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My husband and i went to my doctor today to confirm my miscarriage. we both sat their in silence when she showed us the screen.. she explained to us where our baby used to be and how it is now empty. she went on and told us the statistics of miscarriages and why they happen..

all i kept thinking was next week we were suppose to have an ultrasound to see our baby for the first time... . i was suppose to sit in that room... she was suppose to show us a screen taken up by a bouncy little baby.. the silence would be filled with a healthy beating heart and my husband and i would leave with smiles on our faces and an ultrasound to hang on the fridge.

i had it all planned out.. but what i forgot is sometimes god has a different plan. i may not understand his plan or agree with it but i trust it. my husband and i are truly devastated but knowing our baby is with god gives us this remarkable amount of peace.

to all the mamas out there who have lost their babies i want you to know from the bottom of my heart i am sorry and i will always be praying for you.

“be merciful to me, lord, for i am in distress; my eyes grow weak with sorrow, my soul and body with grief.” -psalm 31:9


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When i lost our 4th pregnancy, i was only 9 weeks along. i went in for our dating ultrasound and received a call immediately after from our midwife.⠀⠀
‘baby is measuring small and the tech couldn’t find a heartbeat. they should be able to find the heartbeat at this stage, but it could be we have the dates way off’⠀⠀
i knew right away. my dates weren’t off. we were losing this wee little one.⠀⠀
on february 13th, in blood and agony we said goodbye.⠀⠀
one year later, to the day, we said hello to eliyanah, our answer to so many prayers unsaid.⠀⠀
as i held my warm, breathing, squishy newborn, i knew in that moment it was all worth it. every tear, every heartbreak; it was worth it.⠀⠀
i learned in that moment that joy and grief could coexist. and as time has moved on, i’ve learned just how much the two are intertwined.⠀⠀
her life doesn’t negate or make up for our losses. her life illuminates the value and blessing of life. her life makes me thankful amidst the grief.⠀⠀
she has taught me what it means to walk with grace through grief and joy, loss and love. she is our answer to so many things.⠀⠀

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Hanging out with my three babes! i’m deffo gonna have to find another hand soon!!! .

dream day down at the cove, the water was crystal clear and these two kept me busy! 🙌🏼 .

how are all the pregnant mamas handling the heat? david suggested getting a fan on the ceiling of our new house, and i’m thinking that he might have a point! these summer nights are hottttt! .

oh, and i’m half way today. mini celebration dance 🌈💛❤️ we are doing good baba. #20weekspregnant

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Pregnancy after loss is a head trip! well, that’s the understatement of the year really. it just messes with you! i’ve had a couple early losses which were hard, but my most recent loss just took everything to a whole new level. .

i was solidly in my second trimester and *should* have been able to breath a sigh of relief...yet he came too soon. .

today we have our 20 week anatomy scan and i’m nervous. i’m sure i ought not to be, but i’m sure i’ll be silently holding my breath till this baby is alive and in my arms. say a little pray for us today if you think of it friends.

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We got to see our sweet baby wiggling around today! 😍 so grateful for each time we get to see and hear that little heartbeat. ❤️
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For those of you who have been following my journey a while, i have some good news.
we went to the bath ruh hospital last week to see the lovely consultant, and she told us that i have no issues to worry about in trying again to make a small human. the miscarriage was unavoidable and for the most common of reasons: the little bean just didn't grow the extra x or y chromosome that would have determined its sex, and so was never fit for life. it feels like a weight off my shoulders to let go of the 'what ifs', and she was so encouraging.
(apologies again for the lack of replies to some of you who shared your stories, i am no good at time management and need more hours in the day) 🌹
back in clay world these mugs have totally grown on me despite being very different to my original vision! there are three left in the shop - link in bio ♡

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Ledger luke’s nursery tour | finally sharing every inch of our sweet rainbow baby’s vintage “things that go” nursery + a little peek at the chaotic home improvement project we went through to get there 👉🏼 over on the blog! #linkinbio .
see something you love? links to everything included😊
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Thank you for all your kind messages and love these past few days! 🥰 my heart has never been so full we love all of you so much!!😭💗⁣

i’ve felt the need to acknowledge those struggling to get pregnant or struggling with pregnancy loss 💔 my heart is with you. i know this pain well. it is still so fresh. right before we found out we were pregnant again we had gotten some fertility testing done. they told us our chances of getting pregnant naturally each month was only 5% and they recommended us to do fertility treatment. we were about to start our first round of treatment when my period never came and i found out i was pregnant 😭 ⁣

my wish above anything is that our lil miricle can give you hope 🙏🏼 don’t ever give up!! you are not alone💗💗 these years of loss, tears, struggle, hope, faith, and many prayers have made me appreciate how special this is 😭🌈 somehow, someway things always have a way of working out 💜 pc @abishmrtn 😘

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What did it teach you?👏

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