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Someone who will love your unloveable. someone who will fight to be with you no matter how difficult you can be. someone who sees your worst and still thinks you’re the best. someone who wants to be with you at all costs.
keep them 💙

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Think of me as the barbie you’ll never get to play with 🤪

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You can do it. i can do it. we all can do it. 🦋
the progression between these two physiques was not linear by any means. but, no matter where i was in the journey... i never gave up. i kept consistent, picked myself up if i ever got slightly knocked down and i always believed in myself.
as you reflect on your goals for 2019, what’s something that holds you back? got it? ok, now flip that around and realize that it doesn’t hold you back, you just need to work with it.
coached by: @freakmaker1 @freakfitnessonline

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Agency arms g19x two tone multicam - just in time for christmas @palmbeachtactical #thefinerpews @agencyarms @glockfeed

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