #innerknowing #innerguidance #ourtruesource #feelinggrateful #feelingblessed #trustmyself #trustthedivine #iappreciate #loveheals

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Happy monday everyone! 🌞
have a gorgeous week and remember regardless of what happens, always follow the footsteps of your 💗
so where is your heart leading you to this week?? so much love 💕

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These are a few of my favorite things today:
@saramlyons #cutelittlelenormand card 18. the dog, perfect in this year of the dog...loyalty, following, devotion, our dog days of summer here in the northern hemisphere. .
knowing when to rest and nap when opportunity knocks and when to howl at the moon shows up in the intuition and blood. the quality of listening required to hear this inner knowing is available to us all! listening can take time underground as mars retrograde is in its peak presence and with us, loud and proud until august 27th. time underground looks like sleeping with your fav decks under your pillow, writing moony love letters to your fav body part(s), and always always always a fav five playlist...mine is fleshed out in my ig story 🖤
today was about sisters, visions for the rest of 2018, fire, simple bay leaf spells, palomino pencils, magick wands, piper feathers from friday the 13th and love sweet love. it is beyond my pleasure to sit in tarot and magick sessions with you all. seriously so proud of you. merci je t’aime #angelamarymagick #everythingisaspell #magickisfun #magicksummer2k18

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Everyone has their own unique language that accesses their inner and outer guidance with the universe based on their personal life experience and journey even if they are unaware of it.
this language of consciousness is filtered through through your perception, intuition, your senses and your deepening awareness. it is specically co-created between your consciousness and source to be a powerful guide on your journey.
it can take the form of symbols, metaphors, feelings, inner knowing, intuition and archetypal guides and patterns that all help to awaken deeper inner and outer communion.
the most powerful way to empower this communication is through your sincere intention, direct experience, practice and discipline. observe, self-reflect, pay attention and honor the reoccurring patterns manfesting in and around you. translate the synchronicity, invitations, reflections and signs into a meaningful lexicon of inner and outer communication to dialogue with universal consciousness.
choose to honor your ongoing dialogue with the universe... the music of the universal symphony is always playing and available for those who are longing to connect by actively listening.

the more you pay attention to, acknowledge and honor this powerful communion, the more the mysteries of universe will be revealled to you. be an empowered participant and a conscious creator in your own unfolding life journey...
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Your tribe is out there, but how will they find you if you don’t honor who you truly are to begin with?
it starts with you.
start speaking your language and the universe will have your back, always 🌙✨💛

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Readings with me are open early this week in person and on phone or skype!been wanting to get good counsel for your situation? dm/ private message me to set up your reading. these are big times, get your deepest clarity, insight and direction. #tunein #levelup #goodcounsel #counsel #guide #guidance #intuition #innervoice #innerknowing #higherself #tarot #oracle #wellness #reading #witchesofinstagram #witchessociety #clairsences #deep #lookdeeper #multidimensional #understanding #beinyourmagic

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