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Usually if you have to ask this question, the answer is usually to bulk, but i digress. i think this largely stems from social media; depending on who you follow, all you might see is pictures of shredded people “living the life”. i think a lot of folks think this look and level of muscularity is achievable by just dieting down to low body f*t levels. you could certainly get to those body f*t levels, but you won’t like what you see if you haven’t developed the muscle through years of training and being in a calorie surplus. you have to be able to tolerate not being lean, and spending the majority of your time eating enough to grow and build your physique.
by no means do you have to get fat, but f*t gain is unavoidable when you’re trying to pack on size. but what about your beach body? well if you want a beach body, then just make sure you have a body, and then go to the beach 😅. jokes aside, you don’t have to be 10% body f*t to go to the beach, you don’t have to be 10% body f*t to be happy either. if you aren’t overweight, then you should bulk, or at the very least, maintain your weight while eating sufficient amounts of protein and being progressive in the weight room. ideally, somewhere around a 2-3lb per month gain is appropriate for beginner lifters. once you’ve acquired some size and see your gym progress slowing down some, slow down your rate of gain as well.
some benefits of being in a gaining phase: you look jacked in a t-shirt, gym progress is more predictable, you’re stronger, have energy; and best of all, you’ll know you are taking the time to invest in your gains. nothing changes your physique more than adding slabs muscle, losing f*t is just revealing the fruits of your labor.
i know you guys like numbers; so i’d say that for men, you probably shouldn’t be too much higher than 20% body f*t if your goal is building an impressive physique. so if you’re too far down that road, mini cut your way back down to amore reasonable body f*t level. and no, that does not mean 8%. don’t waste your precious first months/years in the gym cutting, this is when you will grow the most. #strengthguide

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I’m constantly amazed by the man you are. i thought walking a woman to her car, opening her door, and doing everything in your power to make her feel good was something that was only in movies and was lost after our grandparents generation. thank you for the opportunity to share my past with you and not use it against me, but instead using it as a tool to learn how i need to be loved. thank you for giving me more than i ever deserve. •

ladies, and men, you deserve the romantic comedy love. you deserve to have all of your brokenness seen as opportunity to fill with love. you deserve to feel wanted and appreciated and beautiful and irreplaceable. ♥️

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✖️a dieta e o treino perfeito✖️

eu costumava acreditar que havia uma fórmula tão perfeita ...

a dieta perfeita
o programa de treino perfeito ...

a verdade é que não existe nada perfeito.

há trabalho duro e dedicação.

quer a dieta perfeita ...?
não é a dieta da sua celebridade de fitness;
não é minha dieta;
não é a dieta que o guru da ciência lhe contou.

quer o programa de treino perfeito ...?
não é o treino do mr. olympia;
não é meu treino;
não é o treino que o guru da ciência lhe contou.

apesar de existirem maneiras óptimas de fazer dieta e exercícios,

o que é óptimo nem sempre equivale ao que é prático e ao que se encaixa à sua realidade.

quanto mais cedo você aceitaria, menos doloroso será e mais feliz você será.

use diretrizes científicas para projetar sua dieta perfeita e seu treino perfeito, aplicável a você e à sua realidade.

ótimo fim de semana para vocês!

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Where are my #weekendwarriors !? 🙋🏼‍♀️💕 today was my first leg day back in the gym after about a month and man...it felt so good! 🔥🍑 though i enjoy working out at home...there is nothing like going into the gym, putting your headphones in, turning up your music, and purely focusing on your workout. 🏋🏼‍♀️💪

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And cant get enough of the beach 😍
d-2 baby ..
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Tri-set guaranteed to have your delts on fire. 10 full rep - 20 partials - 20 second hold. “you wouldn’t understand unless the sound of velcro relaxes you.”

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A father is a man who accepts that his son will one day succeed him in life.👨‍👦🦍 #mccloskey #belegendary

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520 (235 kg) x 7 (2 sets)
520 was moving fast 💨

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Nothing special tonight except a half dozen cheese steaks in amoroso’s bakery sub rolls 👊 sides of brussel sprouts, sweet potato fries, and broccoli and cheddar tots. added syrup too. solid
3125 calories, 90f, 420c, 155p
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Cookie dough ice cream in two chocolate chip cookies 🍪 what?! 🤣

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Woke up this morning.
felt like 💩.
made it to the gym.. toughened up and crushed my workout💪🏽.
felt great hours after...
now feeling like 💩 again.
i am praying i don’t come down with some sickness.
i am literally hitting the hay early tonight cause haiiil nawww.💅🏼
i refuse to get sick🙅🏽‍♀️
ya girl’s got big projects to work on busy and when i’m sick, my brain can’t function🙃
currently loading up on airborne and zinc lol.
pray 4 meeeee plz!🙈❤️
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🌸 i’ve been hearing a lot about this #ketopinkdrink, and i have to admit it was kind of a let down. perhaps the barista added a bit too much cream, but it wasn’t too bad. 🤷🏽‍♂️ i’m gonna stick to my cold brew though, and i’ll give this to @taingtaing. 😂
🌸 passion tango iced tea, no water, add heavy cream, and sugar free vanilla instead of liquid cane sugar. 👍🏽

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Macro. friendly. loaded. nachos.
yes, you read that right 👅yes that is actual queso!!! bonus: this is protein packed too!
i have so many of @getfitjen18 food posts bookmarked to try and this is just one of many mouth watering recipes 🤤
i had to make a few changes due to lack of ingredients, but here’s what my variation included 👇🏼
1 whole lavash bread seasoned (i used @traderjoes chile lime), baked and cut into chip-sized pieces (this is the base and is subbed for tortilla chips) + add cooked lean ground turkey (i used 97/4) + add @roteltomatoes diced tomatoes and green chile + heat up @tostitos salsa con queso and drizzle on top (i used 3 tbsp) + topped with a dollop of fage nonfat greek yogurt (acts as sour cream) + topped with hot sauce and more seasoning! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
📲macros for the whole thing:
31c. 9f. 44p. | 374 calories ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
i cannot express to you how much these fulfilled mt nacho cheese/ loaded nacho craving 😩😍
try this recipe, you won’t regret it! super easy and quick too 🙌🏼 made it for hubs and i for dinner tonight and he loves it! 😊

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Make your ancestors proud at @ratchet.hatchet.houston 💪🏼
this was so much fun! never heard of this place until @partyof2app told me about it. if you’re looking for something new and fun to do in the loop i’d definitely suggest hitting this place up!
enjoy your saturday!
🎥 @rachozfitness
heckling by @akal52 😂
coached by: @bwadas9
@totalnutritionhouston “brett10” for 10% off @deadliftsportswear “brett20” for 20% off
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@romelyner making 235lb fly with the ‘xcell’ crop tank!

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Pizza doesn’t have to be bad for you!!! 🍕
let’s be honest.... pizza is a blessing. it’s arguably the most delicious form of food there is. according to pizza.com (yes that’s a real website) each american eats an average of 46 slices of pizza a year. that’s a lot of pizza. one of the best things about flexible dieting is you can still eat foods that are “bad for you.” if you’re looking to still get your pizza fix without blowing your waistline, i’ve got the perfect recipe for you!
using some mini bagels, pizza cheese, sauce, and turkey pepperoni, i made macro-friendly bagel bites! the macros are: 28c/6f/12p for two bites! here’s the recipe:
-1 mini bagel -16g of sauce (per 1/2 bagel)
-8g pizza cheese (per 1/2 bagel)
-5g turkey pepperoni (per 1/2 bagel)
-10 minutes in oven at 350 degrees.
next time you’re itching for your pizza fix, give this recipe a shot! it’s simple, easy, macro-friendly, and cheaper than ordering a pizza! 🍕
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